The Top Waterproof Boat Speakers of 2020

Rain, waves, or other marine conditions can really bring trying times for your boat speakers. The things may get more confusing if you are unable to decide for the right type of speakers.

Many qualities like the waterproof, dust, and airtight, with the rust-resistance, are something that can’t be taken lightly. We have to minutely study which Speaker has an upper edge over the other in terms of durability and functionality, as they may appear stylish but maybe less worthy if used outdoors. Just take a peep under the hood!

But you are lucky enough to be reading this, as some of the granddaddies of the industry are right here. The speakers who fit your style and fun are mentioned with high precision and accuracy.

3 Top Recommended Waterproof Boat Speakers :


Polk Audio Outdoor Speakers

  • Powerful Bass

  • Most Durable

  • Easy To Install


Kenwood 2-Way waterproof Speakers

  • Great Amp

  • Balanced Sound

  • Solid Manufacturing


Kicker White OEM Replacement Marine speaker

  • Rustproof

  • High Performance

  • Compact

Waterproof Boat Speaker | Detailed Reviews

1. Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5" 2-Way Marine Speakers

Kenwood 2-Way waterproof Speakers

The Kenwood KFC-1653 is a great company which has produced some of the best marine speakers. A brand with a lot of experience and can be called as the granddaddies of the industry. Though, as compared to others their bass is supposed to be a bit understated. The Kenwood speakers are compact and not very large in size.

They are available at half the price, but a less powerful pair over others in this category. Sold in pairs only, their two-way array consists of woofer and tweeter combination. This balances the workload of the highs and lows to suitable driver for maximum performance.

The size of the woofer is 6’5″ and is crafted from a polypropylene composite (water-resistant). The dome tweeters which are positioned just an inch below are also made from materials which are weather-resistant and a high-quality built. Wide frequency response is enabled by the drivers and the advanced crossover circuitry enhancements are just amazing. This is certainly a good choice for your boat over the risky boombox.



  • The frequency response is – 60Hz – 20,000Hz.

  • Water-resistant woofer and components.

  • The mounting depth is 2-7/16″ and the impedance of 4 ohms.

  • Features a 1″ balanced dome tweeter.

  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Construction quality is disappointing.

  • Packaging issues for some.

2. Rockville Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

waterproof speakers for boats

Another experienced brand which is well-known for producing some high-quality stuff for years. The Rockville is a pair of 8″ black, wakeboard tower speakers with a totalling of 600 watts, which makes 300 watts each Speaker. High fidelity speaker system which is 8″ and two-way. High-quality embedded steel along with adjustable nylon mounting bracket makes the speakers more likeable.

This has a midrange tweeter of 1″ polymide dome neodymium with a built-in two-way crossover network. These speakers are perfectly made to withstand the salt and fresh water conditions.

The quality of completely being water and rust resistance is very important for the speakers which are supposed to be placed in a boat. The terminals are perfectly sealed with rubber gaskets which keep them safe and secure. They are specially tuned for PA voice over and feature a polypropylene mica injected cone with the santroprene surround. Also features a high BL magnet motor structure with Y30 high-density magnets. The Kapton voice comes oversized of 1.25″ and the large mounting screws are are like the ones which are in jeeps wranglers, ATV’s and more.



  • The speakers which are with the best bass quality.

  • These are fully marinized against salt and fresh water.

  • Features a high BL magnet motor structure.

  • Comes with an adjustable mounting bracket.

  • Features Y30 high density magnets.


  • The plastic of speakers is not of good quality.

3. Kicker White OEM Replacement speaker Bundle

water proof marine speakers

The speakers which provide a stellar performance on a dollar by dollar basis. When you purchase them, you will get plain brown packaging without any accessories or retail box. For a proper marine-grade installation, these speakers come with mounting screws of stainless-steel. This keeps them rust-free and safe from other elements. They provide a full-range audio with live quality and are designed specifically for marine environment.

The coaxial bundle is a perfect combination of spectacular highs and midrange sounds which are suitable for withstanding marine environments. The injection molded cones are UV treated and the Santoprene surrounds baskets and grilles which helps to maintain them during the toughest circumstances.

The splash and spray resisting motors, cones and locking terminal covers endure all sorts of weather. Stainless steel 316L forms a part of the speaker hardware and keeps it rustproof. The speakers meet and exceed the industry standards, and are specifically designed for boat audio. PEI Rated Impedance(Ω) 4 Peak Power with handling Watts of 150 Continuous power handling Watts RMS – 50 Sensitivity(1W,1m) 90 Frequency Response (Hz) 35-21k Mounting Hole Diameter (in, mm) 5-3/16, 132. The mounting depth (in, mm) 2-1/2, 62.



  • Features a woofer (in, mm) 6-1/2, 160.

  • Comes with a rated Impedance(Ω).

  • Continuous Power Handling (Watts RMS) 50.

  • The mounting depth (in, mm) 2-1/2, 62.

  • They come in a plain brown packing without other accessories


  • Accessories aren’t included in the pack.

4. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers with Powerful Bass

waterproof marine stereo speakers

These speakers by Polks are a brilliant combination of robustness and style. The have actually raised the industry standards after they made their first experience in the market in the year 2002. The best part we like about these speakers is the open space coverage which is done by them along with tough environmental endurance. They have the performance abilities of military specification models.

These rugged build speakers provide optimum power handling and the frequency is optimized along with high-tolerance and durability against elements. Anodized aluminum (3/4″) is used to make the tweeter domes and the rubber surround deadens the unwanted vibrations.

Larger area can be reached and sound is dispersed with these amazing speakers without compromising any definition and clarity of sound. The powerful bass is driven by dynamic balance polymer cone of 4 ½”. The mounting of the outdoor speakers is so simple and easy. The speed lock system enables one-hand mounting (with swivelling C-bracket).



  • The speakers are created to live and play outdoors.

  • They have the ability to display exceptionally great sounds.

  • Wider sound dispersion with a surprisingly powerful bass.

  • Enables 80W power cuts through loud, jarring background noises.

  • This comes with easy mounting quality, horizontally and vertically both.

  • They have earned the all-weather certification.


  • Music may sound flat at times.

5. Sony XS-MP Dual Cone Marine Speakers

waterproof bluetooth speakers for boat

The speakers by Sony are another set which is stylish and high-on-performance for your boat. The speakers come with dual cones and measure 6.5 inches which have the ability to cope up with a fair input, surprising performance with the dual drivers. The power they have is of 65 Watts of RMS with a 130 per 4-pack maximum power- 280 watts per 4-pack).

These speakers are light in weight, durable with premium components which are housed with IPX5 certified enclosure. The speakers are UV-rays protected and also show waterproof qualities. Superb audio sound is produced by them with the crossover deals with frequency response and workload balance.

These speakers define quality, are rustproof, have low impedance circuitry and are certainly refined pieces. The come with an easy mounting recipe and require nothing more than a cut out of 4-15/16 inches along with spade wires (standard size).



  • Comes with a max power of 140 Watt (280W per 4 pack).

  • RMS Power of 65 Watt (130W per 4 pack).

  • Impedance of 4 ohms, 6.5″ Dual cone design.

  • They feature classic black or white aesthetics with removable grilles.


  • The plastic waterproof grill is not of good quality.

Crucial things to be kept in mind before investing in the waterproof boat speaker:

Water Resistance

This quality is paramount and required by any of the speakers you buy. Though, redundant to mention but the speakers should possess the quality of withstanding the tough and adverse marine conditions comfortably.

We know that any of the speakers will require metallic components, and they need to be rustproof for sure. The electronics should be housed in an airtight or watertight sealed unit to prevent any kind of corrosion effects.

best waterproof bluetooth speakers for boats

Cone surround boat speakers

Cone Surround

This is very important for the marine or boat speakers to possess the surround of a cone. This not only keeps the audio noise-free but work to dampen vibrations that are not audio wave response.

Generally, most of the brands use rubber along with other composites (flexible), and this may get worn-out or damaged by the sun. Go for speakers that are either protected by some clever grilles or UV-ray protective elements.

Mounting Process

The easy mounting quality is a must-have, as this will make you go effortless and convenient. The more quality of the speakers to manage and bear the wetter environment, the more durable they will come out.

Henceforth, their exterior counterparts should be comfortable with the rising dampness and humidity levels. Be it outdoor or indoor cabins, and the quality should be good for supporting the tough conditions.

mounting process of boat speaker

audio quality of boat speakers


The speakers are of no worth if they don’t possess any audio-quality. You can go for a 2-way class system that can handle any sort of frequency response. The wide dispersion of sound is also needed so that the sound does not get lost in the air.

Power Consumption

The speakers with a lower power consumption are a huge yes! Go for the ones which have optimum performance capabilities with low power intake. Until and unless you have the required facility don’t go for higher consumption units.

power consumption of boat speakers

Wrap Up : 

You may be renovating your vessel or looking for a good set of speakers which own the best features and the performance capabilities. The speakers of some top-notch brands are mentioned and we hope that it will be pretty easy for you to decide right and perfect.

The waterproof, weather-resistance with audio-quality is much necessary. Do check the power consumption and performance levels of the speakers you are searching for. You should be able to be in a state which gives you ample freedom to undergo a complete change.

The products which are available today are of utmost good quality over the earlier ones, which gives you enough of flexibility and relaxation for choosing the one for your precious boat.