VMAX Battery Reviews

VMAX deep cycle batteries are well-known high-performance and robust batteries delivering long recharging potential. As the name implies, deep cycle batteries are designed in a way that they supply the energy while processing for a long period of time.

Unlike other marine batteries, VMAX deep cycle batteries have a great capability to work for longer and don’t need much operations or maintenance. They are solar power battery and could also be used in extreme weather conditions. Apart from this, deep cycles batteries are made of good-quality material and have longer durability.

Top 3 VMAX Deep Cycle Batteries

1. VMAX MR127

VMAX MR127 AGM Batteries For Trolling Motor

The VMAX MR127 is manufactured with intelligent engineering and is a unique battery due to its physical features and chemical structure of its plates. While being manufactured they are treated specially and that makes them more reliable, strong and a high performer.

They perform much better than the Pb-Ca plates that are used in the other products that are similar to it. Most of the physical and electrical advantages are enhanced with the AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology used in making them. These ones are better than the Wet Lead acid Batteries and are non-spill able and non-hazardous.

This one comes with zero maintenance and can be classified as sealed tanks that are tough and robust.They have the quality and ability to recover from deep discharge quickly and are favorite of their users. This is a 12 Volt deep cycle marine battery can be used for many purposes, and also has handles for carrying them with ease.

This also has an electrolyte suspension system that can help it to have high porosity and the best part is that while making thins battery no silica gels or contaminants are used. This one is a great battery that is manufactured in the US and features heavy grids and lead tin alloys that makes it work marvelously.

The Good

  • A high-quality deep cycle battery.

  • Built with AGM technology.

  • Has the ability to recover from deep discharge.

  • A non-spill able and a non-hazardous battery.

  • Features Heavy grids.

The Bad

  • Might get melted due to over use.

2. VMAX MR137-120

VMAX MR137-120 AGM Sealed Marine AGM Battery

The VMAX MR137-120 is an AGM battery that boasts of power and perfection. This one features a unique physical and chemical structure and a battery that stands out of the crowd. This robust battery is resistant to any kind of shocks or vibrations as is designed such.

The AGM (Absorbed Mat Glass) technology that stays between the plates of the battery is certainly added advantages to it. This is considered to be one of the most premium products and can be categorized as non-spillable and non-hazardous.

A battery that features a tough tank and is sealed to perfection. A battery that is 100% maintenance-free and has a longer life span than others. The VMAX has the capability to recover from deep discharges with ease, that is something that impresses a lot. This is a heavy-duty marine battery and goes a long way of about 8 to 10 years and more. This has high porosity and amazing absorption power to keep the electrolyte.

While constructing this no silica gels or any contaminants are taken in use. The heavy-duty grids of the battery provide it more strength and power for peak performance. During the period of float service life there is no requirement to check specific gravity or add water to the battery. The battery measures 13” x 6.8” x 8.8h and should be charged with the charger recommended by the manufacturer.

The Good

  • This is a heavy deep cycle battery.

  • Manufactured with heavy grids.

  • Doesn’t require any special maintenance.

  • Features an electrolyte suspension system.

The Bad

  • Durability issues in the long run.



The VMAXTANKS is a battery with exceptional strength, power and durability and is manufactured with uniqueness due to its physical and chemical structure. This one is better than the lead acid batteries and is resistant to shocks, vibrations.

These batteries are made in America and categorized as non-hazardous and non-spill able. The tank is tough and sealed, plates are tightly packed and that adds to its security feature. We can call it a complete package in one that is 100% maintenance free.

During its manufacturing process this goes under special treatments making it more tough and strong. The battery has the ability to recover from the deep discharge without any hassles and the battery has a longer running time.The product dimensions are 7.7” L, 5” W, 6.1” H and is constructed with heavy grids for power. The lead tin alloys help in raising the performance levels to a peak.

A battery that has a maintenance free operation and excludes the need of any kind of specific gravity checking and adding water.It should be charged with the charger that is recommended by the manufacturer. The availability is also as a battery kit. The durability and reliability of the product gives confidence to the user.

The Good

  • The battery exhibits unmatchable strength and power.

  • It has resistance to shocks and absorptions.

  • Heavy grids are used for its construction with lead tin alloys.

  • A completely maintenance free battery.

  • A non-spill able and non-hazardous battery.

  • Can tackle deep discharge with ease.

The Bad

  • Fully charged and still doesn’t work properly sometimes.

VMAX Batteries Are Certainly The Best.

Their Features:

The VMAX batteries that speak volumes of quality, performance and energy. A thumbs up for these batteries as they are robust, large and heavy that have the ability to store ample of energy. The energy stored in them is released and delivered when it is required at the perfect time. One of the most appreciable features that they have are:

VMAX Batteries

  • AGM- Absorbent Glass Mat Technology.

  • SLA – Sealed Lead Acid Batteries.

The batteries of VMAX are durable, reliable and are long lasting. They are constructed as such that show resistance to vibrations or shocks (mechanical or electrical). Whether it is about delivering power to the security systems, electric vehicles, medical, solar systems, back-ups, off-grid applications or more, these batteries can be used with confidence. On a normal basis these batteries are 12 V and features a capacity of 200 Ah. These are not just battery tanks but a complete power house in compactness.

Though the batteries designed by the company share similar built and features but have some different qualities and details too. They are built with heavy duty grids and are non- spill able and non-hazardous. They can recover from extreme deep discharges rapidly and do not emit any harmful fumes or gases. The maintenance free operation is just adorable.

Great deep cycle batteries indeed!

VMAX Batteries Are Peerless

The applications (mechanical or electrical) are tough and so are these batteries. These batteries are unrivalled deep cycle batteries that have exceptional power, strength and capabilities. They deliver their best be it is for an audio-system, marine, solar, hydraulics, industrial commercial applications. You can get them for the best value and can rely on them in terms of operation and functionality.

They are far better than their brother batteries that are Wet Lead Acid batteries. Without a doubt a better option than their competitors because of it’s features and uniqueness. They have established a name in the market, and they speak of durability too. Efficient and effective deep cycle batteries that have rapid and powerful start up abilities. In case of deep discharge, they revive faster than the others in this category.

The company promises to deliver the batteries in time and also provide good service and support to its customers. These don’t require any addition of water as are sealed to perfection. As they are manufactured in America, the company gives utmost trust to the customer while delivering their best. They specialize in providing deep cycle batteries for tough applications such as power backups, electrical vehicles, industrial and military equipment, machines of varied types.

Where To Buy Vmax Batteries?

With loads of offers, availability of all the genuine models of VMAX batteries, along honest customer reviews, www.amazon.com is the ideal place to choose and shop for a VMAX battery. This e-commerce website is an established one that you can trust for any purchase. Even after-sales, if you have any issues regarding the purchase, they deal with their customers wonderfully.

The Final Verdict:

We are surely full of praises for this amazing battery after going through their features, advantages and performance levels. If you really care for your equipment then without any worries can opt for the batteries manufactured by VMAX. One should go for a reliable brand and this is the one you can rely on without any issues for sure. The batteries are durable, reliable, deliver exceptional performance, power and strength, what else do you need?

If you planning to buy a good battery then this is a great one for sure. This one-time investment will be beneficial for you for years.

Frequently Asked Question’s:

Q1. What is the life of a VMAX battery?

When the battery is being used, the depth of cycles it undergoes according to its usage is a key factor in determining the life of this battery. If we talk on an average and go for the specifications by the manufacturer these can last for about 10 years (float mode).

Q2. What is the reserve capacity of the VMAX battery?

This is certainly a heavy-duty battery that can last long and boast of very low-self discharge. The batteries have the ability to revive from deep discharges quickly. The reserve capacity is 500 minutes of a VMAX battery that has a capacity of 225 Ah and if a 6 V deep cycle battery.

Q3. Can the battery be mounted sideways without the loss of any capacity?

It is recommended to go through the manual specifications thoroughly before mounting a battery. This can be positioned vertically or horizontally, but if you go for than one battery then you should be careful and have a proper place to do so. The loss of capacity doesn’t affect its installation.