Pelican Kayaks Reviews – What Makes Them The Best

Kayaks are an essential fishing gear item for anglers. Kayaking is not only the best form of exercise but it also gives you the joy of being connected to nature.

pelican pioneer 100xr kayak

When it comes to best kayaks for fishing, the pelican has carved a huge fan base for itself. They are known for their high-quality kayaks for fishing and adventure. Whether you are an angler or an adventurer, Pelican kayak is perfect for both.

So when you have decided on buying a pelican kayak, you should choose from the best that the company has to offer. To make this easier for you and to guide and assist you in this endeavor, we have prepared pelican kayak reviews for you.

We have selected and prepared a detailed review of the best pelican models. Moreover, we have compared with each and every tiny detail, price, pros and cons of the pelican kayaks.

So here is the detailed pelican kayak review for you:

The Lightest Pelican Fishing Kayaks Reviewed!

1. Sit On Top Pelican Kayak

When it comes to kayak there is no better choice than a pelican. This is undoubtedly the most stable recreational kayak. The Pelican prime 100 is one of their best innovations in kayak making technology.

This amazing kayak is ideal for any paddler who is looking for adventure and some nature experience in summer in any lake or calm rivers. The best thing about this model is that it is only 50lb in weight, which makes it really easy to carry anywhere. The company has used modern technology to include add on flotation inside the hull in this model.

Additional small features like bottle holder, secure tie-down points for paddles, and a bungee storage net additional items may seem to be small additions but can make a lot of difference when on an adventure ride.

This Pelican prime sit on top model can easily carry a load of 325 pounds, which is pretty commendable. It also consists of multi-chine flat bottom hulls which give it amazing stability and enhances its maneuverability. This feature makes it easy to handle all levels of activity.

The prime 100 is 10 feet long when it comes to length. Your paddling is made comfortable with adjustable seats made of ergo foam. You can be sure of its durability when it is made from Ram-X thermoform construction.


  • Amazing stability, with multi-chine flat bottom hull.

  • Exponential load capacity.

  • Great comfort with adjustable seat and footrest.

  • Great additional add-ons.


  • A bit heavy to carry.

  • Prolonged sitting can hurt sometimes.

2. Pelican Odyssey 100x Kayak

The Pelican Odyssey 100x kayak would be the best choice for you when you need both comfort and performance and don’t want a compromise on both. The best thing about this kayak is that it is perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy kayaking.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert this kayak would just fit fine for you. That is why we have included this kayak on this list. This model is amazingly versatile and lightweight as compared to the perception kayak. Plus it is most apt priced in this segment. The hull if this kayak is manufactured from super-durable triple-layered Ram-X polyethylene.

The overall weight of this kayak is 39 pounds which makes it super easy to carry it wherever the adventure calls you.

It also has a perfect load capacity of 275 pounds which is excellent in this segment. This model’s shallow v chine gives it exponential responsiveness and mobility. The seats are given comfort with ergo form cushioning, which has the unique ability to adjust according to your body shape.


  • Lightweight kayak.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Great load capacity.

  • Comfortable seats.


  • Uncomfortable footrest.

3. 100XP Recreation Pelican Kayak

This kayak by pelican is on this list because of its amazing upgraded features which make kayaking more enjoyable for the paddler. It weighs only 50 pounds which makes it really easy to carry it around, well supported by the ergonomic carrying handles.

This kayak comes outfitted with our Ergofit G2 Seating System. A customizable and ergonomically cushioned backrest combined with an ergonomically cushioned seat pad gives better solace and expanded airflow. It also has an adjustable footrest which makes it really easy to change positions when out of water.

It is fitted with a large rear tank with a bungee cord deck with a storage bag, which gives you the luxury to bring everything you need along with yourself.

There is likewise a helpful oar secure for those minutes when you have to have your hands free and six extra eyelets will allow you to snare or lash on any extra extras you should bring.

Two flush mount pole holders are ideal for a net and a swivel bar holder. Made with protected RAM-X PREMIUM material, a particularly sturdy high sub-atomic weight polyethylene that contains a top layer of cutting edge pitch, which gives greater unbending nature while as yet being advantageously lightweight.


  • Lightweight.

  • Amazing storage capacity.

  • Ultra stability and tracking.

  • Added fishing accessories.


  • Contains lead.


These were the reviews of the kayaks that we thought are perfect for you. As a paddler or angler, it is always great to own the best kayaks for fishing or adventure. When you have everything else like best fishing rods, best fishing reels or best baits the kayak should always match the perfection. Pelican is always the pioneer choice when it comes to kayaking. We hope that this review has been helpful to you in deciding the best kayaks suitable for you. Selecting the perfect gear itself ensures the best outcome.