Outsunny 12V 50 Lb Trolling Motor

Outsunny 12 V 50 Lbs Trolling Motor is comparatively less expensive than the previous model, but has same features, with thrust of 50 pounds. One of the most popular brands among the users, for its durability, performance and user experience.

Key Specifications – Outsunny 12V 50 Lbs Trolling Motor

  • Dimensions: 4″L x 18 ~ 22″”W x 41″H
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • 12 volt motor, with thrust 50 lbs, motor wattage: 564
  • 30 inch shaft
  • 6 inch aluminium handle for superb handling
  • 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds
  • Indestructible shaft
  • Saltwater Resistant

Outsunny 12V Electric Trolling Motor Battery Review



Outsunny is not enough known company, but that doesn’t mean they don’t build quality stuff. The whole body is very rigid, and can withstand harsh waters. Black finished body makes the whole body extra strong. 30 inch shaft is enough for small boats and kayaks. Telescoping 6 inch handle is very helpful, and you can easily run out of harsh water with great speed. This motor has got lot of power. While working, it is very silent, and doesn’t vibrate. After you finish installing, and locking all the trolling motor parts, the parts are very tight, with no chance of vibrations. Even at the full throttle, the body remains rigid, and doesn’t shake much.

trolling motor outsunny 12v


This motor produces a decent 50 pounds of thrust, which is enough for day to day use. Motor has got good power on every speed variation, and when you start this, you can easily feel it. It can carry 6-7 persons easily, to the maximum speed of 6.5 kilometers, which is a decent speed in the market. Tested on harsh waters, this 12v trolling motor was capable of making the boat go in rocky and fast currents, without having any problem. Overall performance of this motor is good and satisfying, you can trust the company and this product. The shaft is designed well to give maximum performance, without fumbling upon water.


This motor has indestructible motor head, made from composite materials, guaranteeing the durability of the motor. The impeller is well designed, giving maximum output. No matter where you take this motor, you can expect it to last till the decade. It is one of the most solid motor in the market. You can even work in areas with saltwater, because of the aluminium, stainless steel and zinc parts present in the body, it is resistant to the effects of saltwater therefor it is also known as saltwater trolling motor.


  • Black finished solid body
  • 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
  • Indestructible shaft and motor head
  • Battery indicator
  • Telescoping handle


  • Practically not any


This product is of export quality, despite of being from not so known company. This product is definitely a performer, not in only soft water currents, but in almost every current. With lots of features, this motor is also the cheapest in the category, so it won’t be a burden on your pocket. By seeing all the aspects, like performance, affordability and durability, this motor is rated in top three in the category. Definitely a must buy item for your boat.