Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lbs. Thrust Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels designed the versatile trolling motor which consists of high-quality materials which includes the long life span of the product. The Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb. Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor with 30 Shaft by Newport Vessels has a great performance and offers the user to be reliable on the material used in the product. This electric trolling motor is perfect for the smaller workload and can be used for many years. The thrust Saltwater is designed in such a way that it can be fitted in many inflatable boats, kayaks, fishing boats, dinghies and inflatables with a transom.

Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lbs Information

  • The NV Series 36lb thrust electric trolling motor by Newport Vessels is a stainless steel hardware which is can be used for freshwater and saltwater.
  • The product has high design concepts which makes the product user-friendly. The speed of the product adds an advantage to the product by making a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • This trolling motor comes with 2 blade propeller which have 8.9 inch diameter in order to increase the performance of the product.
  • The marine battery is not included.
newport vessels nv series 36 lb


  • The product has 36lb thrust.
  • Newport Vessels have an adjustable 30 inch shaft. The shaft has high strength which withstands heavy duty nylon mount. It is made up of composite fiberglass.
  • The product consist of 6-inch telescoping handle and the 5-point LED in the battery meter.
  • The dimensions of the product is 18 x 5 x 34 inches
  • The weight of the product is 18.5 pounds.
  • It requires 12 volt battery to perform the functions.

Reviews For Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lbs

Here are some of the reviews of the customers:

  • The small and compact motor gets easily fits into the boat. It has high efficiency and the marine battery is so great that everyone would to use. It takes me around the three hours, but uses only one-fourth of its battery.
  • Firstly, the products is in my budget. I would love to rate this product for 5 stars. Secondly, I think if the power cord of the machine should lengthen enough so I can put in inside my boat. Otherwise, it is a great product.
  • I am impressed with the trolling motor. I have used another motor, but it only lasted for a few seasons and I had some issues while using it. I don’t have any complaints with this product and you can get more information about other related Trolling Motors.


  • The minimal size of the motor can be easily fitted in the boat.
  • It is light in weight and can be easily transported.
  • It has a great power and keeps the boat moving on.
  • The product has an amazing battery life which keeps the problem away to charge the motor again and again.


  • Sometimes, there are big speed gaps in the reverse mode. It might not be fast in the first speed reversal but it becomes fast in the second reversal.
  • Not able to adjust the motor on the back or front of the boat and not able to mount it properly.