How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Well the lasting of the golf cart batteries depends on how you take care of the Golf cart batteries.

Deep cycle battery packs require basic maintenance including the maintenance of the correct electrolyte level, ensuring the battery pack is fully charged and is not left in a discharge state.

Along with the maintenance practice which affects the lifespan of golf cart batteries, the usage also becomes the biggest tractor. Battery packs in golf course fleets get higher usage on average than a golf cart owned by a private owner.

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Fleet carts are used for two to three rounds of golf per day during peak seasons whereas private carts are used for three to five rounds of golf per week. The properly maintained battery packs in fleet carts last about 4 to 6 years whereas private owners get 6 to 10 years out of their battery packs.

Another factor includes the type of options on the cart which may increase the draw from the battery pack. Options like headlights and tail lights or 19.2 mph speed code 4 really affect the overall range performance and lifespan of golf cart batteries.

If you stay on or near the Golf Course and drive to and from the Golf Course, it greatly affects the battery pack. Driving to the Golf Course, rounding the Golf Course and driving home is equivalent to 2 to 3 rounds of balls for a fleet cart. Owners who make use of their cart in this manner get shorter battery life spans.

How Do You Know When Golf Cart Batteries Are Dying?

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Step 1. After you turn on the Golf cart with the key, then hit the pedal smoothly. Your stars will be slower than normal if your battery is getting near the end of its life cycle.

You may notice more than a 2-second delay from the moment your foot hits the gas pedal to the time the cart starts moving.

Step 2. Put the cart in reverse to find out if it maintains its charge. If the battery is strong, going from D (drive) to R (reverse) must not cause any problems. But if the battery is dying, the shifting of gears may drain the battery even further.

Step 3. Watch the performance of your cart on uphill holes. If you have to floor Gas Pedal to get up the hill and you feel that your cart is dying and you have massive relief, when you reach the crest of the hill and start cruising, your battery needs replacement.

Step 4. Check out the accessories on the Golf cart. A personalized cart includes radio, air conditioning, refrigerator and CD player. If the CD player slows or the refrigerator is not keeping things cold as it should, it could be the battery of your cart.

Step 5. Without turning the cart on and off, drive from hole to hole. If the cart starts to hesitate in the middle of driving, even if there are no impediments it may be the battery.

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How To Test Golf Cart Batteries?

Using a handy voltmeter is a rough way to test Golf cart batteries. Keep the motor off and access the battery, the voltmeter will show you a reading. Touch the negative probe of the voltmeter to the battery ground or negative terminal.

Repeat the same step with the positive terminal. Healthy batteries indicate 50 – 52 holes on the voltmeter. Many battery packs hold around 48 volts. A high number doesn’t mean that batteries are instantly good.

If the battery indicates less than 48 hours 50 volts then it’s time to replace it. In a golf cart a collection of batteries are linked together. You can try the voltmeter on individual batteries.

Maybe that one battery out of the group is a bad apple. This may weigh down the entire system. You can replace single batteries but it may cost more when you choose this option. A smart action may be to replace the entire set.

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Hydrometer – Golf cart batteries used electrolyte mixtures. You can use a hydrometer if you want to get technical with the testing procedures. They look like syringes and test the specific gravity of the electrolyte solution.

If the battery indicates around 1280 specific gravity, it is good. Any other number is questionable. Hydrometers are found at most battery stores and each product has its own instruction for the testing to be done safely.

Load testers – Load testers stimulate a real-life draw on the battery. As the test continues with the load, you will notice the battery’s voltage change. 0.5 volt change or more indicates a bad battery.

Discharge meter – Discharge meter is another version of a load test. In this, your reading indicates the number of minutes you can use the battery before it gets 75% discharged. Discharge meters are mostly for industrial purposes so you will not find a mobile one for your home.

Steps followed by testing parameters

  • Connecting the the whole battery bank to the meter.

  • Apply 75 amp load to the batteries.

  • Wait for Digital response in minutes.

Healthy batteries reflect about 105 minutes on the meter. Reading such as 50 or 60 means that batteries are not fit to continue.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Batteries In A Golf Cart?

The costs range from around $800 up to $2000. The price varies depending on many factors, for example, the higher-priced batteries produce a high volume of voltage and amperage.

They provide more power and long-lasting rides than low-priced batteries. The owners have to pay the battery store to install the battery for them. It may charge not more than $50.

Extra costs

  • Shipping fees – Shipping fees are only applicable if you order the battery from an online or mail-order provider and you want it to be shipped to you. The cost varies depending on the battery.

  • Cost Of Golf Cart Battery Charger High-quality cart battery needs a charger to stay strong. Most of the batteries don’t come with the charger, which may cost anywhere from $100 to $250 extra.

  • Installation fees – Battery professionals charge from $10 – $50 for each battery replacement process.

  • Brand prices – If you buy high quality battery brands then it ensures that your cart runs well. Better brands charge more money, which is a serious factor to consider, before you make a purchase.

So you need to carefully balance these extra costs by focusing on improving the amperage and voltage of your battery. High-priced battery is worth the extra price, if it provides more voltage power and amperage to a golf cart when it operates.

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