Golf Cart Chargers – Their Types and Considerations While Buying

golf cart chargers

Do you aim for the effective functioning of your golf cart? If yes, then you must invest in a good golf cart charger. A golf cart’s battery performance will be optimum if it is charged by a good technology charger. Do you know about 50% of golf cart battery’s performance are caused due to outdated chargers or inappropriate method of charging? Mainly, there are two types of golf cart chargers. These are entitled as transformer and high-frequency chargers. The former one is based upon older technology while the latter one functions as per the new technology.

Have a closer look at the two styles of golf cart chargers and you’ll begin to spot some significant distinctions.

Transformer Golf Cart Charger

If you are looking for a less expensive and trustworthy golf cart charger, then a transformer golf cart charger is definitely a great pick for you. Know more about its specifications.

  • It has a sturdy and heavy look.

  • Users can heavily rely upon it as it has withstood the years of testing.

  • It has the potential to work with all lead-acid batteries that are used on golf carts.

  • If you encounter any issue in its working, you can get it fixed without incurring an exorbitant cost.

  • On the downside, it doesn’t match your expectations in terms of efficiency and often fails to maximize the capability of the battery’s charge.

Transformer Golf Cart Charger

High-Frequency Charger

High-Frequency charger is the advanced version of its predecessor. A highly competitive product, it comes packed with a plethora of specifications which makes people gravitate towards it.

  • Owing to its high efficiency, it is extremely cost-effective.

  • It comes with a long life span that guarantees the users that if maintained properly, it will function till years to come.

  • Unlike conventional models, it is light in weight.

  • On the downside, if the warranty period expires, the repair cost of the charger burns a hole in the pocket owing to its complex inside design.

Now after being familiar with prime two types of golf cart chargers, you need to decide which charger to opt for. However, there are a couple of variables that need to be considered such as golf cart’s voltage, correct plug type for the cart, type and manufacturer of the chargers, etc.

High-Frequency Charger golf cart

Golf Cart’s Voltage

To avoid damage being caused to your golf cart battery, you need to select a charger that matches the voltage of your golf cart. For an instance, a 36-volt golf cart requires a 36-volt charger. Similarly, a 48-volt golf cart requires a 48-volt charger and so on.

Correct Plug Type For The Cart

The second step is to identify the correct connector that can be attached to your golf cart. There are numerous models of golf cart available. Each comes equipped with a different plug type. Choose a charger with a plug that will fit easily on your golf cart’s charging receptacle.


When choosing the golf cart battery charger, check whether it is heavy or lightweight. The latter type of chargers are easy to port to different locations. Whereas, heavy chargers cause difficulty in their movement.

Length Of The Cord

The longer the cord, the easier it will be to charge the golf cart battery no matter how distant it is placed. On the other hand, in case of short cord, you may have to use an extension cord if the charger and golf cart are far away from each other.

Type And Manufacturer Of The Charger

There is a multitude of charger manufacturers available in the market. Some of them are Dual Pro, DPI, Quick Charge, and several US manufacturers. Before trusting anyone ensure that they offer excellent quality chargers with sufficient years of warranty.

The manufacturer must be easy to contact and must be capable enough to satisfy the customer’s query professionally and promptly.

Wisely Locate The Golf Cart Charger

Below is a table that will help you locate your golf cart charger.

Golf Cart Charger Plug Type 36-Volt Golf Cart 48-Volt Golf Cart
36-Volt EZ-GO Charger 36-Volt EZ-GO Charger
48-Volt Club Car Charger 48-Volt Club Car Charger
36-Volt Crowsfoot Charger  

36-Volt Crowsfoot Charger
(for Club Car, Yamaha & more)


48-Volt Crowsfoot Charger
(for Par Car, Fairplay & more)

48-Volt EZ-GO Charger 48-Volt EZ-GO Charger
48-Volt Yamaha Charger 48-Volt Yamaha Charger
(for Yamaha golf carts)
**This 2-Pin Connector
will work with 3-Pin Yamaha
DRIVE/G29 Carts as well
36-Volt EZGO Charger 36-Volt EZGO Charger
EZGO Marathon & other EZGO
48-Volt SB50 Charger
48-Volt EZGO Charger 48-Volt EZGO Charger
On-Board 36-Volt Charger On-Board 36-Volt Charger
(universal for 36V golf carts)
On-Board 48-Volt Charger
(universal for 48V golf carts)


With a number of options available, deciding what charger to buy for your specific application can be a challenging decision to make. However, considering a few things will help you make an informed decision. To ensure high efficiency, switch to a high-frequency charger. It is the new age of golf cart battery chargers that will save your hundreds of dollars too.


How Can I Know Whether Golf Cart Battery Is Bad Or Golf Cart Charger?

If the charger shows any signs of life when you plug it into your golf cart, this is most likely a bad battery issue. However, if the charger kicks on or shows any sign of life, but doesn’t charge fully or drains soon, this is likely a charger issue. Also, if it is making loud clicking noise or never stops charging, then also it is a charger issue.

If The Golf Cart’s Battery Voltage Gets Too Low, Will The Charger Charge The Battery?

If the battery is completely dead, the automatic golf cart battery charger will not be able to charge the battery. This is because it requires a minimum 20-25 volts to charge a 36-volt golf cart. For a 48-volt golf cart, 30-35 volts are required to get it charged.

Does The Charger Makes A Noise When It Is Charging The Battery?

The heavy-duty chargers are bound to make noise when it’s in the working mode.

How Long It Takes To Charge The Golf Cart?

The total time taken by a golf cart to get charged depends upon the following factors- the type and quality of the battery, the type and quality of charger, and how discharged the batteries are. If the battery is brand new and you are charging it using a heavy-duty charger, then the charging time will be quite less, say 1-3 hours.