The FVP Battery Review of 2021

FVP battery review

FVP was set afloat in the year 2005, and in just a span of few years, they have delivered superior products along with matchless service.

At a competitive price, you get great products that are brilliantly engineered to offer OE quality. They are at par with the other top-notch brands available and this is what a user seeks.

Are Fvp Batteries Any Good?

As their parts are proven, verified, and built to factory specifications. Not only the company claims this but we have tried and tested them to check their credibility and performance.

They deal with batteries (OEM-original equipment parts), radiators, and filters, for specialty vehicles, cars, and trucks.

Their complete range of battery lines is quite impressive and they manufacture the best batteries for RV, boating, automotive, garden needs, commercial, and lawn use.

Their customer service representatives have been dealing wonderfully with their customer needs and this is also a reason apart from quality that people get attracted too.

Of course, aftersales service matters, and their customer support has a reputation of attending to customer queries, needs, and complaints at a remarkable pace via 24X7 phone support and a remarkable turnaround time which is a reason enough apart from quality that people get attracted to.

Features Of FVP Batteries:

FVP batteries are known for their quality and advanced features. Golf Battery feature for all FVP 6, 8 and 12 volt batteries. Here is a sneak peek into the features:

FVP Batteries

  • Higher Density Paste: The higher density paste inside the FVP batteries ensures prolonged lifecycle and optimizes energy density by resisting plate deterioration and material shredding.

  • Calcium Grid alloy/calcium: This feature extends the interval in-between watering and reduces gassing. It also gives amazing resistance from corrosion which extends its life.

  • Optimized Plate Design: The optimized plate design diminishes the common failure modes that are common in deep cycle batteries. It also gives balance to the structural design with performance.

  • Fiber reinforced separators: This feature improves the plate life in high-vibration applications. It also helps in retaining cell comprehension during cycling.

  • Popular configurations: The 12 volt, GC8 and GC2 golf cart products here are available in many configurations which makes it a popular selection as every customer gets what configuration he needs.

  • Carry Handles are convenient: The battery comes with carry handles which makes it simple to install and give a safe and easy handling option to the batteries.

How Are FVP Batteries Different To Other Batteries?

As stated earlier the automotive batteries are more or less the same. Slight material and layout modifications and differences can be made to differentiate various company’s products. The options in batteries include the most common, the normal liquid cell batteries and the gel-cell batteries which are comparatively costlier.

How are FVP Batteries different to other batteries?

The gel-cell batteries are better when it comes to odd angle installation and cold weather, this is because of the gel usage which holds the electrical charge better. Other than this difference both the liquid cell batteries and gel batteries are literally identical.

Although through these differences we can make out the better companies. Here we compare FVP batteries which deal in liquid cell batteries with other manufactures. The comparison would be on size, CCA/CA and warranties.

Step No 1:

The 1st step is to measure the size of your FVP battery on height, depth and depth. Note down the measurement you measured and also the location of the positive terminal of your battery, which would be the front right as you see the battery. This is an important step to identify the important measurement of the FVP battery.

Step No 2:

In the next step, now write down the warranty and CA, CCA. Where CCA means cold craning AMPs this refers to the amps used when we are cold-starting the automobile. The CA refers to the amps used when starting the vehicle in warm state. The warranty would be available with prorated replacement period and free-replacement period.


When it comes to batteries it is always important and crucial to make the right decision. As the life and performance of the automobile depends upon the battery. Any wrong choice could result in disaster. As an automotive professional it is not good to gamble on selection of the correct batteries.

It is always best to choose the batteries which have high output and endurance. FVP batteries are a perfect choice for this. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to automotive batteries.

These batteries have excellent built and give the best CCA (cold cranking app) and CA than most batteries and have the best warranty across the industry.