Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE 200 Marine Battery Review

Exide is known for quality of the batteries. They make good batteries which are very durable. The body is very solid, which can absorb any shock. They’re spill proof and shock proof and this Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery is perfect testimony to the above statement. It contains AGM technology, which make the battery good for deep cycle.


  • 925 CCA at 0 degrees F, 1110 CA at 32 degrees F
  • 200 minutes of reserve capacity for constant power.
  • Dual terminal design
  • AGM technology
  • 2 years of Replacement Warranty
  • Dimnesions: 13″ W x 6.5″ L x 8″ H
  • Weight: 74.6 pounds.

In-depth Review Of The Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE Marine Battery



With a huge Exide logo on the body, it is not a looker, but also a strong chassis. The whole body is made from the industrial plastic. This best agm marine battery is very strong, and could be stored at any place. You can easily transfer it at some elevated height. You can carry it with you on the board, and store it anywhere. The body can withstand some rough usage.

exide 31 battery


The exide agm marine battery is integrated with electrolyte suspension system. It contains AGM, which stands for absorbed glass matt, having very high porosity and absorbing factor. This prevents battery from drying the battery out. The vibrations and jerks can also shake the acid, leading to irregularities of the power. With the technology, you can find increased capacity of the battery. It is good for motors having rating of 30lbs. This xmc-31 battery is a multipurpose unit, and could be used for automobiles and whatnot.

Deep Cycle

It can repeatedly discharged and charged, without having an impact on the maximum power of the battery. This is due to the AGM technology used, it gives extremely good results on a deep cycle recharge. The battery when used for motor boats, it can deliver non-stop, constant power. Deep cycle capability of this battery is really commendable and hence comes forth as a good deep cycle trolling motor battery.


When you charge the exide megacycle agm-200 battery, you will notice that the time required for the battery is less. The battery has larger container for the acid, which means more power. But the charging requires considerably less time than traditional batteries. The grid is made from conductive alloy, good for the battery power and the life.


Exide gives you 2 years of manufacturing warranty, which means that you can replace it anytime in the period if anything happens. The durability of the battery is extremely good. The case can last more than 5 years. You have to replace the acid though, but it is just part of the process. Solid body is going to add more time of working. This is one of the most durable batteries available in the market.


The name Exide comes with the quality and reliability. For this, you have to pay some price extra than traditional batteries. This battery is around 250 dollars, more than some of the batteries, but still worth buying. This battery is rated among top ten of the batteries available in the market.


  • Solid body
  • AGM technology
  • Get charged in less time
  • Durable
  • Good brand
  • Deep cycle


  • Expensive