Top Ways To Charge Deep Cycle Battery In An Optimized Manner

Ever thought what if you are on a river or open water to spend some precious time with your loved ones and suddenly the deep cycle battery of your marine transportation drops below the needed voltage in the middle of your journey? Without the adequately charged deep battery, your outings can be a big flop.

Its elongated hassle-free life depends upon how you charge and maintain it. Designed to discharge down to practically no power at all, they must not be treated as the regular batteries.

For the robust working of the deep cycle battery of your powerboat, golf cart, floor scrubber, or any other electric vehicle; you need to ensure that it is thoroughly charged.

Below Are Some Of The Tips To Properly Charge The Deep Cycle Battery.

Pay Utmost Attention To The Cleaning Process Of The Battery

The first and foremost step to ensure the longevity of your deep cycle battery is to keep it spotless. Make sure that it must be free from corrosion, rust, and any kind of gravel.If these things persist, the battery will take large time to get charge.

deep cycle battery charging instructions

Therefore, without wasting any time, wear latex gloves and safety glasses and commence the cleaning process.You can use the solution of baking soda and water and wipe away the corrosion with a wire brush and clean it with paper towels.

For finishing, you can use fine-grit sandpaper. Once thoroughly cleaned, a stable connection between charger and battery will build up.

deep cycle battery won't fully charge

Use An Appropriate Charger

Always bear in mind that a deep cycle battery is not similar to your car battery or any other regular battery. Therefore, it requires a specialized charger to avoid damaging the battery.

A deep cycle battery is designed to provide the required amperage and voltage to the battery so that it reaches full capacity in a timely fashion.

They charge the battery in phases and protects it from being overcharged. Avoid trickle chargers as rather than actively charging the battery, they just maintain the charged status of the battery. All you need is to hook up the positive lead to the positive terminal and the negative lead to the negative terminal.

Let’s understand the working of deep cycle battery specific charger’s working. For an instance, if the battery is left with 20% capacity, the specific charger will start charging it with 15amps load until it at reaches 80% level. After that, the load will drop to 5-10 amps so as to avoid overcharging, overheating, and explosions.

Checking The Charge State

It is quintessential to measure the battery’s state of charge. It is measured in terms of percentage.

A battery that has been under the load for the entire day is considered at 25-30% full state of discharge. For the true voltage check, a voltmeter can be used.

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Miscellaneous Charging Instructions

  • Make sure that there is enough supply of charging current.

  • Set a timer so as to ensure that the battery is not overcharged.

  • Use a deep cycle battery charger which is equipped with temperature compensation and temperature sensor.

  • Avoid charging the battery at high amps. It must be approximately 10-15amps.

  • Make sure that the battery must not be flooded as such battery fails to accept the high range currently.

  • Don’t keep the battery and charger in an extreme hot or cold environment. It can survive only at room temperature.

  • Ditch charging the battery if it is at the capacity of 60% or higher.

  • Doesn’t allow the battery to drop to lower power value as it will dampen its life span.


Unlike a regular battery, a deep cycle battery needs extra care and maintenance. With proper charging techniques and methods, you can ensure its working in the long run. All you need is the right type of charger meant specifically for these types of batteries. Rest, you need to bear some aforementioned instructions in mind for the efficient charging process.


How Long Does A Deep Cycle Battery Take To Get Charged?

The total time the deep cycle battery will take to get charged depends upon its current discharge value, size of the battery and the charger’s amperage.

  • A charger with 15 amps will take about two hours to fully charge a battery at a 25-per cent discharge value.

  • Chargers with 5 amps, however, will take six hours to fully charge the battery.

How To Maintain A Deep Cycle Battery To Ensure Fast Charging Process?

A deep cycle battery needs extra care and maintenance to ensure its fast charging and longer life span. Here are some of the maintenance practices that need to be incorporated.

  • Keep the battery terminals free from corrosion, rust, and debris.

  • When not in use, disconnect the terminals from the battery

  • Ditch charging the battery if it is at the capacity of 60% or higher.

  • Regularly check the water levels and fill it with distilled water when needed

  • Doesn’t allow the battery to drop to lower power value as it will dampen its life span.

What Is The Simple Way To Charge A Deep Cycle Battery In A Quick Manner?

The simple way to quickly charge a deep cycle battery is by using a deep cycle battery specific charger with a higher amp rating.

How Long Does A Deep Cycle Battery Last?

If kept under normal environment and maintained properly, it can last upto 2-5 years. Rest, its life span largely relies upon the usage, care, and external conditions.