The Best Aftermarket Trolling Motor Props of 2021: Tested and Reviewed

aftermarket trolling motor props

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Here Are The Three Best Aftermarket Trolling Motor Props, According To Customer Reviews:

Looking for the Best Trolling Motor Prop ever? A boat propeller is, basically, a fan mechanism that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust. Generally, it consists of two or more blades and that spins around the center shaft so.

These are made up of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and Nibral, and among all of these stainless steel are better with greater performance and durability.

It is one of the most important aids which you must consider to enhance the performance of the boat; the correct size and shape of it matter a lot to keep the engine in a well-performing state.

Thus, the choice of the propeller should be such that it improves the power and speed, better acceleration and fuel economy, and also clip out the vibration and engine strain.

Therefore, you must be sure that the prop which you are using is appropriate and precise for your boat. The top three best-suited trolling motor propellers are as follows:

Hands-On Comparison: Top Models of Trolling Motor Props

1. Motorguide Propeller Machette- III

The 3.5 inches, three blades propeller comes with a prop, prop pin and prop nut. The better and efficient blades ensure better and fast speed consuming less energy even in the shallow water.

The light-weighted and sharp blade count works better for longer distances and with a variety of motors, including 12, 24, and 36 volts.

This cast aluminium, Machette III 3.5-inch hub features a tapered hub design by Mercury Propellers, that improves its speed and overall efficiency. Three-blade Machete III propellers for trolling motors could be one of the best purchases.


  • Fast and efficient providing remarkable performance.

  • Does not get tangled because of weeds.

  • Durable and robust design.

  • Available at affordable price.

  • Provides more power to the boat.


  • Improvement depends on the trolling battery used in boats.

2. Minn Kota Prop Upgrade

The 12.8× 5.9× 1.6 inches power prop fits perfectly in 3-1/4 inches motor diameter having the radius of 3 inches. The product comes with only as one prop with nut/ washer/ shear attachment weighing nearly 6.4 ounces.

An efficient swept-back design ensures it’s compatible with Prop nut kit “A” and promises to deliver the extra power. The faster, less noise and vibration prop offer better weed-less service. The 2-blade prop is easy to install and offers great replacement.

MinnKota Replacement Prop


  • Durable and reliable design ensures smooth flow of water.

  • Easy to install.

  • Consumes less power.

  • Works efficiently and faster with more thrust.

  • Ensures high performance trolling motor Prop.

  • Highly productive.

  • Offers easy and great replacements.


  • Small size could be of the factors.

  • Choose only if you want extra power to push through heavy vegetation or thick, sticky stuff and are ready to swirl the water.

3. Minn Kota Replacement PowerProp

The 100% fully weedless prop designed to consume less energy and provide more power. It ensures easy movements through heavy vegetation or cover, even at slow speeds.

The 12.8 x 5.8 x 2.2 inches props weighing around 12.3 ounces are available in four types MKP-6, MKP-8, MKP-24, and MKP-7. The prop ensures the perfect fit in 3-5/8 inch diameter motors.

The product is designed in such a way that the shape of the blades have a swept-back edge that mostly all of the times meet at the angle below than 45 degrees. The complete power prop saves the trolling motor batteries and is an excellent weed cutter.

Purchasing this Minn Kota Weedless Wedge 2 vs Power prop could be one of the good choices but keeping in mind the different factors like size, shape, the number of blades, materials of which it is made and for what application/ purpose you need that propeller.


  • It transfers adequate power and does not require any extra prop or wrench.

  • Weedless wedge is an excellent prop.

  • Saves up the energy.

  • Simple and easy installation.

  • The swept-back design of wedges in this prop enables to drag away the weeds or heavy vegetation coming up in the way even at a slow speed.


  • Not suitable for all the motors like Endura Max 55, Endura C2 50, mostly owned by people.

  • Less compatible.

How To Replace A Trolling Motor Prop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How Do You Take The Prop Off A Trolling Motor?

Ans: While holding the propeller blade, use The MotorGuide Prop/Nut Wrench to loosen and remove the propeller nut. 2. Pull the propeller straight off. If the prop is struck, grasp one blade with one hand and tap lightly on the backside of the opposite blade with a rubber mallet.

Q 2. Which Way Should A Trolling Motor Prop Turn?

Ans: You can tell by looking at the way prop is made to pull in water. It is correct. Motor turns counter clockwise to move forward. If wires on the plug or battery were wrong it would not run at all.

Q 3. What Is The Inside Shaft Diameter That This Prop Fits?

Ans: This is a complete hinge assembly that fits most trolling motors with a round 1-1/8″ diameter shaft. It fits Minn Kota Camo, Classic, Endura, Maxxum (55 lb thrust and under), Riptide (55 lb thrust and under), Turbo, and Vector models with Lever Lock Bracket.

Q 4. Will This Fit The Intex Trolling Motor?

Ans: U-BCOO Propellers Electric Outboard Motor Prop for 55lb,… U-BCOO … … Well this fit intex 40lb thrust. You need a motor stand to fix the propeller on.

Q 5. Does This Come With A Pin And Nut?

Ans: Yes the kit includes Shear Pin and Prop Nut which fits the Minn Kota Endura Max or C2 55 LB. If you need a new prob, the model is (MKP-37 Power Prop). Comes with 2 hand tightening nuts, 2 washers and 2 drive pins. Fit on Endura C2 30# and 40#.