2021’s Best Saltwater Electric Trolling Motors with GPS

Trolling motors are like a lifeline for fishermen and for people who love fishing. It would help you to perform on a high notch as trolling motors will provide you with the right speed with constant mechanism without disturbing the fishes. A good and well selected trolling motor helps you to perform on your own level on water which is a necessity while fishing. The success and failure is completely dependent on the trolling motor so the right selection is very important. So, the right trolling motor for you which satisfies your demands while fishing is the main thing to deal with.

Best Saltwater Trolling Motors – Comparison Chart


Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater

Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow-Mount

  • Variable Speed

  • Digital Maximizer

  • Advance Corrosion Protection


Minn Kota Riptide Terrova

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova

  • I-Pilot

  • Lift Assist Design

  • Best For Saltwater


U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater

U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater

  • Most Durable

  • Multi-Purpose

  • Telescopic Handle

Saltwater Trolling Motor Reviews

1. Motor-Guide Bow Mount Foot-Control

MotorGuide Bow Mount


  • It has a personalized patented variable-ratio steering (VRS) which is very helpful in rough and windy conditions.

  • The directional indicators let you operate in normal conditions throughout the journey.

  • The big reel is all about your hands as the pedal works for the speeding system.


The Motorguide bow mount foot control is very soft to control the motor type system. This is very useful for a smaller radius and turning around. The accelerator is very soft as compared to other motors available in the market. It has a stainless steel bushing with an aluminium frame which helps to make it a lighter product with many rigid operations. It operates at a very low voice and the engine sound is also very smooth on the water. It has a heel-toe designing system from the front panel.



  • It has a market-leading 55lbs of thrust with a 12v system making it a unique deal.

  • The lighter weight of the product allows you to make a good and better swing for a shorter area.

  • The aluminum used is of high quality.

  • The steel is also very rigid providing upfront to your boat.


  • The most abrupt point in the whole deal is that it doesn’t have a reverse option.

  • Although it could perform a quick round function reverse mechanism also counts.

  • It has a 5 forward speed interlock but does not have a unite variable speed.

  • The knob quality is not that good as the rest of the product dictates.

2. Minn Kota Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow-Mount


  • It has a simple operating system that is easy to use and operate even in a difficult time.

  • It is basically a saltwater prototype.

  • The electric steering mount motor is a heavy-duty product.

  • It carries a thrust level of about 55, 70. It gets a wheedles wedge 2 type propeller.


This Minn Kota riptide trolling motor has a variety of options available in terms of speed and balancing. It has a unique digital scroll. It has a high time, strength, corrosion resistance material, and greater stealth length. It has a TGIC polyester powder coat paint with the second layer of aluminum coating. There is a third layer of the grit-blasted steel surface, providing maximum stability to the product. The concerned bow guard can surf around at a complete angle of 360 degrees. You don’t have to worry about the stability of the system as the entire product comes with the corrosion-resistant material.



  • The product dimensions are quite attractive with this heavy-duty operation starting at 68*20.8*9 inches with a draw weight of around 54 pounds.

  • The 18 ft center console with light feel material made of aluminum differentiates it from other products.

  • It leaves a good impact on the professionals.


  • The battery used for the console system is said to be of lower quality as they have used it from a low-quality brand.

  • The assembly of the product is quite hard to joint, you will definitely need some hands with that.

  • If you are returning the product due to some issue, then another you have to disassemble the same which is a bad customer service experience.

3. U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater


  • The main specification of the product is the led system of the model.

  • The power supply area is well covered with high-quality fiber material making is quite safe for operation in running time.

  • The rotating fixator helps for the fixation of the front and rear position. It maintained the balance in real-time.


It consists of a glass fiber settlement. Complete lightweight stainless steel apparatus is used in the model. It is a very high-quality outboard with a rigid structure and operational safety. The telescopic handle is being provided with high strength material. The telescopic handle consists of the 5-inch perfect head. The water separation method is also kept low providing extra speed of the boat. The weight of the raw model is approx 24.6 pounds. The dimensions vary by around 51.2*6.7*18.9 inches.



  • The main advantage of the product is the power system.

  • It generates a good power for a fishing boat to hold the position upside down.

  • This U-BCOO 46lbs is much more powerful as compared to other products available in the market.

  • Even after my 11 hours in late the battery meter shows half the radius remaining.


  • The 5 speed is a lower end of the model as it is hard to calibrate the product directly from the lower end position.

  • Speed recognition is the same for the 4th and 5th one.

  • The lower end of the model also elaborates about the rotating fixation of the lever.

4. AQUOS White Haswing 12V 55LBS 48 Inch Trolling Motor



  • This haswing cayman model is directed for the fishermen who are keen to get a fast-acting product.

  • This helps them to control the boat on a foot of the pedal or through a wireless remote.

  • It has led to battery meter. The nuts and bolts mounted are all made up of stainless steel.


This haswing trolling motor is engineered to be quicker and quieter on the water. It is very easy to operate this product as its alignment could easily be changed even in water with a slight knob available on the upper half of the shaft lever. The wireless remote produces a high-quality look for the model which could easily be fitted on the palm of the hand. Cruise control helps you to monitor your vessel according to your demand with a very fast wireless remote.



  • The main advantage of this cayman model is the power of the product. It has one of the market-leading power structures.

  • The installation is easy while the brackets could be released with much ease.

  • Foot pedal enables you to look for fishing while moving.

  • Cruise control is provided.


  • Only white color option is available in this model which is a low end to many as it many distract fishing.

  • There are no mounting plates on the motor, which is a big-time disadvantage in this category.

  • The build quality is not up to the mark as compared to the brand of the model.

5. Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova


  • The main specification of the terrova trolling motor states that the fallaway ramps are very easy to deploy.

  • The high-quality touchscreen also adds an advantage to the model.

  • It carries a Weedle wedge 2 prop which is one of the leading props in the market.


This Minn Kota model is durably designed to keep the bow right for fishing. The electric steer helps you to get a good ride while fishing. The powerful motor features a fast assembly of speed adjustment. This terrova model also features a spot-lock facility which is designed according to the GPS system anchoring. The integrated meter helps you to get an exact idea about the remaining battery life so that you can perform your fishing goals with much ease. The GPS control system with the i-pilot system link helps you to get 2 control panels. The i-pilot helps to deliver good speed.



  • It featured a 55 pounds of thrust clocked by a 12 v battery.

  • Advantages such as i-pilot, lanyard, and MKP2 mounted hardware.

  • It consists of a swept black flared blade which helps you to get maximum output by saving more and more battery life.

  • The variable speed helps you to balance the boat according to the need of the time while fishing.


  • The build quality is somehow not up to the mark as it is expected from Minn Kota Terrova.

  • The shaft metal is also of lower quality as compared to the other models available in the market.

  • The pound thrust is also kept at 55 lbs which are low points for this type of specifications, maybe due to its weight.

6. Motor Guide X3 Bow Mount Foot - Control

MotorGuide Bow Mount


  • Rigid aircraft aluminum material is being used for the manufacturing of the product.

  • The performance of this model in water is very silent and works smoothly on the water surface.

  • It is used in freshwater operations.

  • It could even travel under rough and cloudy conditions depending on its hard-hit performance.


It consists of patented variable-ratio steering (VRS) This feature helps you to position your boat exactly according to your demand. It has a digital power management system which is an additional feature for this bucket of money. The bushing thus provided in the model is purely made of stainless steel. And the frame is of composite material providing better strength.



  • The power system is the main thing to talk about. Its power rims are of very high quality and equally distributed along with the bushes.

  • The mounting of this model is very easy as the knobs are provided to directly loosen up the grip.

  • It can go opposite to the wind quite easily.


  • The build quality of the motor is not up to the mark as the color finishing deteriorates easily.

  • The knob fitting is also of low quality.

  • Overall the fitting is not good.

What Does A Saltwater Trolling Motor Do?

Saltwater trolling motor as the name suggests is designed for use in the saltwater. The saltwater lake is preferably the one which hit my mind at the first instant. The saltwater motor needs perfect care as there are many chemicals present in the saltwater lake. The main harm could be done with the corrosion prospects.

The saltwater trolling motor is used for operations on the boat while fishing in the saltwater lake. It is quite hard to hold the saltwater trolling motors for a long time as their life span is shorter as compared to the fresh water. Fishing is the main purpose of the use of this type of model in saltwater.

Why You Need A Saltwater Trolling Motor?

We need saltwater trolling motor as general trolling motors couldn’t be able to go into the saltwater and if done so then it is very hard to time to make it clean. The saltwater trolling motor is used for fishing purposes and fore salt manufacturing.

Important Features Of A Saltwater Trolling Motor:-

  • Important features of the saltwater trolling motor include the geometry and its basic entities to perform on the water.

  • The saltwater trolling motors are somehow specifically designed for the saltwater and can be operated in both, saltwater and freshwater.

  • The key features of saltwater trolling include the basic geometry.

  • Now, the geometry differs from model to model so we are discussing some of the features that would remain nearly common for all types of saltwater motors.

  • The saltwater trolling motors includes the lbs thrust power starting by 35 lbs with a weight of around 19.

  • This specification can easily be elaborated with the Newport series of trolling motor.

  • The main component includes the shaft of the motor which is almost the same in all of the motors including the saltwater and the freshwater operated motors.

  • The shaft is the most important feature as it is the foundation of the motor. It basically includes a 30-inch rod but can vary from model to model.

  • The led system of the trolling motors is also a great deal that may come handy at the shore.

  • The saltwater trolling motor handle also includes the telescopic grounding.

  • The shaft is completely made of corrosion-free material so as to increase the life of the motor.

  • The battery part also plays a very important role in the operation of the trolling motor thus, it demands a most powerful trolling  motor battery.

What To Consider When Buying A Saltwater Trolling Motor?

Buying guide includes a list of 5 essentially important feature that needs to be fulfilled:-

  1. Thrust: thrust is the pressure applied by the motor to pulled the vessel forward or reverse. For every 200 pounds of the main weight of the boat, we need 5 pounds of thrust. The calculation of the thrust by weight can be calculated very easily. Calculate the total weight and full load weight of the boat and divide it by 200 and then the remaining should be multiplied by 5.

  2. Mounting systems: there are basically two types of mounting system for saltwater trolling motors, and they are transom and bow mounted trolling system. The motors which provides bow mounting system has high maneuverability. The bow mounting is suited for large boats while the transom is generally opted for the smaller one. Transom could easily by fixed on the stern of the smaller vessels. Above all engine mounting is always a favorite method for all.

  3. Battery: the basic trends for battery in the trolling system comes with a range of 12V, 24V, 12/24V and 36V. The battery consumption is directly dependent on the size of the motor so always go with a high range of battery which lasts long on the water.

  4. Corrosion resistant material: there is no doubt that operation on saltwater defiantly going to need a motor with equipment made of corrosion free material. As the motor goes in variable conditions, so their parts need to be of high quality which demands less maintenance.

  5. Shaft length: the length of the shaft is dependent on the size of the motor and the amount of thrust it is going to need on the water. So the longer the shaft the better result, you get. A Proper calculation needs to be done before opting for the shaft length.


Can you use a saltwater trolling motor in freshwater?

Yes, of course, saltwater trolling motor can easily be used in freshwater but you need to be very cautious while doing so. Before opting for the same you should clean the motor according to the instructions given in the booklet for its safe operation.

How is the durability of the saltwater trolling motor?

Saltwater trolling motor is quite durable but you need to be very active while dealing with the motor. The motor is a very sophisticated part of the boat and it needs perfect care.

How much is the cost of a saltwater trolling motor?

The saltwater trolling motor costing varies according to the different models. The models vary from time to time with various power streams. There are many models available in the market these days so fixation of the average cost for the motor is quite difficult. It may start with a general price tag of around 199$.