The Best Prescription Scuba Mask For Every Budget 2020

Just Change The Way You Dive!

We all are unique individually and have varied vision too. All of us don’t share a perfect vision, but experiencing the underwater world is a dream of any scuba dive enthusiast.

The modern-day prescription scuba masks are a revolution that are designed with brilliant engineering for all those who have far or near sight vision issues. Its difficult to wear glasses under the mask, so the brands of companies have come up with corrective lenses for your comfort, ease and clarity when you are on your excursion to feel and experience the aquatic life. The ones who have been struggling for reading or focusing on any objects can also pursue their passion comfortably now.

Snorkeling is a love of the scuba dive enthusiasts and a healthy hobby for some. Now any of your struggles for watching a shark, eagle ray, amazing plant and wild life deep down will vanish and the under-water world will be clearer with these wonderful prescription masks.

1. Prescription Purge Mask Dry Snorkel Snorkeling Scuba Diving Combo Set (SCS0005)

A five-star rated product that speaks volumes of quality and comes in a combo set. This includes a Promate Cobra snorkel, and lens installed with the slender purge mask. A low profile, slim and sleek mask that has a built-in purge and the bubbles are made to go away from your view with the help of the channel at the skirt bottom. The mask has adjustable buckles attached to the skirt directly, that can fit on any face shape making the swivel function more flexible.

The mask is made of high-quality silicone, that adds durability and comfort to the mask. The nose pocket features soft dimples that are specially designed for your comfort. The pre-curved silicon mouth piece and a low section flexible silicon (corrugated) are the added benefits of this amazing scuba mask. It is equipped with a one-way purge valve along with a retainer design that enables a quick disconnect too. A snorkel that has a fully submersible dry top and a whistle housing for seeking attention if required. The lens glass is safely tempered for creating any stresses that may arise due to internal balancing. If damaged this will break into granular chunks that are likely to keep you safe.

The Best:

1. This purge mask, MK285 comes with nearsighted and farsighted optical lenses
2. The Promate Cobra is a 100% dry whistle snorkel
3. Lens available for near sight 1.0 to -10.0 by increments of 0.5; for Far sight, from +1.0 to +4.5 by increments of 0.5
4. The silicon material gives ample of flexibility and the tempered lenses provide safety

The Worst:

1. The customer service is not up to the mark

2. Promate RX Prescription Snorkeling Mask with- Near sight Optical Corrective Lens (1.0 to 10.0)

The Promate RX is another superior scuba dive mask that is certified by technicians and is designed uniquely just for scuba divers. The RX features tempered lenses that give you immense safety, and they are also designed for correction (off-the-shelf). The company provides you with flexibility for any lens correction on each side, provided you contact and inform them prior.

Any scuba diver with vision problems that are complicated, requiring correction for near and far away both (astigmatism), or double vision can’t use this lens.

The lens has the capability of providing you with safety and protection as is made with buckles that are adjustable with a swivel function for additional flexibility. A mask that is low profile, slim, sleek and has two-windows that gives you a broad peripheral view. The nose pocket is equipped with soft dimples that are shaped on both sides for comfort and mask equalization. Check out our post on the Snorkeling VS Scuba Diving: Which Is Better??

The Best:

1. A snorkel mask with two windows that can fit a number of facial profiles
2. Buckles are easily adjustable with swivel for flexibility
3. The near-sighted lens comes in -1.0 to -10.0, farsighted corrective lens comes in +1.0 to +4.5
4. Buckles come with an easy adjustable feature for mask equalization
5. Made of liquid silicon injected skirt
6. The company provides customization as per your requirement

The Worst:

1. Leakage issues from the lens

3. YEESAM ART Diving Mask Snorkeling Mask for Nearsighted Eyes, Myopic Scuba Dive Snorkel Mask

The YESSAM diving mask is the one that is designed for people that are myopic (near sighted). Now even the people with vision issues can use them with ease and comfort. This is equipped with a tempered glass and a soft hypo-allergic silicone skirt. This wide view snorkeling mask comes with an adjustable strap and is sealed to perfection giving it longevity.

The corrective lenses are available in a wide variety -1.5, -2.0, -2.5, -3.0, -3.5, -4.0, -4.5, -5.0, -5.5, -6.0, -6.5, -7.0, -7.5, -8.0, -8.5, -9.0. Selections can be separately done for both the lenses as per your need. These come with a ‘0’ lens feature also if no corrective lens is required by the user. The company promises customer satisfaction and these great goggles work perfectly for scuba divers. Overall a good product with an affordable price tag.

The Best:

1. An amazing pair of goggles that can provide you with a wide view
2. Especially designed for myopic people, though 0 lens plain glasses can also be selected
3. The company provides 100% customer satisfaction
4. Designed with perfection these are durable and safe to use
5. Features a soft hypo-allergic silicone skirt

The Worst:

1. Leakage issues

4. Scuba Blue Dive Mask FARSIGHTED Prescription RX -Optical Full Lenses

The Scuba Blue Dive is an amazing product that come in a vibrant blue color. This has all the features that will meet your expectations, and is designed for people that require farsighted prescription. Most of the snorkels that are manufactured come with an increment of 0.5 which will work great for you. They have a silicone facial skirt with a mask strap that enables immense flexibility. The right type of diopter can be chosen by the customer before purchase and can refer to the manufacturer’s guide for the same.

The Scuba Blue will never let you down and features a unique buckle design that provides easy adjustments for mask equalization. The lenses are made of durable and strong glass that is tempered for your convenience. Gasket and straps of the product are full of comfort and is worth your money investment. The corrective lenses are available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, form where you can choose.

The Best:

1. The product is available in full corrective lenses
2. They come in a wide variety of +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0
3. You can choose the right diopter for yourself
4. Features a silicone facial skirt and a mask strap
5. The mask comes with an easily adjustable feature and mask equalization

The Worst:

1. Durability issue along with leakage problems

5. IST RX Prescription Scuba (Diving Mask)

The diving mask that is perfect and adaptable to any of your requirements is the IST RX. This comes in increments of -0.5 and +0.5 and has the convenience to adjust with a wide variety of lenses (RX). In case of any prescription changes the replacement of the lens can be done as they are slide into the frame (polycarbonate). The frame is made of quality material using silicone and is soft and hypo allergenic. The edges are soft and feathered that is suitable for swimmers having hypersensitive skin.

After wearing this you can remain relaxed, as no chafing or irritation takes place. The skirt hugs are flexible that ensure a snug fit that is comfortable. Mask equalization can be done with ease and the pressure is spread over a larger surface area. The straps are adjustable and have strap buckles that can swivel provide adequate flexibility. The lenses are tempered providing a panoramic view and are scratch resistant too. Is suitable for varied facial contours. The product is available in catchy colors that will suit your style.

The Best:

1. A wonderful snorkel that is suitable for your needs
2. Behaves like a friend of sensitive skin
3. Features a silicone strap that fits a large area and provides flexibility and safety
4. The lenses are shatter proof and made of tempered glass
5. The lenses are scratch-proof, interchangeable and perfect for spearfishing and apnea divers
6. The material is silicon and 100% hypoallergenic
7. No head squeeze as the straps can be adjusted

The Worst:

1. Mask fogs up while in water

Buying Tips For Best Prescription Scuba Masks

If you are looking for a snorkel mask for your personal use or your buddy then follow the under stated tips.

A. The Prescription Lens Integration:

Any mask that is without prescription lens is just an ordinary mask. Corrective lenses with the vision you require, is some innovation and a solution which the manufacturers and designers have come up with. These lenses are unlike the traditional ones (bonded lens) and are made to stick to the mask’s internal glass. Off the shelf is used to design these special snorkels and the corrective lens should match to your needs. You shouldn’t try your specs lenses to fit on these. The drop-in lenses are more popular and used for this purpose making it an option that is convenient and inexpensive too.

The drop-in-lens have a refraction factor of 25% and makes the things appear closer and larger than usual. These types of lenses are appreciated by the users and work wonderfully along with being economical. This type of integration is far more effective and the glass is made with tempering that is safe for your eyes. One more type is the Bi-focal lens and when they are manufactured the lower part of the glass is similar to that of a reading glass, like reading the newspaper letters.

B. Nearsighted Or Farsighted:

Whichever lens you choose that should be compatible with your vision specifications. Choosing the snorkel mask integration will entirely depend on this. A negative sphere prescription lens is best suited for the ones that can see the objects clearly that are near to the eyes (nearsighted). In case of severe astigmatism for near sightedness these masks won’t help you out.

For farsighted people, positive sphere prescription lens should be used. This also works similar to that of the other nearsighted ones and doesn’t support extremities. Diopter step lens is the term by which the measurement of high corrective lens is denoted. Astigmatism can lead to migraine or headache if the snorkel masks are used for a longer duration. After this it is pretty clear that the eyesight and the lens prescription should match otherwise it may lead to many unknown problems for your eyes.


We can say that the you can grow and enjoy with your passion of snorkeling with these snorkel masks that are designed just for your needs if you have any vision related minor issues. The prescription lens should be parallel and match accurately with your vision measurement in order to have the best outcomes. Your correct vision specification should be done properly, so that the manufacturer can provide you with an apt prescription scuba mask. You can dive in the deep oceans, explore and enjoy the underwater world with ease and convenience. Choose a one that fits to your face shape and makes you feel a relaxing experience, without headache and with clarity.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. How should a prescription be chosen?

Ans 1. This work may appear difficult initially, but is very easy to do. Just refer to your prescription that has been provided by your optometrist. Later on, you can check the manufacturer details and the diopter strength can be referred to, then you can order accordingly. One can choose different lenses for left and right side also as per the vision details.

Q2. Are snorkel masks required?

Ans2. It is practically not possible to wear glasses or contact lenses in eyes underwater. This may harm your eyes too, but these masks are customized and designed to provide you with clarity and safety when you explore the deepest of oceans. It is extremely important to have a scuba mask of premium quality to witness the underwater life.

Q3. Is breathing easy while wearing a snorkel mask underwater?

Ans3. Yes, you can easily breathe with snorkel mask on your face as it comes with an attached tube. The attachment is at the top and the design enables for letting the air in and out. A full mask snorkel is recommended for the same. While you breathe, the water doesn’t enter and you can remain relaxed when in water.

Q4. How can you stop snorkel mask leakage?

Ans4. The strap of the mask should be appropriately tightened and the fit should be perfect for your face and nose. If the mask has fit that is perfect will have less chances of any leakage. You should check that the breathing should be proper from your nose. Ensure that you have no hair under the skirt of the mask for any space