5 Best Kayak Roof Rack For Cars Without Rails

Kayak Rack For Car Without Rails

Kayaking is one of the best sports out there, but its purchase and transportation are two very different things. You need a simple and safe way to transport whether you want to take it home after you purchase it, or are ready for a lifetime trip to a remote location.

Can you use a rope to tie your kayak to your vehicle’s roof? Think again!!!! Chances are very good that you will damage your kayak and your vehicle’s roof – if the kayak stays for too long after leaving. To safely and conveniently transport your kayak, you need a quality and durable rack.

With the options and styles available, you may be confused about which one is best for your needs. If so, then here you go with the list of kayak racks for cars without roof racks.

5 Top Brands Of Kayak Rack For Car Without Rails : A Quick Look-Through


roof racks for cars without rails

  • Locks Included

  • No Drilling Required

  • Highlights Included


kayak carrier for car without roof rack

  • Durable

  • Easy to install

  • Lightweight


kayak racks for cars

  • Portable

  • Universal Size

  • High Load Capacity

Detailed Reviews

kayak rack for car without rails

1. SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

  • Size: 45.5 x 5.8 x 3.8 inches

  • Weight: 12.5 pounds

  • Load Capacity: 139 lbs.

Key Highlights

  • A complete rack system

  • Easy to install and fits most popular vehicles

  • Locks included for safety

  • Adaptability for all accessories

  • Requires no drilling

This is certainly a great kayak rack for car without rails that offers everything in one package. You get load bars, hooks, locks, and every part that’s required for a perfect set-up. The locks (deter the thefts) come pre-assembled into the roof rack system. The SportRack is ready and easy to install.

This fits most of today’s popular vehicles and doesn’t require any drilling. The adaptability of all accessories makes it comfortable to use as bike rack, Ski rack, kayak rack, and cargo boxes. They gold everything properly and keep them safe.

The Sportrack is certainly a great one with this price tag. The rack is made with materials that feature steel upgrades and are UV and corrosion-resistant. The soft plastic coverings and the sensitive elastic cushions prevent the rooftop from any scratches or chips.

This can hold up to 130 lbs or 59 kgs and this pretty impressive one. It is recommended to check the size guide before you buy this for your vehicle.


  • A sturdy one but makes some noise when on roof.

  • One should fit it tightly to ensure a good grip.

kayak rack for car without rails

2. Apex RCB-3745-U

  • Size: 47.75 x 2.88 x 3 inches

  • Weight: 5 pounds

  • Load Capacity: 150 lbs.

Key Highlights

  • A sturdy roof crossbar

  • Simple to install

  • Best suited for small cars

  • Heavy-duty braces protect the bars

These are universal roof rack without any rails for cars of small size. The Apex RCB strap-attached roof crossbars are extremely east to set-up and in just a few seconds you can remove them also. You need not worry about any rain eater getting in your car.

You can attach them on your vehicle roof without any trouble with easy-to-hold clips. The standard rails let the cargo fit inside the vehicle. This has a black and gray finish and the roof rubber end-caps help to snag loading.

This features foot rubber pads and these can be modified in 3-varying widths. The Apex fit most of the cars and provide safety from scratches. Heavy-duty braces protect the vehicle roof and this is fixed with a strong gate lock to the interior. This suits up to 150 lbs. of extra products with a smooth dark powder coat and a strong steel development.

Your vehicle’s highest point can be converted into a load transporter with this steel rooftop crossbar. Within minutes you can mount these crossbars and they show sufficient compatibility with SUVs, buses, transporters, cars, and many other vehicles.


  • Suitable for light weight things.

  • Extra things required for safety.

kayak rack for car without roof rack

3. HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack

  • Size: 14.6 x 7.4 x 5.7 inches

  • Weight: 5.75 pounds

  • Load Capacity: 175 lbs.

Key Highlights

  • Carries all types of accessories and gear.

  • Versatile and multi-purpose roof rack.

  • Features heavy-duty cam buckles.

  • Simple to install.

  • Made from strong and durable material.

  • D ring anchor points allows safe and secure loading.

The HandiRack kit includes twin tubes that work well to cushion your cargo securely while you transport it. This kayak rack for car without roof rack comes with a handi-pump with which you can inflate each bladder in no time. This is certified for use up to highway speeds and a universal inflatable rack that carries all types of accessories and gear.

This makes a great Canoe Rack, surfboard rack, winter sports rack, kayak rack, and sup rack. A lightweight roof rack but can manage heavy-duty loads. The rack is easy to install without the need of any tools and the twin-bars remain secured by the fitting strap that passes through the vehicle doors.

There is a detailed instruction booklet and you can watch videos too for easy installation. The bow and stern lines come included and a portable nylon down string travel bag that helps in storing the roof top system in the trunk.

The universal roof bars don’t require any side rails or gutters and fits compact, sedan, station wagon. MPV, SUV, Crossover easily. This isn’t suitable for vehicles with soft-tops or curtain airbags.


  • During heavy rains risk of water entering the vehicle.

kayak carriers for cars without roof racks

4. Thule 480 Traverse Foot Pack

  • Size: 15.3″x 7.6” x 3.7” (carton)

  • Weight: 1.32 pounds

  • Load Capacity: 165 lbs.

Key Highlights

  • Exclusive easy to assemble design.

  • Locks to roof with one key system.

  • 12% greater force than the others in this category.

  • Assures safe and consistent installation.

  • Made with patented MaxClamp technology.

This is a revolutionary kayak rack for car without roof rack that provides the strongest hold and ensures the safest attachment by holding the rack to the vehicle. Made with a patented Max Clamp technology this enables easiest installation with peace of mind.

The Thule 480 includes integrated AcuTight tensioning tool that automatically indicates when the rack is safe and properly attached to the vehicle. This is an exclusive and easy to assemble design that is equipped with 50% fewer parts and requires less time for installation than its competitors.

The lockable outer cover comes with contemporary styling hides that are bold and protect the foot and blend perfectly with any roofline. The Thule locks to roof with one key system (available separately). Assures the most consistent and safest installation and boasts of 12% greater force than the competitors.

Certainly, this is best and reliable fitting foot for vehicles without rain gutters or a factory rack.


  • An over-priced product.

  • Adapter and a crossbar need to be purchased.

kayak racks for cars without roof racks

5. Malone Auto Universal Roof Rack

  • Size: 52 x 5 x 4 inches

  • Weight: 15 pounds

  • Load Capacity: 132 pounds.

Key Highlights

  • A universal cross bar rack that fits all nearly all car side rails.

  • Square profile fits most rack accessories.

  • Simple installation on roof without tools.

  • Rust-resistant rubberized bar coating.

  • Safe and affordable for transport.

The Malone Universal comes with two 50-inch bars and 4 locking towers with a key. These bars are coated with rubber and reinforced with steel and this prevents wear. This is another universal cross bars for cars without rails that fits all factory-installed side rails.

A secure and economical way to transport your gear and the tool-free installation and adjustable mounting towers this is really appreciated by the users.

An ideal rack for sit-in, sit on top tandem kayaks, skis, canoes, bikes, surf boards, stand-up boards etc. the square profile bars encourage a tight fit for the rack accessories without the need of any tools as such.

The rust-resistant rubberized bar coating keeps it safe and prevents wear. This has a square profile and fits any rack accessories. Despite being light holds a good amount of weight and available in different 50-, 58-, and 65-inch sizes.


  • May be a misfit for jeep.

  • Overall a great product for price.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Roof Rack For A Car Without Rails

It's not easy to choose the right kayak rack for your car. While choosing a rooftop rack you have to assess a few factors that are generally appropriate to your needs. In this guide, we spread every one of the details of kayaking individuals and how to pick hardware that meets them.

What is your car's base roof setup?

kayak cradles for roof racks

If you want kayak carriers for cars without roof racks that are mainly designed for kayak transport, you'll need a crossbar.

You will start buying one kayak piece of equipment such as a chair, a J-cradle, or a stacker if your car has a factory crossbar.

Nevertheless, please ensure that the factory mounted crossbar has weight limits. You will have to buy a package of these high-quality roof rail crossbars if there are no crossbars.

Another big factor is the number of kayaks you have to transport when fixing cracks on the roof. Essentially, if you're not intending to bring more than 2 kayaks, most of the solutions can act as dual kayak roof racks for you.

Nonetheless, the stackers are probably your best choice, if you intend to kayak more than two kayaks because they allow for maximum boat capacities.

The width and size of your crossbar are limited to only your vehicle's roof. Therefore, I recommend you choose a pair of Z-Cradle sets if you have two kayaks and a car with a narrow roof.

You probably want a stronger and safer solution if you plan to travel across the country to explore other lakes and banks. Remove rubber or other temporary mats, if your case is yours. In extreme conditions, such as in stormy weather or when driving on bumpy roads, you will have to drop down the temporary pads too hard, which can very easily damage your kayak.

You can move about the top of the roof if you do not, or foam pads can fly from below your kayak. The most appropriate are solid roofing structures, for example, a saddle and a J-cradle.

If you hit the paddle every day, you want to take the least time to load and unload your kayak. One of the most comfortable kayak carriage systems to use is a saddle above your rack and some pair of rollers on the back.

Many paddlers can also quickly load and unload J-cradle. In the end, the facility is the actual pay-off with a successful roof rack system.

Before buying a roof rack for yourself, there are some things you should know before grabbing one.

The Shape of The Roof

For the majority of cars, many brands like Yakima and Thule have a roof rack. It is necessary, however, to know the shape of the car's roof so that you have an appropriate rack.

Desired mounting system

It is critical that the appropriate mounting system should be taken into account when selecting a roof rack. Racks have various systems for screw brackets which decide whether the rack remains on the roof permanently or is always unmounted. The brackets form also determines how the kayak is set. Crochet brackets are the best place to hold a kayak upright.

Car Rooftop Kayak Rack


Compare the roof rack's rates to the same property's other carriers. Many racks are overpriced, but a comparable rack is available for a considerably lower price.


The rack will last for a long time on rough roads and tear to live. It must, therefore, be long-lasting.

It’s Purpose

Many people buy it because they need it to carry their kayak, ski, cargo. It is more affordable than leasing a van.


It is your choice to select the best kayak in the world from your place of business and something else. Whether you propose to take your first kayak or visit a remote region to your lifetime adventure, you need to deliver your kayak in a convenient and secure way.

If you are a new kayaker, you will be particularly concerned about the kayak flying during transport or about how you can go overboard without causing damage to your vehicle and boat on land.

You can always buy much rope and put it on the vehicle's roof but it's likely that you're both hurting your best kayak and the roof. If those are your issues, ensure this article allows you to address those first problems and gives a hassle-loose, repair-loose experience.

A kayak rack, which is also known as a Kayak carrier, is the most essential equipment for safe and convenient transport.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Is it required to make holes in my car roof?

Penetrating or drilling isn’t required. In any case, this is a choice on certain vehicles, on the off chance that you favor a perpetual mount. We have multi-sport frameworks that can be rooftop hooked up without the need for boring, welding, or for all time introducing whatever on your vehicle. In general, they can be added and discarded quickly.

Q2. Is it possible to get replacement parts for my rack?

Absolutely! A large range of replacement parts is already available online during a rack attack. We definitely should put anything we don’t have in the house. Look at your specific item on the comprehensive page and check whether there are any links to the replacement parts.

Q3. Which type of kayak rack is best for a car without rails?

Thule 480 Traverse Foot Pack and HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars could be an ideal choice in kayak racks for a car without rails. It very well may be utilized to associate a kayak to a vehicle with no derails crossbars. You can also check other listed racks and find the one as per your requirement.

Q4. Is it possible to go through a car wash with my rack on my car?

No! At the point when you wash your vehicle, you should expel the rack on the grounds that Racks can rest on a portion of the vehicle wash apparatus and harm your vehicle, or more awful. Also, washing your vehicle can blow earth under the stack of your rack framework, which will harm the completion of the vehicle. You need to remove the rack with the goal that you can tidy up any water spots or earth that figured out how to get under your cushion.