Best Inflatable Boats With Motors

best inflatable boats for fishing

I still remember my childhood, when there were very limited fishing options. One really needed help to push or drag the boat from bank to pond/lake and vice-versa. The old boats were not only heavy but less portable and until the new inflatable boats were created it was actually a struggle to take them out to the water.

Along with difficult handling the old ones could actually scare all fish away.

So, the answer to these problems came in the face of an inflatable boat as I mentioned earlier also. Their awe-inspiring designs, sizes, features, mounting motor facility, and capacity are just what make them stand-out.

From transportation to their versatility, these boats are just fab and leaves you free of any headaches or hassles that you could have confronted while using other boat types. Are you ready to go for an excursion or a recreational trip!! Compare and select one accordingly….

Why An Inflatable Boat?

There are some solid reasons in support of this:

1. Lightweight and Portable: Their portable and lightweight construction enables your weekend camping super easy as you need not struggle to get a boat out of your garage like an aluminum or a Jon boat.

2. Skip The Busy Boat Ramp: You need not wait for your turn and rather take the boat straight down in the water for travel.

3. Garage Space Back: These pack-up with ease (even between fishing trips) without involving much storage space than the other conventional ones.

4. Quiet In Operation And Don’t Scare Fish Away! – Some fish startle easily, but if you are using an inflatable boat they are much quieter in operation.

5. Affordable (When It’s A Fishing Boat): The inflatable boats are much lower-priced than the other aluminum boats or any bass boat which are pretty expensive options.

5 Top Inflatable Boats with Motor – A Quick Look-Up


Intex Excursion 5

inflatable boat

  • Super Durable

  • Well-Made & Comfortable

  • Easy to Inflate, Launch And Store


AIRHEAD Angler Bay

inflatable dinghy

  • Includes An Movable Seat

  • Ideal For Lakes & Slow Streams

  • Compatible With Airhead Trolling Motor Transom


Intex Mariner 4

inflatable boats

  • Strong Molecular Structure

  • Quick-Fills & Fast-Deflations

  • Heavy-Duty Extruded Plastic Flooring

5 Best Inflatable Boats with Motor Reviewed

Suitable For: Big Groups For A Fun-Filled Trip.

1. Intex Excursion 5 - Inflatable Boat Series

The Excursion 5 is just ready to be used out of the box and supports a crew of 5 people. This has ample space for your daily goodies, gear, beer, and lots more. The boat is equipped with four fishing rod holders on each side of the boat.

Whether you are drifting the lake or landing fish these are placed next to the bench seating. So, while you are having a conversation or spending time together you can easily use them.

This also includes three inflatable chambers that are designed to hold air independently. Hence there are no worries about the boat sinking. High-pressure manual operated pumps are also a part of this and are essential too. This is a reasonably priced inflatable boat on the list with motor-mount fittings.


  • Includes 3-air chambers including an auxiliary air chamber for added buoyancy

  • For quick-fill and fast-deflate Boston valve on 2-main hull chambers

  • Inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity and comfort

  • Motor mount fitting

  • Rugged vinyl construction

  • Has 2 welded oar locks on each side

  • Passengers: 5

  • Max Weight: 1,100 Pounds


  • Great boat with no cons as such though customer support could be a bit better

One Boat That Can Fit Multipurpose Tasks.

2. Intex Mariner 4 -Inflatable Boat Set Series

This is another inflatable boat series which possesses room for plenty of mounted equipment, people, and gear. At this price point you can’t ask for more. In comparison with the Excursion 5 this is smaller-sized but a slightly improved model.

This durable 3-ply construction features a reduced foot print that promisingly holds solidly in form and function.

I really appreciate one thing and that is the boat comes with a reinforced rock and abrasion guard that prominently features around the inflatable hull.

The area is significantly durable and the boat is designed to handle scratches, scrapes, and bumps. This 4-person inflatable boat features 2-rod holders for fishing, battery, gear pouches, two rotating oar locks and more.

The Mariner 4 is engineered to tackle a transom trolling motor of a small size. This can be mounted up to the pre-installed holes of the inflatable boat towards the exterior. You can take your friends for a ride and this is probably the best one that money can buy.


  • Features Boston valves (2) on main hull

  • 2-outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC mesh for extra reinforcement

  • All-around grab line and rub strake

  • Heavy-duty extruded plastic flooring for comfort and rigidity

  • 2-fishing rod holders, 3-inflatable thwart seats

  • Portable and durable

  • 1 gear pouch and 1 battery pouch

  • Grab handle on both ends

  • Passengers: 4

  • Max Weight: 880 Pounds


  • The material needs care as may get damaged due to harsh use

  • Not for extreme choppy waters

Designed For Few People And Perfect For Fishing.

3. Intex Seahawk -Inflatable Boat Series

Another great inflatable boat in our list which is an excellent option and suitable for 4-persons. The USP (unique selling proposition) of this boat is that it comes with its own pump.

With this ease provided by the manufacturer you need not worry about the pump fitting. The Seahawk is made using super-tough vinyl and the boat will last long against any possible punctured, abrasions, and tear.

The floor is very comfortable, yet most durable and rigid. The seats ensure a comfortable ride and the all-around grab line should be given credit for.

Ideal for fishing, the boat comes with two-rod holders placed at the rear. The oar-holders hold the oars with ease and this makes you concentrate on fishing. The easy manoeuvrability of the boat makes it more likeable and you can catch all those fish from the perfect spots.


  • Guaranteed quality from a trusted name

  • Includes inflation pump and you need not buy separately

  • Optimum comfort is provided by rod-holders

  • 2 quick-fill/fast deflate Boston valve

  • 3 air-chambers including inner auxiliary chamber inside hull

  • Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity

  • Motor mount fittings

  • Welded on oar locks & oar holders, grab handle on bow

  • 2 built-in fishing rod holders and gear pouch


  • A bit small in size

  • You need to be careful while standing on the soft floor

Great Option For Groups Who Want To Go Fishing On Fast Moving Waters.

4. AIRHEAD Angler Bay - Inflatable Boat

Not all dinghy boats tend to hold many people but this one is engineered uniquely for 6 persons and with this lightweight, the boat is a surprise package indeed!

This inflatable boat is a real punch, that also at only 47 pounds and the capacity it can hold.

The boat is steady, fast, and solid at fast moving waters and the exterior is robust while the interior is recreational and feature-packed.

2-rod holders hold your rods with ease and the multiple molded drink-holders are pretty safe and comfy to hold your choicest drink/beverage. Battery storage bag amd the floor is also comfortable including a moveable inflatable seat.

There is a location to mount a motor too, if you don’t want kick it up. This is easy to inflate and the patented speed safety valves prove brilliant for a group who is keen to have something safe, simple, and easy to use.


  • Ideal option for fishing adventures

  • Extremely durable and made from quality materials

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Molded drink holders

  • Wrap-around grab lines

  • Swiveling oar locks

  • Compatible with Airhead Trolling Motor

  • Side mounted oar holders

  • 4 drain plugs

  • Battery storage bag

  • Speed Safety Valves for fast inflating and deflating


  • A bit small and light but overall great

Gives A More Traditional Hard-Bodied Boat Feel & Great For Mounting Out-Board.

5. BRIS 9.8 ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Dinghy Boat

This Dinghy Boat features 4-air tube design which is redundant and resilient that maintains buoyancy making you relaxed from any worries of sinking failures.

The hard backed transom is perfect for mounting up a motor and can easily manage a weight of 1200 pounds. A motor of 10-horsepower can be safely mounted on to this dingy.

Even a two stroke outboard motor can be zipped across the lake. The triple layered PVC along with a full crash barrier makes its users feel super safe when you are heading out fishing.

This one makes a perfect boat for an angler as is more purpose-built. As far as Intex boats are concerned, they are for lots of people and make better party boats. But for some serious fishing you can rely on the Bris Marine as this is far superior to anything reviewed.


  • Made using premium quality materials

  • Features heavy-duty aluminum floor (sectional)

  • 3 Air chambers for safety and buoyancy

  • Dual action foot pump and 2 aluminum oars

  • Triple layered 0.9 mm PVC outer skin

  • Passengers: 4

  • Max Weight: 1100 Pounds


  • Air-holding capacity may reduce with time though this may happen with any inflatable one

Frequently Asked Question's

Q 1. Which Is The Ideal Inflatable Boat For Me?

Ans. A genuine answer to this starts with you and you needs always. Other reasons could be a large/small family, type of waters (calm or choppy), structure and size, storage capacity, motor compatibility and other accessories that could dictate your decision before you buy one.

Q 2. What Is The Life Span Of An Inflatable Boat?

Ans. This also depends on your personal care and maintenance. Like an inflatable dinghy boat could serve you for many years if you take care of it well.

Another thing to remember here is that, select a good quality brand so that it doesn’t ditch you in the middle of your exciting excursions and outings and last longer than ever.

Q 3. What All Purposes Are Inflatable Boats Used For?

Ans. From recreational purposes, to some serious fishing, camping trips and more. These inflatable boats are designed and loaded with numerous advantages that make them as the most attractive options when you want to be on waters.

Q 4. Are Inflatable Boats Portable?

Ans. Yes, of course the inflatable boats are extremely portable than any other type of boats available. These can be inflated/deflated whenever you are in need and can be packed and stored without hassles when not in use.

Transporting them is absolutely easy and comfy unlike the other bass, aluminum, or Jon boats.

Q 5. Is It Safe To Leave The Inflatable Boat In The Sun?

Ans. Keeping your inflated boat in the sum without use could damage or harm its material. The UV degradation could occur as most of the plastic materials are universally susceptible to it.

This is highly recommended that you pack and store your boat if you have not been using for 24 hrs or so or drag it under the shade to keep it away from UV rays.

The Bottom Line:

Over the past few years the inflatable fishing boats have undergone considerable amount of advancement. You can take them, pack them, and in fact go on water in no time and anytime.

Our list of boats will surely make you choose right and have an awesome experience. The inflatable boats come with so many benefits along with low-price/low-volume and more.

From being a novelty to an excellent tool these are proving to be great for all serious fishermen. Before picking up one do check the materials, weight capacity, stability, safety, value, oars, pump, and other features thoroughly. Ensure to have a good pump!