Best Trolling Motor For Canoe

Are you searching for the exceptional trolling motors? Trolling motors for Canoe are useful in many scenarios. A trolling motor will be very useful if you personal a watercraft and do not want to hit the paddle when you return. Seniors may also like to go canoeing, but they may have issues/injuries that may additionally prevent them from paddling and this is the place trolling motors come as a savior.

Trolling motors are extraordinarily useful when you are worn-out and if you prefer to get harm or you are injured or prefer to travel long distances.

We have listed the 5 satisfactory trolling motors for canoes that you need to check:

Best Trolling Motor For Canoe – Comparison Chart


Newport Vessels Series 55lb


  • High Strength

  • Energy Efficient

  • Fully Adjustable Shaft


Minn Kota Endura

Minn Kota Endura C2 Endura

  • Quiet

  • Best Battery Life

  • Telescoping Handle


Motor Guide Bow Mount

MotorGuide Bow Mount

  • Durable

  • High Thrust

  • High Performance

Top 5 Trolling Motor For Canoe Reviews

1. Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor


It is a well-built 12-volt trolling motor for the canoe. This 55lbs trolling motor is ideal for all types of freshwater use. It points 5 forward speeds and three reverse speeds for maximum manage over your craft. The lock bracket of the quick-release lever reaches any transom without difficulty and is resistant to damage to flex, warp, and UV.

Minn Kota is known for making incredible trolling motors. This mannequin is no exception. The composite shaft is simply indestructible-designed as an alternative to breaking to flex on impact. Minn Kota also provides a lifetime guarantee for the shaft. Three lengths of motor shafts are available: 30, “36” and 42. Tilting and extending the 6-inch telescopic tiller makes it a breeze to operate.



  • This motor has 5 and 3 forward speeds and reverses speeds respectively.

  • It is a great product at a great price.

  • The trolling engine runs efficiently and quietly.

  • It’s astonishingly strong and durable.

  • This commodity has a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • This one does not have a battery meter/indicator.

2. Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Mounted Trolling Motor


This 55 lbs trolling motor for canoe is a great choice for use with saltwater and freshwater. The motor consists of corrosion-proof stainless steel, magnesium, and zinc to make sure the engine allows a heavy use of saltwater and freshwater. You have great control of any watercraft with five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. The 6-inch telescopic handle makes sure you can quickly use the engine simultaneously.

The 30″ composite fiberglass composite shaft can be fully adjusted to ensure a proper depth thermal positioning in all water conditions. The motor is fairly easy to connect to the canoe or kayak with a reclining adjustable frame. It has a 5-Point LED Super splendid battery marker that gives a quick charge level.



  • The shaft is a perfect size for this smaller motor and fits your boat well.

  • It’s also really lightweight.

  • It’s great for smaller boats but may not have enough power for a large vessel.

  • It has great battery life.


  • There are big gaps in reverse speed.

  • The first velocity is not that fast and the second one is very quick.

3. Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb Thrust Mounted Trolling Motor


This Newport trolling motor is made of stainless steel and is suitable for use in saltwater or freshwater with a thrust of 36 pounds. It has a 30-inch long composite fiberglass shaft and a 6-inch telescoping handle are very durable.

This 12-volt drive motor has 8 speeds, 5 forward and 3 reverse, so you’re in full control on the water. It also has a hard aluminum engine head for a smooth and pleasant operation. The transom-assembled engine also benefits from lighting with vivid, blue LEDs that let you know the battery left when you are in the water all day.



  • Trolling motor with a thrust of 36 pounds.

  • 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse ones.

  • Decent handle with a good grip in telescoping design.

  • Transform mount to fit the sides of the canoe or kayak.

  • Battery cable to hook up a marine or deep cycle battery.

  • Strong fiberglass 30-inch shaft with adjustable deployment.


  • Fitting in the middle will rotate a canoe or kayak more slowly than it can fit the end of a boat.

4. Attwood X3-45FW-36 Motor-Guide X-3 Bow Mount Trolling Motor


The rugged X3 is built with durable components and is loaded with premium features, such as patented variable-ratio steering (VRS) and digital power management technology available for smooth operation and longer battery life. The winning combination of performance and price of the X3 makes it a popular choice for serious anglers. Durable and reliable with rigid aircraft-grade aluminum mount and stainless steel bushes in wearable areas with rigid and composite inner shafts and a large diameter stainless steel outer shaft.

Calm on the water with an overall locking pin that keeps a tight fit with the mount. Composite bushes in key areas operate and reduce noise during stowing and deployment. Patented Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) makes it easy to position your boat correctly, even with the wind, rough water, and heavy covers that cause torque steering problems. With VRS, you can stay in a position and fight fish instead of a trolling motor. It has a lighted steering indicator with LED.



  • It has plenty of power to get you moving in a strong wind.


  • The foot control is cheaply made.

5. Newport Vessels Canoe Series 36lb/55lb Thrust Trolling Motor


This motor provides optimal performance for all canoes and kayaks. The 24″ stature movable shaft of this motor takes into consideration a legitimate profundity position on any canoe or other watercraft. Extended battery cables for 5 ft 6 intake adaptable battery situations into consideration which ensure similarity to nearly all transom mount canoes. 5 forward rates and 3 turn around speeds make for a smooth ride in effectively customizable speed increases.

The magnificent blue, 5 LED battery indicators help you to know how long it takes you to charge your battery. The 3-blade (10-inch diameter) propeller for low pulling, balance, and thrust is fitted with the 55-lb engine for maximum performance. Like most NV series, the 55lb Thrust canoe Series trolling engine is controlled by a 12-volt profound cycle or marine battery.



  • You can use this trolling motor in both saltwater and freshwater.

  • It has 55-pounds of push (thrust).

  • You can introduce or evacuate the mount in less than a moment.


  • More force than some inflatable canoe proprietors, yet battery life can be spared by moving at lower speeds.

What Exactly Does Electric Trolling Motors Mean?

Electric trolling motors are independent drive units consisting of a motor, propeller, and controls. They are mounted on the front or back of the watercraft. For canoes and kayaks, they are usually mounted on the back. Trolling motors are perfect for fishing, yet have numerous different uses too.

Modern trolling motors are very powerful and can normally run without recharge all day long. The variable speed control and reverse help you to control the speed and direction of your vessel accurately. Your light design allows you to push the engine out of the water to remove obstacles during loading/unloading or in low water.

Trolling Motor Components

Electric trolling motors, on the off chance that you’ve never observed one, are basically an independent unit that incorporates an electric motor, propeller, and controls:

The Motor

The trolling motor is mounted in the boat either in the rear or in the front. Present-day electric trolling motors are structured around 12V, 24V or 36V brushed DC electric motors to exploit 12V profound cycle batteries that are explicitly intended for marine use. The actual electric motor is sealed within an electric waterproof compartment at the end of the shaft. The motor is submerged when in use which protects the motor from overheating.

The Propeller

The trolling motor propeller is directly connected to the props haft, which is driven by the motor.

Trolling Motor 55lbs

Trolling Motor Controls

There are three types of controls for trolling motors. These three types of controls are hand controls, foot controls, and wireless controls. There are pros and cons to using an electric trolling motor with any three of these controls, and you need to find out for yourself which type of control suits your needs best. But here are some of the more common pros and cons of each type.

Trolling Motor Controls

Hand Controls

These are the most convenient parts to use on a Trolling motor. They attach directly to the boat with a clamp. Hand controls are not expensive. The only drawback of these controls is that they require the use of one hand to operate.

Foot Controls

Both hands are free in foot controls. They are also easy to use but in foot controls, it can be difficult to coordinate steering and speed and requires a specialized bracket to attach to the boat.

Wireless Controls

The best thing in these controls is that there are no wires between the control and the motor and both hands are free. But these controls can be difficult to use and generally more expensive than other models of trolling motors.

How To Select The Best Trolling Motor For Your Canoe?

As a matter of first importance, not all things are pre-introduced, and on the off chance that they are costly. No stresses. When you are buying fishing tackle for canoe, keep a few things in mind as they depend on the mounting location, size of the watercraft and battery. Here is the more detailed description:


Trolling motors are classified into two due to the mounting position. You can put it on the transom of a boat or bow. Regularly, in canoes, we mount transoms since they fit effectively and we can work while sitting. Steering is a bit tricky for beginners, but if you adjust then you’re all set. Bow mounts are preferred for trolling motors when the boats are medium to large. These include high-tech features like remote control and auto-pilot, however, they are costly.

Power Source:

To know the measure of battery force and thrust in a trolling motor, you need to break down your canoe. Trolling motors come in 3 ratings – 12, 24 and 36V to follow different requirements. For watercraft littler than sixteen feet, a 12 V power source will get the job done. For a nineteen-foot boat, at least 36 V is required.

Weight Or Capacity:

The loading capacity of the boat will decide the measure of a push required. In the event that the limit is more than 1500 pounds, you will require at least 30 pounds of thrust for development. For bigger vessels, we require a base push of 80 pounds. If you are going with families or it is a trip for many people then it is necessary to have a trolling motor with a minimum of 80 pounds. The trolling engine’s manual incorporates subtleties of push, however, you have to know the size of the canoe, stacking limit and weight.

Fishing Zone (Type Of Water):

What is the water kind of your fishing zone? Freshwater or Saltwater? Saltwater provides a harsh environment for fishing, and when it does not lubricate or rust, the accessories cut it off. You should have thought of water to purchase the best trolling engine and be explicit when acquiring. Purchasing a trolling engine explicitly intended for the saltwater activity will build its productivity and give the best yield and will likewise be dependable and strong.


On the off chance that you fish as often as possible with your canoe watercraft, getting a trolling motor to board your boat is an easy decision. The trolling engine makes an incredible expansion to any canoe or kayak – it empowers you to keep up more speed while angling, keep up a consistent speed, and let you rest your arms when you’re burnt out on rowing.

Advances in trolling engine innovation have made them less expensive and effective than at any other time. Current trolling engines are profoundly productive and diminish battery power contrasted with more seasoned models. So pick the best trolling motor which suits your needs.