The Best Bilge Pump For 2020

A bilge pump is the greatest asset your boat can possess, as it helps in pumping out excess water from the boat. Though the bilge pump came into existence ages ago with the ancient Greek trireme warships, now they own a new face in modern times. The bilges are spaces between the lower deck and the outer hull, below the waterline.

Due to any of the reasons like rainwater, seawater, other liquids, your boat may get water, and these pumps work brilliantly to clear the mess. For the boat’s safety, it becomes very important to pump the unwanted water, as this would keep on sloshing on the deck, if not drained out to the bilges properly. The best bilge pumps, automatic and manual, have been listed here for your ease. You should choose the one which suits your needs and is designed with innovation for makes your tasks simpler.

Top Rated Automatic Bilge Pumps

Any excess water if collects in your boat or vessel need to be drained out for preventing damage. The automatic pumps are the best ones to perform this task in today’s times. We have for some of the world’s top-rated automatic bilge pumps. Their qualities are incomparable, and working efficiency is par excellence. Just check these out before you buy your bilge pump.

1. Rule 25S-Marine 500 Automatic Marine Bilge Pump

The Rule 25S, rules at the topmost position in the automatic bilge pumps. This senses water with an electronic sensing operation and works on the principle of impeller resistance. This bilge pump needs no external switch for operation and functions brilliantly with more pumping capacity. The bilge level is also checked periodically, which creates a draw on your electrical system too.

The design of this amazing pump is exclusive and unmatchable with any other similar pump with this price tag. The power used in the checking mode is minimal; the design is especially for smaller crafts. We really appreciate the longevity and pumping power of this product. This draws water at 1.9 amp and 2.5amp fuse with a 3/4inch discharge. Three years of limited warranty is offered by the manufacturer. This is a centrifugal pump that omits any worries related to the sensor wearing.


1. The best automatic bilge pump with a water sensing feature without any external switch (innovative pressure sensation)
2. A pump with excellent running capacity and a brilliant design
3. Power usage is also checked
4. Specially designed for smaller crafts
5. A centrifugal pump which is easy to use and install
6. Efficient enough to empty small bilge spaces
7. 1.9amp draw; 2.5amp fuse, 3/4inch discharge


1. Unsuitable for large boats
2. Not a self-priming system

2. SEAFLO Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump 12v 750GPH

Another fully-automatic and submersible boat bilge water pump that works effectively and efficiently. It doesn’t require any float switch separately, as this is equipped with a built-in magnetic switch. A pump that is compact and small in size which easily fits the boat’s tight spaces with ease. The SEAFLO is rustproof and corrosion resistant with a stainless-steel shaft. A pump that operates quietly and possesses an anti-air-lock system.

The housing is made of the durable high-impact plastic housing. You are assured with a high capacity output and efficient enough to draw a very low current with brilliant functioning. This features a quick-release strainer for easy maintenance and servicing. All the products of this brand come with a limited warranty of four years. The white casing can be removed by simply pushing the two side tabs that make access easier. The product is sealed tightly for preventing moisture or water damage. If dry, this one doesn’t burn out, and ignition protects it safe from any current.


1. A fully automatic submersible electric pump
2. The design is small for compact spaces
3. Features a built-in electromagnetic float switch system
4. A stainless-steel shaft and a pump which is rustproof and corrosion resistant
5. A durable plastic housing of high-impact
6. The strainer comes with a quick-release feature for easy maintenance and servicing
7. Operates quietly and without vibration
8. Made with anti-air lock protection and moisture tight seals
9. Flow Rate (GPH): 750GPH; Volt: 12V; Current(A): 3.0A; Head(M): 3.0M
10. Wire Lead(M): 1m; Outlet Diameter: 19mm/ 3/4-Inch; Width: Approx. 83mm


1. Needs to be submerged for proper function
2. Unsuitable for boats over 23 feet

3. Amarine Made Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump

When we are discussing automatic pumps, then the Amarine submersible water pump is another one that is preferred by many. This is an inexpensive pump with versatile qualities. The power output is brilliant, and this centrifugal impeller pump isn’t heavy on the power output too. Like others, this also comes with a built-in float switch and works well for shallow bilge boats.

The sensor system controls the automatic operation efficiently, and the pump comes with an easy installation feature. Long-life, corrosion-resistant, and rustproof qualities make this pump more durable and stronger. The housing, wiring, and motor are robust and best suited for saltwater and freshwater use. The pump works great for small or medium-sized boats with a power of 750 GPH. The power usage is minimized, and the integrated float switch activates and deactivates automatically (for current water level).


1. A perfect product for shallow bilge boats
2. A branded pump that is automatic, compact and fully submersible
3. Equipped with an in-built controlled sensor system for fully automatic operation
4. A quality pump an at affordable cost
5. Easy to install and use
6. Stainless-steel shaft with a high-impact durable plastic housing
7. The pump is compact, rustproof, and efficient with a long-life motor


1. Needs to be submerged for proper operation

Self-priming Manual Bilge Pump

These manual bilge pumps have self-priming qualities and work great for removing unwanted water. These are old pumps that have been used for ages, and the design allows them to remain light-weight and compact. They work perfectly for emergencies and especially when your automatic pump fails in case of any reason. We have two best manual pumps in this category from where you can choose and decide.

4. SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump

For removing water at a large-scale, the SeaSense bilge pump is designed with brilliance and possesses self-priming qualities. The pump is designed by the agricultural industry for evacuating any canoes, kayaks, boats of small size conveniently. The pump is designed to stop any kind of leakages and is available in different sizes. Some of you may find it difficult to use a hand pump, nut they work marvelously for small-sized boats, in case of a sudden torrential downpour of rain or otherwise.

The water can be cleared with a hose by using this pump, and the detachable hose can be stored properly when not in use. The grip is large, easy, and the pump design is intelligently made to draw maximum water without the pump getting damaged (any other parts). This is an excellent alternative in place of an automatic bilge pump and works great in emergencies. You can choose a long hose, and a long pump as per your requirement persists.


1. A hand pump that is designed for small-sized boats, kayaks, canoes
2. Available in different sizes
3. Features a detachable hose for convenience and comfort
4. Has the ability to reach small areas with ease
5. Anti-leak and a corrosion-free design
6. A self-priming pump


1. A hose may develop cracks after use
2. Not suited for heavy-duty purposes

5. Attwood Tsunami Manual – Bilge Pump

This is again a manual bilge pump that is designed with innovative engineering, and the design is compact too. We can call it the most reliable hand-held pump for brilliant pumping performance. This is rated for 500 GPH (gallons per hour) with an output voltage of 13.6 volts. The bearings of the pump are made of premium quality along with state-of-the-art brushes, magnets, and alloys.

This also features a patented shaft-seal that prevents any kind of leakages which may occur to misalignment. The wiring is caulked and tinned, which eliminates wicking, prevents water-damage along with resisting corrosion. This is a 12-volt pump with a barbed ¾ inch outlet, which is connected with a 29-inch wire.


1. A pump made with innovative engineering and compact design that provides reliable bilge pumping performance
2. A reliable pump which is powerful with a GPH rating of 500 at 13.6 volts
3. The pump features premium-quality bearings and state-of-art brushes, alloys, and magnets
4. Equipped with a patented shaft seal which prevents leaks caused by misalignment, caulked and tinned wiring eliminates wicking and water-damage
5. A 12-volt pump has a barbed ¾-inch outlet and is connected with 29-inch wire

Automatic Vs Manual Bilge Pump – Which Is Preferred?

When you want to get rid of bilge water faster, then an automatic one proves to be the most beneficial. A manual bilge pump may require a lot more effort in case of emergencies. We have discussed both types of pumps above, and you can refer to their features and select the one which sinks in with your boat requirements. Our personal preference is the automatic bilge pump as it is convenient, can sense water on its own, works efficiently to remove water, and prevents damage of any kind. If the automatic pump loses its hold or gets mal-functioned due to any of the reasons, then a manual bilge pump can be kept as an alternative.

Choosing The Best Bilge Pump – The Ultimate Guide

The Boat Type:

It greatly depends on the type of boat which pumps you choose. For example, for an outboard motor, a handpump is sufficient to draw out water. A bit larger boats such as the ski boats, require an electric pump which is submerged in water. The offshore racing boats may require two bilge pumps (one at the cockpit and others on the deck).

There are coastal and powerboats too, which may be used from the calm waters to the roughest of marine environments. Buy a bilge pump that caters to your requirements, as the rough waters will give you more chances of water getting in your boat or vessel. Bilgewater may reach from any of the sources, and the situation should be studied prior.

Boat Size:

As the rule of the thumb, the boat size decides the size of the pump, and this goes parallel. If the boat size is bigger than a small pump will work well, but larger sized boats will require a bilge pump of greater capacity.

If you are covering wider water areas, then a pump with high-power is the need and the GPH should be great, if an electric pump is chosen. Another important factor is the freeboard consideration that you have, as the boats with low hull volumes are the victims to suffer from heavy water. Larger freeboards make you get rid of bilge water more conveniently.

Even the smaller sized boats require robust pumps to clear water as fast as possible.

Bilge Compartments:

Separate bilge compartments call for more monitoring and planning. Since the water in different sections of your boat will require more time to be cleared, and this may require more than one pump. Every segment will need a sperate pump. The diaphragm pump may be of use when clearing water of every bilge is required. These pumps are equipped with numerous intake hoses for different boat parts. Even an electric pump can be connected to deal segmented bilges.

Pump Switches:

The modern pumps and the ones we have explained are integrated or built-in switches that can sense water on their own. This is possible with an automatic bilge pump. These switches work automatically with sensing technology while the pump system spins intermittently after they come in contact with water. These switches prove to be environmentally-friendly and a great feature overall.

Access And Installation:

If you are opting for a manual pump, then installation and access isn’t a hassle at all. The automatic pumps require a bit of expertise to set them up. You can follow the manual instructions and do the needful. In case of any troubles, some professional help can be taken for easing out the installation and accessing tasks.


The GPH (gallons per hour) requirement of your boat increases, with its size. For bigger boats, more than 1000 GPH is required, and the smaller ones can work with a bit lesser than this. The amount of water which is pumped out is decided with the help of this.

Best Bilge Pumps

The capacity feature is limited to the automatic pumps as the manual ones are entirely dependant on your capacity to drain out water.


The marine water may be salty, so the material used to build the pump should be water-resistant along with an anti-rust quality. It is preferable to have shafts of stainless-steel and the casings of plastic as the marine environments may turn very harsh on them. Any pump that won’t possess quality material is bound to wear and fail soon, and this will waste your money too.

The Crux:

You must be fairly confident by now after reading so much on the best bilge pumps. We recommend you to purchase an automatic bilge pump to simplify your water pumping task, but the other alternative could be the manual one if it suits you.

Consider each and every aspect seriously after you choose the best bilge pump for your vessel.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Can a bilge pump fail?

Ans1. A bilge pump can fail due to various reasons. The two most important causes could be the overuse of the pump, while the other may happen due to the clogging by dirt and debris. For preventing this, the strainer is effective, and regular cleaning should be done to keep it in perfect working condition.

Q2. Do bilge pumps make noise while working?

Ans2. While talking about the bilge pumps, noise doesn’t seem to be much of a trouble. While you are sailing in the seas, other sounds such as waves, speakers, or chatter tend to dominate more. Most of them work quietly and don’t vibrate a bit when being used.

Q3. Is one bilge pump sufficient?

Ans3. We have mentioned above also, the segmented boats will require more than one pump for clearing the unwanted water that could build-up due to any of the reasons. Though, if you have a small boat or a kayak, then one bilge pump will serve well.

Q4. Can we submerge the bilge pump in the water?

Ans4. The automatic pumps can be submerged in the water and not the manual pumps. They work efficiently and effectively to provide the best outcomes, and these are centrifugal bilge pumps. The designing of these pumps is such that are comfortable with damp areas and water.