A Look At The Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses

The first thing that would come to anyone’s mind is how to get comfortable sleep outdoors during camping or any long journey trip. No one would like to compromise with their sleep and this is why people constantly look for the best truck bed air mattresses in the market. Now, there are a variety of truck bed air mattresses and many people do get confused when it comes to choosing the right mattress for their camping trip. To help you out, this article will take a look at the best truck bed air mattress.

A Look At The Best Air Mattress For Truck Back Seat

Napier Sportz

This is one of the most popular mattresses in the market and those who are looking to get some quality sleep outdoors, would definitely find this mattress very comfortable. With the help of this mattress, one can get comfortable camping trip without any hassle. You will be able inflate it easily and use it at any comfortable spot during camping and get sound and comfortable sleep without any hassle. This mattress can easily fit at the back of the SUV or truck and therefore you will be easily able to place it above the ground and sleep. The smart pump of the mattress helps this mattress to be inflated quickly. The mattress is soft and the flocked top prevents any slipping when you are sleeping on it. The custom size is 75”x47”x5” and it can weigh up to 450 lbs.

Truck Bed Air Mattress

Air Bed Lite

This is another best mattress that one could get with the best price. The various layers of the mattress ensure that one is able to get their good night sleep with more comfort. It comes in various sizes and you will be able to choose your preferred size and you can also fit it behind the truck with ease and this is because of the cut-outs of the mattress. The weight is easily distributed around the mattress due to the integrated air coil system. This mattress is made up of high gauge PVC material and it resists puncture and the top of the mattress is flocked, so that you don’t slip from the mattress when you are sleeping on top of it. One can easily refill this mattress with the 12 DC rechargeable pumps and this is included in the box. It easily deflates and inflates. The 16 foot cord helps to make the inflating process very easy. It also comes with one year warranty.


BedzVFLB is weekender is another great mattress you can easily opt for. It is environment friendly and it can be easily fit behind the truck without any hassle. The mattress material is very tough and it prevents abrasions and it can easily hold up to 4000lbs.

Airbedz Pro3

(PPI 303) is another best choice that you can easily opt for. The mattress is comfortable and it is affordable as well. It comes with the integrated air coil system.

You can read more about the top pick among truck bed air mattresses on The Sleep Studies website.