12V 100Ah Solar Wind VRLA Battery Review

This is a solid body battery manufactured by universal power group. This battery is a mediocre performer, with very good deep cycle charging capabilities. This 100ah AGM deep cycle battery can extensively be used of your solar and wind energy storage.


AGM Battery

  • 12 Volts Battery
  • 100AH
  • Dimensions: 12.9L x 6.8W x 9.3H
  • Deep Cycle Capabilities
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Solar and wind energy storage
  • SLA/AGM Maintenance Free
  • Spill-Proof Battery

In-depth Review of The Solar Wind AGM SLA Deep Cycle VRLA Battery


Solid plastic body, which is acid-proof and shockproof. The battery is heavy, so it needs a good body which can’t get damaged while moving. This battery has a fairly good body, which holds well in extreme conditions. The body doesn’t corrode in extreme conditions, even there is acid spillage.


This 12v 100ah deep cycle battery is ideal for storage purposes. You can install it to your solar cells and wind turbine. You will need a cluster of such best batteries for solar

to actually store a lot of power. If you make a good whole unit of these batteries, they’re going to work extremely well. The charge holding capacity of these batteries is one of the best in the market.

Deep Cycle

A normal battery takes up to 12 hours of charging at 10 amperes to get fully charged. This battery has deep cycle capabilities, so if you charge this battery with the same power, it is going to take 30-40% less time. If you increase the power, the time is going to be a lot less than that. Due to this, 12v 100ah AGM deep cycle battery offers the best of its ability to deliver charge when full. This battery delivers all of the charge, with 0.5% +/- change of constant power deliverance.


This battery charges at a rate greater than normal. The universal group has made this battery to charge a lot faster. The time takes is 30-40% lesser. It also depends upon the charge left in the battery. The time taken of the charge, from 0 10 50 % is less, compared to 50 to 100%. This is to ensure maximum power deliverance.


This battery is durable, and the replacement time is about 3-5 years depending on the usage of the batteries. The warranty is limited, is set by the company according to the usage. Due to solid body, they can be used at the elevated place, with no fear of breaking them. The battery acid is going to last longer if you properly charge the 12v AGM deep cycle battery. Overall, it is a durable and lasting battery in the price range.


Considering the price range of this product and the features, it is a very good deal. Deep cycle batteries are usually expensive. But this one is fairly under the budget. You can compare other batteries, only to find that this offers the best mixture of features. If you want to get multiple batteries, you can buy them, because together they work efficiently and are affordable.

  • Genuine universal power group battery
  • Constant power deliverance
  • Affordable
  • Solid-body
  • Easily connect to other batteries
  • Maintenance