12V 100AH SLA2770/2735 DCM0100 MPS12100 UPS80 Battery Review

This is simple yet effective 12V 100AH SLA2770 SLA2735 DCM0100 MPS12100 UPS80 AGM Battery that provides 12 volts at 100 Ah constant power. This battery is ideal for storage, as well as marine usage. The batter has solid body and simple construction, yet good performance.


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  • 12 volts battery
  • 100AH
  • Dimensions: 12.9L x 6.8W x 9.3H
  • Deep cycle capabilities
  • 60 pounds
  • Solar and wind energy storage

In-depth Review Of The 12V 100AH MPS12100 UPS80 AGM Battery


The black body is really solid, and spillage proof. You can expect it to last longer than usual batteries used for trolling purpose. The battery is heavy, so it needs a good body which can’t get damaged while moving. This battery has a very good body, considering the price.


The UPS AGM battery is a good performer, and you can install it for storage, as well as marine purposes. The battery can be used for starting the boat engine and is a very good option. Due to the low price, it can be your temporary replacement option. It contains AGM, which stands for absorbed glass matt, having very high porosity and absorbing factor. As a result, the electrolyte is uniformly distributed and absorbed by it, making it deliver constant power throughout the operation.

Deep Cycle

The battery is very good at discharging and charging. Usually, batteries take longer time when discharged fully, but this battery will take considerably less time. If you’re thinking that this battery won’t be good as high-end marine batteries, then you may have to rethink. This battery looks simple but can work as same as they do. The battery takes about 30% less time than traditional batteries.


With AGM technology, the time taken for charging is less than you can expect. Although it depends on the charger, this battery will less time than the traditional one if the same charger is used. You have to change the acid once in a while if you think that the capacity of the battery has decreased.


This battery is durable, and the replacement time is about 3-5 years depending on the usage of the batteries. The warranty is limited, is set by the company according to the usage. Due to solid body, they can be used at the elevated place, with no fear of breaking them. The battery acid is going to last longer if you proper deep cycle charges the battery. Overall, it is a durable and lasting battery in the price range.


Considering the 12v 100ah battery price range and the features, it is a very good deal. Deep cycle batteries are usually expensive. But this one is fairly under the budget. You can compare other batteries, only to find that this offers best mixture of 12v 100ah battery specification. If you want to get multiple batteries, you can buy them, because together they work efficient and are affordable.

  • Genuine universal power group battery
  • Constant power deliverance
  • Affordable
  • Solid-body
  • Easily connect to other batteries
  • Maintenance