Optima 8027-127 D27M Deep Cycle Marine Battery Review

This is mid-ranged battery by optima, and probably the best deal for the money it is being offered. The features are more than traditional batteries, and outperforms them in many areas. Let be durability, performance, deep cycle and charging.


  • Weight: 53.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.8 x 8.7 inches
  • Spring cell technology for constant power.
  • 15 times resistant to vibrations

In-depth Review of Optima 8027-127 D27M Battery


Manufacturer claims that it is fifteen times more durable against vibrations, than traditional battery. When tested, the body was found to be extremely strong, and could easily be treated harsh.The body is well constructed, designed and moulded by the company. They have made the cylinders, to make optima d27m marine battery look like separate cells, which are easy to relate.Optima 8027-127 D27M Deep Cycle Marine Battery Review


This battery is a decent performer. If we look at the price, it has a lot more to offer than the range it is in. this optima blue top d27m battery has pure lead plates, that means maximum conductance and power. With deep cycle capabilities this battery can last longer than traditional batteries. Spiral cell technology let the battery to consume every amount of current resent in the acid, at constant rate. Performance of the battery is commendable, but you can’t compare it with high-end batteries, which of course have better build and technology.

Deep cycle

This battery outperforms any other traditional batteries, even some batteries in the section. This battery offers decent deep cycle, and when recharged from the zero, takes about good 10 hours, but when used, you can expect it to last. The amount of acid is more than many of the traditional batteries, which helps in giving extra power in per charge. This is recommended for mid ranged users. You can also check the other good optima deep cycle batteries for deep cycle.


Charging this battery doesn’t require much time, one full nighter for the d27m optima battery is good for considerable amount of performance. Since it delivers more power than usual batteries, you get more power form single charge of the battery.


Due to the solid body, and fifteen time better resistance against vibrations, this means it has better life than traditional batteries, which due to vibrations can get damaged. Their plates can dismantle. This battery comparatively handles tough situations with easy. You can carry it on your board without and second thoughts.


If you see the price range, it comes on the higher end, but with features like these, it is a great deal. The price totally justified by the performance and the durability it offers. There are other brands’ batteries also which you can try, but they all come on the higher end of the price. This battery is worth every cent.


  • A very good performer
  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Spring cell technology
  • Constant power deliverance
  • Very good design and body
  • Good brand and reliable


  • Not enough features