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Best Trolling Motor Tray Reviews 2017

Fishing may be one of your favorite hobbies or your hunger to pass the time, but still you can’t make for it because of the worry having aches and discomforts in your legs and backs during a fishing outing. So in order to fix these problems of uneasiness and uncomfortable leg positions trolling motor trays came into the picture. Trolling motor trays is the ticket for all day long serene and soothed fishing, avoiding and reducing the chances of back and leg pain, injury being safer and let you enjoy more of your fishing without worrying about the nags. It also gives a new look to your boat; it grants you complete polish to your boat and ease for you. Top three recessed trolling motor trays are as follows.

Best Trolling Motor Trays Comparison Chart

  • EZ-Troll Fishing Boat Motor Tray

  • Includes:

    • Installation Instructions
    • Cutting Template
    • Hardware
  • Weight : 2.8 pounds

  • Troll-N-Tray Recessed Trolling Motor Tray

  • Includes :

    • Stainless Steel Mounting Screws
    • Drain Hose
    • Clamp
  • Weight : 4.3 pounds

  • Rod Saver Minn Kota Model Flat Foot Tray

  • Includes:

    • Stainless Steel Screws
    • Drain Line, Clamp
    • Cutting Template
  • Weight : 2.5 pounds

Top 3 Bestselling Trolling Motor Recessed Tray Reviews

EZ- Troll Fishing Boat Motor Tray

This recessed trolling motor tray is made in the USA and is a quality product.

EZ- Troll fishing boat motor tray

Physical Specifications:

  • The inside dimensions are 9.5 inches W × 13 inches L.
  • The tray is made throughout with high impact resistant polyethylene plastic and UV color molded.

Technical Specifications:

  • The EZ- troll fishing motor boat has Screened Front drain and the forward pedal design level foot pedal and has 3/8 inch vinyl water tube.


  • The EZ fishing motor tray is compatible for almost all kinds of motors like Minnkota motors, Motor guides and many more. It does not fade and no color is required for the chip.
  • The screen front drain causes proper drainage irrespective of the debris. It also allows fast water drainage.
  • Installation is easy and includes installation instructions, cutting templates and most importantly hardware.


  • In spite of all these fringe benefits the ease of installation depends on which type of boat you are having and takes around 3-4 hours of installing.

As it is well known that, while fishing you need to face lots of discomfiture and aches and to that trays are the solution. So, EZ-Troll takes off the problems and accords a clean and crafted look to your boat. Installation is bit challenging, but is not hard enough. This tray is snug fit and a value for money product.

Troll-N-Tray Recessed Trolling Motor Tray

This product is manufactured in the United States. This one is a high quality welded aluminum recessed trolling motor tray. It is a foot pedal tray.

Physical Specifications:Troll-N-Tray recessed Trolling Motor Tray

  • This recessed trolling motor tray has pretty thick metal and is made up of durable 5052.080 thick and high grade aluminum having 1 inch wide flange for mounting and drain plug.
  •  The six stainless steel screws with black heads are for mounting, drain hose and clamp. This tray is available in black and white colors.

Technical Specifications

  • The troll n tray has a UV protection finish over the product. It is also having a universal design which is flexible.


  • The trolling motor tray is a considerable product with an immense aspect of its own. It is a very durable product in the market and is best suited with the price too.
  • The troll n tray trolling motor tray requires only 1 or 2 hours for installation and is quite smooth and accessible. Its universal design feature makes it suitable to fit both Minnkota and Motorguide foot pedals.
  • This troll-n-tray can be available in different custom colors on demand beside black and white. It is available with hardware, drain tubes.


  • This trolling motor tray does not have a template of its own, thus we need to make a new with a cardboard or something else.

If you want to have a trolling motor tray to be enduring and sturdy, then this one will be the best choice. Undoubtedly, it also relinquishes you with comfy your legs and clean deck. You can effortlessly balance the trolling, but the only extra work you need to do is forging your own template.


Rod Saver Minnkota Model Flat Foot Tray

Rod saver flat foot tray comes in two types one is for Minnkota and another is for Motorguide. Here, you will learn about Minnkota model. This tray is robust has various alluring features.

Physical Specifications: rod saver minn kota model

  • The Hole cut size of the Minnkota model is 11.25 x 16.75 inches. The outside dimensions are 13.125 wide x 18.25 long x 4 inches deep and that of inner floor are 11 x 12 inches.
  • The flat foot tray is having an aluminum coating. It has additional traits that are drain line, clamp, stainless steel screws, drain tube of 2 cm and stainless mounting hardware.

Technical Specifications

  • The flat foot tray by Minnkota is constructed through heavy duty 1/8 inch aluminum, which is durable and is coated with powder to have finishing.
  • The earlier Minnkota motors of late 1980’s or 1990’s have control pedals too, and that ere of probably 14 inches and will not fit into recess container.


  • Minnkota flat foot tray allows you to posture yourself in a better way which tends to avoid the back and leg pains. Safety and fewer obstacles are also its key leg- ups.
  • The product can be installed in any brand with easiness. It also contains mounting instructions, templates and hardware.
  • The tray is well-contrived product having very reasonable price.


  • With this product there is a bluff that screws which secures the plates gets bared off due to some flaws or because of bad quality.

This product is a complete package of all the required features and is highly recommended to have this on your boat as it accomplishes both relief to pain and other technical demands.


An Overview Of Top Rated Trolling Motor Tray

Good Trolling Motor Tray Infographic Chart

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How To Install Recessed Trolling Motor Tray

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Best Trolling Motor Props Reviews 2017

Looking for the Best Trolling Motor Prop ever? Boat propeller is, basically, a fan mechanism that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust. Generally, it consists of two or more blades and that spins around the center shaft so. These are made up of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and nibral and among all of this stainless steel are better with greater performance and durability. It is one of the most important aids which you must consider to enhance the performance of the boat; the correct size and shape of it matters a lot to keep the engine in a well performing state. Thus, the choice of the propeller should be such that it improves the power and speed, better acceleration and fuel economy and also clip out the vibration and engine strain. Therefore, you must be sure that the prop which you are using is appropriate and precise for your boat. The top three best suited propellers are as follows:

Top Selling Trolling Motor Propeller Comparison Chart

  • MotorGuide Machete III Black 3 Blade Prop Kit 3.5"

  • Steering:3

  • Weight : 7.2 ounces

  • MinnKota MKP-2 Replacement Prop, Powerprop

  • Steering:2

  • Weight :6.4 ounces

  • MinnKota MKP-7 Replacement Prop, Weedless Wedge

  • Steering:2

  • Weight : 12.3 ounces

Best 3 Trolling Motor Props For Speed – Reviews

Machette- III, Motorguide propellers

It is a standard Electric 3-Bladed propeller designed in such a way that to be fast and efficient enough.

Physical Specifications Machette- III, Motorguide propellers

  • These propellers have three blades and hub of 3.5 inches.
  • The motorguide propellers come with prop, prop pin and prop nut. It also has certain options like weed less, power and shallow water.
  • The dimensions of the product are 12.2×9.4×10.5 inches. It weighs 8 ounces.

Technical Specifications

  • The blades are used for better efficiency and speed.
  • The tapered hub is framed by mercury props. This prop works on a wide range of motors, inclusive of 12, 24 and 36 volts.


  • This product has great efficiency and is very fast. Its weed less performance is remarkable and performs on wide ranges of motors.
  • The motor guide propellers by Machette does not get tangled because of weeds. The hub used to improve its speed at a higher level.
  • The various options like weed less upgrades this prop. Its installation is very facile and can be quickly done.
  • The Machette propellers grants more power and performance to the boat. It has long life as it is created so as to trim off or minimize. This is available at a very fair price.


This Motorguide product is a perfect prop, providing better performance and is very quick. It is found that this 3- blade prop works effortlessly in seaweed areas without facing any problems.

MinnKota MKP-2 Replacement prop, Powerprop

This is made in order to deliver extra power.

 Physical SpecificationsMinnKota MKP-2 Replacement prop, Powerprop

  • The dimensions of the product are 12.8× 5.9× 1.6 inches.
  • The power prop fits the 3 ¼ inches and having a diameter of 9 inches.
  • This product by Minnkota has only one prop with nut/ washer/ shear attachment.
  • The weight of this product is around 6.4 ounces.

Technical Specifications

  • This product has an efficient swept back design and is formed in such a style that it is compatible with Prop nut kit “A”.


  • This prop is both durable and reliable. It swept back design ensures smoother water flow.
  • The Minnkota MKP-2 prop is also very easy to install and takes very less time. It also uses less power and works efficiently and faster with more thrust.
  • The prop by Minnkota contributes a valuable feature which lets them get invisible under water. It offers powerfully performing motor enhancement, which is apposite to numerous motors.


  • This prop is smaller but very productive. This should be your choice if you want extra power to push through heavy vegetation or thick, sticky stuff and is ready to swirl the water.

MinnKota MKP-7 Replacement Prop, Weedless Wedge

This product is also known as Weedless Wedge prop and is designed with the motive to be a 100% weedless prop which delivers complete power and saves battery too.

Physical SpecificationMinnKota MKP-7 Replacement Prop, Weedless Wedge

  • The weedless wedge includes only one prop and fits 3 5/8 inch diameter motors.
  • This is available in four types MKP-6, MKP-8, MKP-24 and MKP-7.
  • The dimensions of this product are 12.8 x 5.8 x 2.2 inches and it weighs around 12.3 ounces.

Technical specification

  • The shape of the leading blade of the prop is having swept- back edge that always meets at an angle less than 45 degrees.


  • The weedless wedge by Minnkota is such an efficient prop that it transfers adequate power and does not require any extra prop or wrench.
  • Minnkota releases, it’s weedless wedge which is considered as the one and only sole that gives 100% solutions to the weeds. The swept back design of wedges in this prop enables to drag away the weeds or heavy vegetation coming up in the way even at a slow speed.
  • This product is a power saver too.
  • The installation is simple and takes less time. There are innumerable motors into which it fits in.


  • The weedless wedge does not fit in any of the motors like Endura Max 55, Endura C2 50, which are very common and generally owned by a number of people.
  • It is a bit less compatible.

This is one of the best choices one can make. Although one needs to take care about the motor, but still it perfectly fits some of the motors. If you are looking for overall conduct and an excellent weed cutter then you must go for it. There are numerous prime options for the props, but you must go for the propellers keeping in mind the different factors like size, shape, number of blades, materials of which it is made and the for what application/ purpose you need that propeller.

How to Replace a Trolling Motor Prop

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Best Marine Battery Switch Reviews – Top Picks

Marine batteries are connected to the trolling motors by the help of switches for better connection, and option of turning them off when you want. These switches are of great help in maintaining the connection, and protecting the batteries from draining due to unnecessary work. These switches cut connection of one battery, while other is on work, for charging. For that, you have to connect the batteries one by one to the switches. This is of great help when you want to immediately charge the low the battery.


  • IP66 waterproof, ISO 8846 And Meets ABYC requirements
  • Terminal Stud Size: 3/8" - 16
  • Safe For Installation Aboard Gasoline Powered Boats
  • Range Gives A Very Compact, Versatile Solution.
  • Available With House Knob (OEM # 701B-HB) or Chassis Knob (OEM # 701B-CH)
  • Tin-Plated Copper Studs And Nuts
  • Brand - Perko
  • Item Weight - 9.6 ounces
  • Item Model Number - 8501-DP



Blue Sea Systems e-Series Selector Battery Switch

Best Marine Battery Switch

The main use of switches is to cut power, of all, or one battery, without cutting power. The design of make-before-break contact allows switching between batteries without disturbing the operation. Also the switch is security wise safe and sound, and made from best quality materials, the proof is CE Mark on the product. The switch is Ignition protected which ensures safe installation, when it could be really dangerous in the case of gasoline powered boats. The design of blue sea systems eseries selector battery switch case is unique and allows surface or rear panel mounting, according to the size of the boat and placing of the motor. It also meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) safety standards for battery switches. The switch has 3/8″-16 tin-plated copper studs for better conductivity and the alloy is corrosion resistant, accepts 3/8″ and M10 ring terminals. 7/8″ (22.22mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals. The special tactile textures indicate knob position by touching it only. The switch is red in color, and looks elegant while using. It is not only a looker, but also a great worker. Personally, I have found no problem in using this switch.



Marinco 701 Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery Disconnect Switch

This switch of battery disconnects the power connection very efficiently and without any fusss. It features a control knob which can’t be removed while the apparatus is working, i.e. in on/off position. The only way it can be removed is by switching to a counter-clockwise 45 degree position. One of the most fascinating feature is removable side plates on 4 sides for access of I/O cables. The rear cover insulates the rear terminals against by any malfunction. The Marinco 701 Battery Disconnect switch is considered very safe, and it meets ABYC requirements. The switch can be mounted on the surface of the boat or by cutting a 52 mm hole. The switch has 3/8″-16 tin-plated copper studs for better conductivity and the alloy is corrosion resistant, accepts 3/8″ and M10 ring terminals. 7/8″ (22.22mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals. The color combination looks really well, and the design is elegant enough to match your boat. The switch is very good in terms of every aspect, whether it is safety, performance or anything else. I would recommend this switch to every boat user, as it has everything one needs, I have personally used it, and found decent.



Perko 8501DP Marine Battery Selector Switch

Perko Battery Selector Switch

The Perko 8501DP marine Battery Selector switch works perfectly between 50 volts capacity, 250 amps continuous and 360 amps intermittent. The main use of switches is to cut power of individual or all batteries, while simultaneously working. The design of make-before-break contact allows switching between batteries without disturbing the operation. Also the switch is security wise safe and sound, and made from best quality materials, the proof is CE Mark on the product. The switch is Ignition protected which ensures safe installation, when it could be really dangerous in the case of gasoline powered boats. The design of the case is unique and allows surface or rear panel mounting, according to the size of the boat and placing of the motor. It also meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) safety standards for battery switches. The switch has 3/8″-16 tin-plated copper studs for better conductivity and the alloy is corrosion resistant, accepts 3/8″ and M10 ring terminals. 7/8″ (22.22mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals. The special tactile textures indicate knob position by touching it only the switch looks elegant, and has standard features that every switch in this category has. But the way it works and represents itself is amazing. I would recommend it for change from mainstream.

How do Marine Battery Switch Works?

The basic function of switch is to cut the power or make the circuit depending upon which side it is connected. But marine switches are slightly different than normal switches. Whereas normal switches purely cuts the power, marine switches cut power of one battery, or another or all, depending upon the knob. This particular thing helps in switching the drained batteries, charging them, or connecting a new one.

All the batteries are connected to the switch, and switch has three positions(normally) 1,2, all and off. When the knob is on 1, the first battery is connected in the circuit, and all connections are broke. When the switch is at 2, the battery which is second in the circuit, is connected, all for all batteries and off is the totally incomplete circuit position. The secret of working lies in the wires which are connected to the switch. Each battery should be individually connected to the switch by wires. Then switch does the job of breaking the circuit. The procedure is real simple, just like normal switch, but has few modifications.

Benefits of Using Boat Battery Switches

There are many benefits of a switch; they’re integral part of the motor circuit. They play the role of completing the circuit and breaking it.

  • They protect the circuit from malfunctions like overheating, short circuit, fire and many more. Had there been the connection open, it would break by the short action of the force. So in a way, switch acts as a protector for the circuit.
  • The switch helps in changing the route of the current of one battery and another, depending upon the knob. Marin switches are designed to work simultaneously, while the power of one battery is cut down. This helps in replacing drain and old batteries.
  • Switch save the hustle and bustle of opening wire, and joining to another, when the battery gets low. You can simply shift the knob, and your job is done.
  • They help in preventing unnecessary power usage caused by the absence of a switch, as direct connection will keep the motor running.
  • They are comparatively safe, open wires can be dangerous, it can give mild electric shocks, which could divert your attention to something else
  • Switch is the part that you should have in your boat. It is among must haves.

How To Choose The Right Boat Battery Switch?

Choosing the right switch for your boat is art. There are so many varieties of switch in the market that you may need double check what you’re buying. There are some points that you should check while making the final decision.


If you’re using more than two batteries, than you need to get the switch with more number of knobs. Usually two batteries switch are used, but choice is always yours to increase them.


The hardness of the switch depends upon the plastic used, and if the case is made of industrial grade plastic, then it is a must go. Simple plastic can crack by simple accidents.


You should go for the switch which is highly durable, I mean; wear and tear should be less on heavy duty. These kind of switches are hard to find, but worth the hardwork. Pins should be made of high tensile alloys, for hardness and conductivity.


They’re important while looking for switch. Make sure they’re of high quality and durable enough.


Design of the switch should be great, it should be easily installed, and knob should twist in the right way. Else, you’re going to get some problems.

Thanks for the valuable tips by Coda Electrical who are one of the top rated Electrician in Moorebank area

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

Best Marine Battery Box Reviews

Marine batteries should be handled with care, else they will leak, get short circuit due to water, or could get damaged by corrosion in contact of surroundings. If the battery is kept open, there are million possible ways of getting damaged, but if it is sealed in a good battery box you can expect long life span of the battery and better performance. Battery box helps in securing connections, battery case and many little things in a battery. I would recommend you some of the best marine battery boxes below.

Top Selling Marine Battery Boxes Comparison chart

  • MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center
  • Size : 24-27 Batteries
  • Inside Dimensions: 13"X 7" X 9"
  • Outside Dimensions: 14.9" x 8.7" x 15"
  • Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • NOCO HM318BKS Snap-Top Battery Box
  • Size : 24-31 Batteries
  • Inside Dimensions: 13.37” x 7.75” x 10.75”
  • Outside Dimensions: 16.88"x 9.00” x 11.38”
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds
  • UPG 40790 Black Marine Smart Box
  • Size : 24-27 Batteries
  • Inside Dimensions: 12-1/2"x 7-1/4" x 8"
  • Outside Dimensions: 16" x 9-1/2" x 10"
  • Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • Attwood Standard Battery Box, Vented
  • Size : 24 Batteries
  • Inside Dimensions: 11-1/8" x 7-3/4" x 10-1/8"
  • Outside Dimensions: 14" x 9-5/8"x 10-5/8"
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Attwood Standard Battery Box, Vented
  • Size : Two Group 8D
  • Inside Dimensions: 23.05”x 21.05”x 10.56”
  • Outside Dimensions: 26.01” x 24.02” x 12.5 "
  • Weight: 16.4 Pounds



MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

Marine Battery Box

The case comes from a well-known brand Minnkota. The case is ideal for 12 volts acid charged batteries, or batteries of similar sizes. It is designed to fit group 24- and 27-size batteries. The motor center present is ideal for small-boat transom applications. The battery box has connected terminals which are easily accessible for connecting leads. The box has a meter that shows state of charge, along with the amount of charge present. The box comes with a pair of 12-volt accessory plugs and manual reset circuit breakers. The box is made of hard plastics, to withstand drops and accidents.


NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Snap-Top Battery Box for Automotive, Marine, and RV Batteries

Best Marine Battery Box

The box is made of heavy-duty grade plastic specially designed for Automotive, Marine, RV and more. The battery size suitable for the box is single group 24-31 type batteries. the design of the box is really a plus, it is unique patented design; it has locking tabs to securely fasten the lid and the base, hard handles to prevent cracking during moving, and vent caps to ensure it is waterproof. So it can withstand heavy duty use; withstands acid, gas, oil and other contaminants, and immune to UV exposure.


UPG 40790 Black Marine Smart Box

Marine Battery Box Reviews

The battery box is made from high-density plastics specially made for shock resistance. The plastic used is Heavy-duty polypropylene, an industrial grade synthetic. The battery box has a battery status LED indicator, which could help in knowing the real-time state of the battery. The box has 2 external 12 VDC auxiliary plugs. The straps which are used for holding the box to the boat are really good and heavy duty. Overall, it is a nice battery box, which such a low price, a must buy if you want durability.


Attwood Standard Battery Box, Vented, 24 series

Battery Box Reviews

This box is a beast in terms of durability. It has Polypropylene case for total acid attack prevention. The Hold-down straps integrated can resist up to 350 pounds of force, nearly four times the requirement. The box can fit large size batteries also and available in vented and non-vented battery box for standard size, series 24 batteries. Attwood tests their Battery Boxes in temperatures ranging from -20DegreeF to +120DegreeF by dropping them hard. The accessories and hardware used for mounting is packed along with the box easy installation.


NOCO HM485 Dual 8D Commercial Grade Battery Box for Automotive, Marine and RV Batteries

Marine Battery Box Reviews

It is heavy duty commercial grade battery box for Automotive, Marine, RV and more. The battery box can hold two 8D batteries. The design has unique four corner fastening system and captive lid for easy installation of the battery, large cable entry holes are there in case of large cable connections required. The ventilation is there for releasing battery gases from large battery acid storage. The box has impact resistant down to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It can withstand acid, gas, oil and other contaminants, and immune to UV exposure.

Benefits of Using Marine Battery Box

  • Battery boxes are extensively used for protection of the battery. They’re great substitute for extra care while handling, and all the fake protections around batteries. They can absorb shock during a fall by accident.
  • They also help in protecting surrounding by avoiding the contact of acid in case of any leakage. Leakage can damage boats and its parts, but if a battery box is there, you can use it carefree.
  • A box around the battery makes it easy to handle throughout the journey; you can just lift it up with the handles attached with the case. You can easily recharge the battery by getting it down from the board and vice versa.
  • They are helpful in giving us indication of how much charge is left in the battery. The led indicators are provided in most of the battery boxes.
  • They can join the battery to the base of the boat, some battery boxes have strap ones that help in the process.
  • The battery box looks nice, and also reduces cost of maintenance of the battery, giving maximum protection against water. The performance of the battery, overall increases, due to the increase in the durability factor.

How to Choose The Right Marine Battery Box?

Choosing the right marine box is a hard task, because you may not know what is going to happen to your battery in the future, so it is better to have a good one. Below are some points which you should consider while buying a marine battery box.

Plastic: Hardness depends upon the plastic used, and if the case is made of industrial grade plastic, then it is a must go. Simple plastic can crack by only one struck of hammer.

LED Indicator: It should be present to know the state of the charge of the battery, as to make out when to charge the battery.

Straps: to connect the battery, to close the lid, to connecting it to the base, everything should have straps in order to prevent free flowing of the whole box on the boat.

Durability: They should be drop tested, under extreme temperature conditions, usually minus 20 Fahrenheit. Rugged design should be preferred for rigidity. The box should also bear acid attacks, corrosion and UV.

Design: it should be easy to understand, connect to the battery and unique to avoid any fuss caused. It is an important factor in governing right battery box.

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Best Marine Solar Panel Reviews

Marine panels are of great use when you need continuous power, without any fluctuation in the voltage. If we use marine batteries, we could get stuck in a long run, with no way of powering them. In this kind of situation, one needs solar power panels, for boats, as they’re reliable source of electricity. The idea was brought into the existence in 1975, England. From that day, they have been an integral part of boat trips. These panels help in recycling the power in the battery, giving you maximum power and performance.

Top Rated Marine Solar Panels Comparison Chart

  • Renogy 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Power : 100 Watt
  • Voltage: 600V DC
  • Dimensions: 47" X 21.3"X 1.4"
  • Weight: 16.5lbs
  • Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger
  • Power : 5 Watt
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 12.4"x 0.8"x 12.4"
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Go Power! GP-SF-5 SUNfilm 5 Watt Solar Panel
  • Power : 5 Watt
  • Delivers up to 260mA
  • Dimensions: 14" x 13.2" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Renogy 50 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Power : 50 Watt
  • Voltage 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 39.5" x 39" x 2"
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Instapark® 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel
  • Power : 30 Watt
  • Voltage 17.5V DC
  • Dimensions: 21.5" x 1.1" x 17.2"
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds

Top 5 Best Marine Solar Panel Reviews


Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Marine Solar Panel

The panel is your perfect energy partner 12-volt battery charging, you can use multiple panels, in case of multiple batteries. You get pre-installed diodes in the junction box and also a pair of 31 inches cables with MC4 connectors. The panel can withstand high winds and snow loads of 2400 and 5400 pa respectively. It is made of aluminum, making it corrosion free and durable. The panel has good conversion efficiency and delivers ideal output of 500 watt hours per day which obviously depends on sunlight availability. 5 years’ craftsmanship warranty, along with 25 years of power transfer warranty is given by the company.



Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

Best Marine Solar Panel

The panel is a durable masterpiece, having aluminum frame with amorphous solar cells that connects battery with 12V DC plug and battery clamps with mounting hardware for ease of installation. The panel can withstand any type of weather, due to strong body that can handle stress. Standard amorphous cells work in all daylight conditions, even when son is covered by clouds. It can be used for batteries other than marine battery, like your car’s. Built in over charge protection is there.



Go Power! GP-SF-5 SUNfilm 5 Watt Solar Panel

Solar Panel

The panel efficiently converts solar energy to electric, and charges up your 12 Volt batteries with 5 Watts of charge. Complete silent operation is an advantage of solar panel at work. The panel comes with many types of connecters, to hook up to many types of 12 Volt batteries. The panel can charge batteries of cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, personal watercraft and many more. it can charge your batteries when they are left idle, or while working also. The panel is a perfect match of durability, quality and performance.



Renogy 50 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Best Solar Panel

The panel is smaller watt model of what I mentioned earlier of the same company. The panel has monocrystalline cell with great conversion efficiency and unmatchable performance in dim light conditions. The panel is integrated with MC4 connectors compatible with Renogy MC4 adaptor kit so that there will be no problem in setting up the equipment. Strong aluminum frame protects the solar panel from storms, snowfall and adverse weather. The panel is suitable for commercial and power station property. It has 25-year transferable power output warranty and 5-yearmanufcaturing warranty.



Instapark® NEW All Black 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel With a 12V Solar Charge Controller

Solar Panel Reviews

This quiet and silent solar panel gives maximum of 30 watts of energy to your 12 volts DC battery. The panel is integrated with high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells embedded in transparent vinyl acetate behind tempered glass, giving power and durability, more than amorphous ones. The panel can charge various types of batteries like RVs, ATV, marine boats and electronic equipment. The solar charger controller helps in avoiding overcharging.  The panels can retain 80% of efficiency in 25 years period, having 5 years of manufacturing warranty. Your product gets replaced if anything happens.


How Does Marine Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are a great invention, harnessing power from ultimate source of energy, by simple steps. A solar panel consists of solar cells, a resting panel on which cells are placed, transparent sheet on the cells, transformer and a battery to store charge.

When the light falls on the solar cells, the electrons present in them, cross the potential barrier, by absorbing energy, and flow through the circuit to complete the current path. The cells are made with n type and p type semiconductors, slightly doped as per requirements. Then the energy created by the solar cells travels to transformer, which can amplify the voltage or current, giving, if it is a step up or step down type transformer. This helps in making the current constant, as fluctuation of the current in the circuit can cause problems. Finally, the charge is stored in lithium ion or acid charged batteries, for further use of the charge though them.

The quality and quantity of the power depends upon the solar cells, their area, type of weather conditions, and circuit of the solar panel. Together is tuned well, they can provide clean energy with very low cost.

Benefits Of Using Marine Solar Panels

  • They’re comparatively clean and silent form of energy providers. You can expect peaceful form of energy. They don’t cause pollution and doesn’t eat up our money, as sun is their resource for making the energy.
  • They’re more durable than any of the electricity generator. The lifespan of a generator is 5-7 years, but in case of solar panels, you can expect 25 years of unbreakable bond between the panel and battery.
  • They have very low maintenance cost than generators. Generators need engine oils, which needs to be replaced every once in a while. Mechanical parts are complex, and need to get extra care. But solar panels are extremely durable, just a strong sheet of aluminum and that’s it. Due to less steps involved, they’re less complex and durable.
  • Panels are easy to carry, whereas generators are heavy. Your boat may not like a generator on the board; however having a solar panel is a different story.
  • Solar panels have better performance and efficiency parameters. They don’t overcharge the battery and performance of the battery doesn’t suffer. They in fact, help in yielding better energy transfer rates.

How to Choose The Right Marine Solar Panels?

Solar panels are of great help to mankind but choosing the right one for the purpose is a difficult job. A best solar panel should have all the features required, in a perfect quantity to deliver maximum quality power without any fuss. Let’s choose a solar panel on the below mentioned points

Solar Cell: There are mainly two types of solar cells that are used in the panels; mono-crystalline cell and amorphous cells. If you’re going for durability I would recommend you mono-crystalline cells, as they last 25 years long. But on the other hand, amorphous provide better reliability for power, but lasts 5-7 years.

Power: Solar panels come in 50 and 100 watt variants. If you want to charge your battery fast, then go for 100 watt, but their size is also big, not recommended for small boats, else, go for 50 watt one.

Durability: If you want durability, then go for aluminum, strong and hard solar panels that can last for long period of time in adverse conditions.

Performance: Choose the solar panel which has better performance, good ampere per hour and low charging time ratings. This usually depends upon type of cell and area.

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

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Boat Battery Charger

Motor Plugs

Best Trolling Motor Plug

Best Trolling Motor Plugs 2017

Trolling Motor Plug is one of the most important parts used in every Trolling motor. You can count on a good motor and a battery, only if the trolling motor plug you’re using is of good quality. An ordinary trolling motor plug can result in loosening up and breaking the connection. A good plug will be with you, withstand every stress the wire causes due to handling, doesn’t get soft on heating up and never breaks a connection. In the market, there are a lot of sub-standard plugs, but some of them are worth your money. Let’s discuss best trolling motor plugs available in the market.

Best Trolling Motor Plug- Comparison Chart

  • Material : Watertight Sealing Cap And Corrosion-Resistant, Plated Brass Electrical Components.
  • Box Dimension : 2h x 5W x 9L. Weight 0.3lbs.
  • Volt : 2 or 3 Wire Configurations On 12 To 36 Volt Systems.
  • Attwood Trolling Motor Plug
  • Material : Molded Rubber Connectors For Quick Easy Connections Between An Electric Trolling Motor And The Power Source
  • Voltage - 12V
  • For 12-volts D.C. Only. Two holes For #8 Fasteners.
  • Material : Watertight Sealing Cap And Corrosion-Resistant, Plated Brass Electrical Components.
  • Box Dimension : 2h x 5W x 9L. Weight 0.3lbs.
  • Volt : 2 or 3 Wire Configurations On 12 to 36 Volt Systems.

Trolling Motor Plug Reviews

MinnKota MKR-18 12V Plug & Receptacle

The product is itself an epitome of quality. It is the best plug available in the market, which has all the strength needed. The design is simple, and looks elegant, but on the performance side, it is a beast. The product has dimensions 9.1 x 5 x 2.3 inches weighingjust 2.4 ounces.Best Trolling Motor Plug


  • All the components are water tight, so once the connection is made; your whole connection becomes waterproof. It is necessary if you’re using your cable in rough and tough conditions.
  • Saltwater can destroy the plug, but all the electrical components are corrosion resistant. Being water resistant, the water won’t enter the inner part, and due to high grade plastic, saltwater is just normal water for it
  • The design of the plug is universal, so you can wire 2 and 3 pin type cables without any connecter between them. Sometimes it happens that we have to use an intermediate connector for the purpose.
  • The working voltage of the plug is about 12 to 36 volts, so you can connect three 12 volts battery without any problem.
  • The plug is made by high grade plastics, which is corrosion resistant, also, prevents you from any electric shock.
  • The screw like structure perfectly fits, and doesn’t give any problem, overall, all the connections perfectly fits.
  • Some plug will get hot, and soften, which could lead to loose connections. You may end up without any power. But not in the case of this plug. The plastic has high melting point, which means, it is rigid even if it reaches some high temperatures.
  • Female part doesn’t hold wires well, so you need to keep that connection tight.
  • Plug can’t accommodate 6” wire, whereas the connection can support.

Attwood Trolling Motor Plug

This is a simple yet effective plug for your motor. This three pin plug does a pretty well job than normal ones, though it is not that advanced as the previous one like stronger mold. The product weighs 4 ounce.Trolling Motor Plug Reviews


  • The rubber connecters are easy to connect to the motor. Sometime, it happens that connections are not easily made between plug and motor, due to compatibility issues, but rubber connecters molds themselves according to the other end.
  • The plug is integrated with 5″ long harness with butt connectors.
  • The receptacle is tightly surrounded by the hard plastic covering, known as weather cap, which can bear stress and other rough handling.
  • It also has small face plat for flat surface mount.
  • It can be used with 10 gauge wire, which is difficult in this segment.
  • The plug should exclusively be used for 12 volt DC, anything higher is not recommended.
  • Due to simplicity of the design, people often pass this, as it is not even waterproof, and from the looks, it is just delicate.
  • The product is however, waterproof and does pretty good job in connecting efficiently with the battery.
  • The plug body, seems light and delicate, but is very strong and durable.
  • Quality of the wires are very good, they could bear large stress without breaking or anything.
  • It is however recommended to wrap it in a cable protector for extremely rough handling.
  • The plug is very cheap, unlike its competitors, which almost have same features, but expensive.
  • The product is simple yet effective in every way.
  • If you’re looking for very heavy duty work from the plug, I would recommend you to go for Minnkota, but for mediocre, this plug is the deal.

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Plug & Receptacle


Another plug from Minnkota; made for performing in very tough conditions. The body of the plug is made by high grade industrial plastic, which is very rigid and durable. The product weighs 4 ounce, with the dimensions of 10 x 3 x 6 inches.Minn Kota Trolling Motor Plug & Receptacle


  • Universal design allows you to couple 2 and 3 pin type wires easily for 12 to 36 volts batteries.
  • The mounting hole is standard of 1 1/8″ diameter, which is very commonly used.
  • The plug is made by high grade plastics, which is corrosion resistant, also, prevents you from any electric shock.
  • The screw like structure perfectly fits, and doesn’t give any problem, overall, all the connections perfectly fits.
  • Saltwater can destroy the plug, but all the electrical components are corrosion resistant. Being water resistant, the water won’t enter the inner part, and due to high grade plastic, saltwater is just normal water for it
  • Electrical components in the plug all are water and corrosion resistant. Once the connection is made, it is nearly impossible for water to enter.
  • The plug doesn’t get loose on the increase of temperature, some plugs may get loosen up, and break the connection, but not in the case of this plug.
  • The product overall is very detailed and advanced. Two cases, one for the connection for best trolling motor, and other for the connection of battery, are very sophisticated made.
  • Due to high grade plastic used, you can use them in rough and tough conditions wherever you want. The plug is made for handling high stress on the wires and ultimately on the connection.
  • It is bit expensive, people often settle for cheap products that do the same product.
  • I would recommend it if you want long term engagement with the product, as it is very heavy duty, waterproof and corrosion resistant, best among all types of trolling motor plug.

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  2.  Trolling Motor Props


Best Battery Charger

Best Marine Boat Battery Charger Reviews 2017

Having the Best Marine Battery Charger is every sailor’s need as trolling motor batteries need charging once they have completed a deep cycle. Your trolling motor could be the best in its segment, but can’t run without power. A good trolling motor needs a good battery and every battery requires best battery charger each time it completes a deep cycle, to charge, for working as per you want it to. These battery chargers play very important role in governing the life, charging time, and overall performance of the battery. The one that has correct power factor, ampere rating, out voltage, steals the game. Let us look upon some of the best boat battery chargers available in the market.

Top 5 Boat Battery Chargers – Comparison Chart

  • Dimensions : 6.6 x 2.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight : 3.3 pounds
  • 4 Amp per bank
  • Dimensions : 7.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches
  • Weight : 11 pounds
  • 5 AMPS Per Bank
  • MinnKota MK-105P Portable Battery Charger
  • Dimensions : 8.2 x 8 x 6.9 inches
  • Weight : 4.1 pounds
  • 5 AMPS Per Bank
  • Schumacher SE-1010-2 10/2 Amp Manual Battery Charger
  • Dimensions : 5 x 12 x 10 inches
  • Weight : 11.2 pounds
  • 10 AMPS Per Bank

Best Boat Battery Charger Reviews

NOCO Genius GENM1 On-Board Boat Battery Charger Review

It is the most advanced, safe and performance driven charger available online. The charger has many features which can be of great use for a rough use.Marine Battery Charger Reviews


  • The ampere rating of the charger is 4 amp, can charge almost every type of 12 volts lead acid battery. It works well with new technologies like Wet, Gel, MF, and AGM
  • The device is extremely safe. It doesn’t generate any spark whatsoever, any charge leakage, overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, over heating issues are just non feasible.
  • If your battery has started giving problems due to long usage, you can try recovery mode, which can readily rejuvenate the battery, and repairs damaged areas. Deeply charged batteries and sulfated batteries can be repaired by the mode of pulse charging.
  • Charging time is almost half than the common chargers available in the market. It uses rapid charging technology to charge battery, giving you better amount of charge, in less amount of time.
  • The box is tightly packed, not only gives protection against any charge leakage, but also is 100% waterproof. You can bring the charger anywhere without any fuss about water.
  • The charger comes with 5 years manufacturing warranty, ensuring quality products and services.

MinnKota MK 210D On-Board Battery Charger Review

Everyone is well known for the quality products this brand delivers, yet another one from the house of Minnkota. This 2 banks charger is your perfect partner for charging. It delivers 5 amps per bank. Though it is quite heavy, 11 pounds, but does pretty darn good work.Boat Battery Charger Reviews


  • The charger has integrated microprocessor, specially designed for keeping your battery safe. The regular calculations and manipulations in charging, based upon the battery, makes the battery to charge in less time, delivering good charge anytime you need it.
  • The charger has some notifications lights, shows real time whereabouts of the battery. Such as charge stage, maintenance mode status, any error notifications, and full charge.
  • Auto cut off helps in saving energy, as well as ensures long life of the battery, which some common chargers failed to do.
  • Multi stage charging and automatic temperature compensation makes the battery to charge more efficiently.
  • The battery has a hard aluminum case, making it waterproof, shock and vibration resistant.
  • Safer due to protection against short circuit, reverse polarity and ignition.
  • The case is fully resistant to corrosion, commonly caused by saltwater, or in case of accidental acid spillage.

MinnKota MK-105P Portable Charger Review

This charger by Minnkota is very compatible, portable and handy. The handle of picking it up gives a trendy look to it. It is basically 1 bank, 5 amps charger for 12 volts’ batteries.Best boat Battery Charger


  • 2-stage charging will help in making the battery full charge, within minimal amount of time, for better performance.
  • The system protects from inverse polarity issues, short circuits and other connectivity issue. The charger is smart, reliable and credible.
  • LED indicators to let you know about the charging process.
  • The product has everything covered under 3 years manufacturing warranty.
  • The smart working prevents over charging, under charging and other issues due to malfunction of the battery. It makes itself safe from the outer effects of the battery.
  • It is not waterproof, so you have to take extra care in handling over the boat, in areas nearby water.
  • 1 bank could be low for your battery, you should definitely upgrade if want a les charging time.
  • The body of the charger is handy, but some people may like plain brick like structure.
  • In this price range, it is the best charger for deep cycle batteries, and turned out to be a good performer.

Schumacher Battery Charger Review – SE-1010-2 10/2 Amp

This charger has a rock solid body, giving out 10 amps with extremely less charging time. The charger is pretty heavy, but a reliable charger, usually bought for heavy work.schumacher boat battery charger review


  • Charging time is less, with 4-5 hours of charging, you get yourself a full charged battery ready to go anywhere.
  • The charger is perfect item for best deep cycle marine batteries, which often require fast charging. In fact, you can charge any type of automobile batteries.
  • The circuit is designed well, if the battery reaches full charge, the amount of charge delivered automatically decreases to 4 amps. This happens to solid state circuitry integrated within the charger.
  • There is a 6 amp model also available, but this model charges 40% faster.
  • Two year manufacturing warranty .
  • There are some problems regarding the volt ammeter. Customers have reviewed that the wires are in reverse order, causing to drop the needle below zero.
  • Old fashioned charger, lack advanced features(like automatic functioning), offered by other brand in the same price tag.
  • Manual charging lets you do some works on the battery, that automatic won’t be able to do, so if you’re “everything by myself” guy, buy it without any second thoughts and enjoy the benefits you get with this best battery charger.

Marine Boat Battery Chargers : Which Type Do You Need?

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