Best Bow Mount Trolling Motor Reviews 2018

Best Bow Mount Trolling MotorYou’re pretty familiar with the motors, but there are different types of motors, categorized by position at which they’re installed. Basically there are only two positions at which a motor can be installed, front and back. Bow mount motors are installed on the front, and is favorite for serious fisherman and boat users.

They designed to work well when installed on the front. Often give better performance, and handling capabilities than the motor installed in the back. This happens because on the front, whole boat is better steered due to whole body present on the back, your reaction time can increase. These motors have specially designed parts, mainly from alloys, to work in extreme conditions. They have high durability than normal motors.

How They Work?

The constituent parts are same for both type of the motors, the difference is between their locking mechanisms and handle position. When you install them and connect to the battery, you can simply control the throttle by handle, or foot control. The battery powers the motor, which further rotates shaft. This is the normal functioning of a trolling motor. There is a microprocessor present in the control unit, which provides variation in speeds, in backward and forward direction. Motor head is consist of alloys, and parts made by aluminium, zinc and stainless steel.

Benefits of a Bow Mount Trolling Motor

There is not much of a difference between bow mount and transom trolling motors when it comes to features. They are equally equipped and functional on all the levels. They all have strong motor heads and parts. Only locking mechanism is different, which is of course due to the positioning parameters. Still there are a few points on which a bow mount trolling motor fairs better as compared to transom mount trolling motor.

Better Control & Positioning

Bow mount motors are far better at handling than transom motors. Whether they’re foot control or throttle, you can expect to run them better, and steer well. This is due to their smooth design of handle. Boats have a tendency not to move forward in a straight line, which because of the push its gets from transom mount trolling motor, with a bow mount trolling motor, its actually pulling the boat and hence works better in moving the boat further without a problem.

Faster Steering

If you compare handling between transom mount motors, and this, you will find that they have comparatively less reaction time for steering, this mean, time require to steer is less, also, better radius of turning because of its ability to provide better maneuverability to the boat. It works equally well for Copilot trolling motors also known as foot controlled trolling motors as well.