Best AGM Battery Reviews 2017- In depth Buying Guide

Looking for the Best AGM Battery ever? AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries let the electrolyte to get dangled in close propinquity with the plates. Its key function is to improve both recharge and discharge competence. This is considered to be an exceptional deep cycle battery which delivers the best life performance once being recharged prior to drop below 50% discharge rate. Nearly all AGM batteries are light-weight but are slightly expensive and are available in market in different brands and for different purposes.

Best AGM Batteries On The Market


Top 5 Best AGM Battery Reviews in 2017

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Universal Power Group 45978 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

It is a highly preferred AGM battery by the customers, which works wonders when used for boats. You can hang the battery on a hook and make use of it to generate power for several different devices on the boat like TVs, Stereos and many more. This product works perfectly for storing energy if you require powering it up through making use of a solar bank. The battery is somewhat small and light-weight considering its capacity. It is primarily use in OEM, uninterruptible power systems, electric gates, emergency lighting, security, medical mobility, solar, portable medical devices and many more.

Universal Power Group 45978 Sealed Lead Acid Battery Review

Key Specs

  • Ub121000 (Group 27)
  • Sealed Lead Acid AGM
  • 12V
  • 100 Ah


  • It has the ability to adapt to different climatic conditions particularly in harsh climatic conditions.
  • It comes with bolts which you can make use of for connecting and securing cables to ensure they never become loose.
  • It weighs around 60 pounds and it’s volts at 100 Ah agm battery.
  • No fumes connected.
  • Easy addition of water throughout the usage time of the battery.
  • As it is a light-weight and a true deep cycle AGM battery which can be amassed in any position.
  • It is absolutely spill proof and leak proof.
  • It acquires a very less span of time to self-discharge due to the deep charge facility.
  • Absolutely maintenance-free.
  • It can be easily transported through air or ground without any explicit rules.
  • It is just perfect for the porous microfiber separators and can fully soak up and ensnare electrolyte for the most successful performance.


  • It is slightly expensive and has durability issues.

Final Review

This AGM battery is adequately structured and has a built-in and removable carrying system that is vital as they are extremely heavy. This is a unique AGM battery for the price it comes on! Highly recommend this product as it offers a great power capacity and recharges speedily.


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12V 35AH Wilderness Tarpon 100 Kayak Electric Trolling Motor Battery

It is apt for the electric trolling motors. It is a 12v and 35AH battery which weighs just about 23 lbs. It has a slightly smaller size compared to other marine batteries as its dimensions are 7.7 x 5.1 x 6.5 inches. This kind of trolling motor battery is utilized in numerous fields like security purposes, access control devices, vehicles functioning on

It is apt for the electric trolling motors. It is a 12v and 35AH battery which weighs jst about 23 lbs. It has a slightly smaller size compared to other marine batteries as its dimensions are 7.7 x 5.1 x 6.5 inches. This kind of trolling motor battery is utilized in numerous fields like security purposes, access control devices, vehicles functioning on electrical motor such as golf cart, engine starter, garden tools and lawn grooming and much more.


Key Specs

  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Amperage: 35 AH
  • Battery Dimensions: 7.68 in x 5.16 in x 7.13 in
  • Weight: 23.15 Lbs
  • Chemistry: SLA, AGM
  • Quantity: 2 Batteries


  • AGM Battery Technology

This product has an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology for ensuring the finest performance.

  • Maintenance-Free, Spill-Proof & Valve-Regulated

This product is absolutely maintenance-free, spill-proof and valve-regulated features and it is completely safe-to-use and offer a quick and influential start.

  • Deep Cycle 12V battery coming with 35AH

Its deep cycle aptitude coming with 35AH performance makes sure that a longer and stress-free time span when it is in the water.

  • Ascendable in Any Position

It is completely sealed for you to assist you accumulate it in any given position.

  • Multi-Purpose

Having a compact size, it allows itself to fit in any given boat’s parts and can also be used for equipment and vehicles.


  • It is an absolutely legitimate product of AGM SLA battery for the electrical motors.
  • It can be primarily used for a scooter, alarm, wheelchair, boats and much more.
  • As it is built and designed with the AGM technology, which helps you eliminate the biggest segment of its performance and assists in avoiding escaping of the electrolyte that causes leakage.
  • It is completely sealed so nothing can infiltrate deep into it. Hence, it is absolutely free for you to work in any position that you desire.


  • Very less information provided about this product to take an apt decision for purchasing the product.
  • Slightly tricky to determine the voltage, dimensions, amperage hour rating, performance and much more.
  • It does not run for a longer span of time compared to the other marine batteries.
  • It might be apt to use only in smaller equipments and boats.

Final Review

This multi-purpose product is apt particularly for boats and small electric motor equipments but also comes with a great share of hassles for its users. Besides that the product looks fine and considering its exceptional features it is a decent purchase to go for.


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VMAXTANKS Vmax857 Tm AGM Deep Cycle Marine  Battery

The heart of this product is its exceptional physical and chemical construction of its plates. The unique treatment and manufacturing technique it undergoes helped them garner them huge consistency, power and high performance far beyond those used in same looking products. Making use of an especially designed AGM technology amid the VMAX plates, adds to its numerous physical and electrical benefits which makes it superior to the wet lead acid batteries.

VMAXTANKS Vmax857 Tm AGM 12 Volt 35AH Group U1 Marine Deep Cycle Hi Battery Reviews

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: L=7.7″ W=5″ H=6.1″
  • Its heavy duty lead tin alloys offer an extra edge of performance and service life in either float or cyclic applications, even after repetitive over discharges.
  • There is no requirement for checking specific enormity of the electrolyte or adding water to VMAX tanks throughout the float service life.
  • Recommended Charger: VMAX BC1204 12V agm deep cycle battery 3.3Amp


  • Its physical and chemical elements of the plates are designed magnificently in the VMAX857 AGM Battery are the most vital parts of this product.
  • All through their manufacturing process, they require going through an exceptional treatment that makes them more reliable and powerful. VMAX857 AGM Battery’s efficiency is superior compared to the other batteries with the tin and lead plates.
  • Through making use of AGM technology that is put in amid the plates, VMAX857 AGM battery has become one of the most excellent batteries that is made up from lead and resists to various kinds of all issues which relate to vibrations.
  • Its plates and electrolyte are filled hermetically and sealed that makes it tough to spill over. Collectively, made it one of the best trolling motor batteries for Minnkota, Cobra and Marine RV Deep Cycle.


  • If not used for a long span of time then, it will lose the charge exponentially.
  • Because of its design, this product is rarely misguided a short life battery that is similar to the original car batteries.

Final Review

It is a heavy duty and multipurpose AGM technology based product offering exceptional features to its users. Besides certain longevity and charging issues it does not proffers any other big hassles to its users. So, choose wisely keeping in mind your primary trolling motor AGM battery needs and budgetary constraints.


How to Charge AGM Batteries

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ML35-12 – 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery

It assures to fulfil your energy needs in any given case. It is the finest quality battery for solar panels, alarm systems, lights, vehicles, wheelchairs, continuous power supplies and much more. The products of this brand quite vary, containing wide range of battery accessories from chargers, testers to even cables which are specially designed for enhancing, maintaining and lengthening the life time of not only Mighty Max Battery products but also other battery accessories of other brands.

ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery brand product Review

Key Specs

  • ML35-12 SLA is a 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable no maintenance battery.
  • Dimensions: 7.68 inches x 5.16 inches x 7.13 inches.
  • No wire connected or rising accessories integrated.
  • This SLA and AGM spill-proof battery has a quality of high discharge rate, extensive functioning temperatures, elongated service life and profound discharge convalesce.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery which can be raised in any position and it resists shocks and vibration. Enduring and high performance delivery during high and low temperatures.
  • Comes with a 30 day refund policy and one year warranty.


  • It delivers power when you require it and makes use of a state of the art, heavy-duty and calcium-alloy grid which offers excellent performance & service life in the float and cyclic applications.
  • Its Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology comes with a valve regulated design which can be utilized in surrounded and indoor environments with no leakage or maintenance offering a better performance for hundreds of models.
  • This product is employed in an massive assortment of applications such as engine starters, golf carts (Refer our detailed article on finding a good golf cart battery here), consumer electronics, portable tools, solar, toys and hobby, motorcycles, security, power sports, electric vehicles, hunting, lawn and garden tools, medical mobility, access control devices, emergency lighting and many more.
  • Its spill-proof feature lets you to place this product in any given position.
  • Don’t worry about its performance getting affected due to toxic leakage issues.
  • Supports resistance attribute for shocks, vibration and unforeseen transformations in surrounding’s temperature and can suit all floating or cycling appliances.
  • Its AGM technology generates an extremely small inner resistance to offer superior current and maintaining steadily and high productivity levels.
  • The charging time is way quicker than the other kinds of batteries.
  • Totally maintenance-free battery.
  • Comes with one year warranty to ensure the premium quality of this product.


  • The price of this product is quite high than the other products delivering similar performance.
  • No wire harness and rising accessories included.

Final Review

However, this product comprises some drawbacks that might make the strict consumers feel obnoxious and can say with no hesitation that this product is apt to be positioned in one of the best deep cycle batteries that are available on the market today. And after reading the aforementioned in-depth review of this product, you will share the same experience and excellent performance after using this product!


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Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery

One exceptional thing that numerous users adored about this product is how it is extremely affordable like the other AGM products in the market. It operates at 25 amps and there is no need of getting apprehensive about spilling as it is an AGM battery. It performs amazingly in extreme environmental conditions and has SureLife Graphite Technology that maximizes its productivity.

Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery Review

Key Specs

  • 710 CCA; 120 MIN RC at 25A.
  • It has spill-free AGM structure.
  • Superior capacity for handling the heavy weights placed on the latest batteries in a better way.
  • Outshines the conventional batteries across life test encompassing heavy usage stop and go traffic with the high electrical needs.
  • Excels exponentially in one of the strongest automotive pressure tests proving prolonged performance.


  • It is very compact in size and simple to install in any vehicle for which it is made for.
  • High CCA at 710 that enables for start up in acute and harsh weather circumstances.
  • Strong AGM construction that makes it leak-proof and spill-proof.
  • Complete safety against the battery failure.
  • Stacks of power for a battery in this affordable price range.


  • Due to its dual purpose usage feature, it could not be compared to the real batteries for generating identical cranking power and cranking marine battery.
  • The overcharging problem has to be taken care of if used for longer duration of time.

Final Review

The product is incredibly powerful and packs a huge punch. It has an ideal quantity of CCA to resist chilly and harsh temperatures. If you are making use of a demanding sounds system or any other applications in your car then, this battery can handle it easily. There are very few flaws in the battery and maintaining this battery is extremely easy, which makes it a decent purchase.


Tips To Choose A Good AGM Battery 

The AGM batteries are primarily chosen for a machine to work correctly and effortlessly. While purchasing and picking the best AGM battery, you must look after the following concepts:

  • Usability Reasons

Usually, there are three major kinds when it comes to the reason behind making use of AGM batteries encompassing: starting AGM batteries, dual purpose AGM batteries and deep cycle AGM batteries. Nearly all users prefer purchasing a dual-purpose AGM battery as it has an ideal blend of starting and deep cycle types, being packed of power but still sustain deep recharge and discharge cycles of the batteries. Nonetheless, due to the diversity of functions it has, it would require more investment to be purchased.

  • Primary Types of AGM Battery

The latest AGM batteries types are based on its basic functionalities, which means that the AGM battery types is related with the vehicle for which it is meant to be used for such as golf cart, solar store, recreations, bikes car or marine. Let’s get to the point, RV AGM designs are utilized for leisure vehicles and have high CCA and deep cycle batteries are used for more reserve capacity. While the AGM marine battery needs high CA and MCA rating to turn on, the engines motorcycle AGM battery is apt for motorcycles which helps it function for a long time without charging. The AGM batteries for solar storage are joined through wires with the help of a converter in the solar panel. Car AGM battery or automotive batteries are quite bigger in size to generate high power burst or CCA.

  • AGM Battery Plates

The AGM battery plates should be thick like the life duration of the batteries, as it right away puts an impact on the electrolyte and warped around the glass mates. So, one should check the thickness of the plates prior to purchasing the battery. The latest AGM batteries are absolutely vibration proof as this increases the reserve capacity and deliver the best performance like never before. Also, a shock resistant battery can easily prevent the battery damages and battery dead situation.

  • Productivity and Inner Resistance

Usually, an excellent AGM battery should generate high currents with no major or upsetting voltage falls. The inner resistance of this type of battery is as low as 1 to 2 %, protecting AGM battery from warming up speedily and not getting affected by the thermal runaway which is damaging for your battery.

  • Others Key Considerations

The AGM battery must be self-discharged up to 50% for flexible handles and terminals. An excellent AGM battery should have strong handles and must be fully sealed to ensure a leakage-free functionality always. The battery should be flexible to stay mounted in any given position apart from upside down, because it can harm the inner parts of the battery. And the more battery consumption you require and spend for, the better product you can purchase.

How to Maintain and Use AGM Deep Cycle Batteries


AGM batteries have always been the first choice of the users while they require having the best kind of battery. The aforementioned best AGM batteries in-depth reviews and a comprehensive AGM battery buying guide will assist you to choose an apt AGM battery for your machine.

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