Battery Maintenance Tips

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Battery?

Amount of time required for a battery to charge depends upon the deep cycle capability of the battery, and the charger you’re using to charge. If you’re using a 3-stage automatic 12 volt /10amp charger, then the amount of time directly depends the charge in the battery. For 100 amp battery, this charge would take 10 hours, a bit more for the internal resistances and losses. But if your battery is fast charging one, then it would take 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery from scratch. You can change the amp of charger to decrease and increase the time of charging.

How Can I Tell The Age Of My Battery?

Age of the battery has nothing to do with the body, but the acid inside it. The acid needs replacing every once in a while. A normal battery with a normal usage can last in the range of 2 to 5 years. Many factor come into consideration like climate, usage and charging techniques. The correct time to replace the acid is when you put same time in charging, but the output has decreased exponentially. You will find the difference, because it will last for very few hours if used continuously. Discontinuity in charge will be there, effecting the operation done by it.

How Do I Charge Certain Deep Cycle 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt Batteries?

Charging these batteries requires some careful observations. It is suggested to by 3-stage automatic 12 volt /10amp or more amp rating charger. These chargers are designed to give charge in three stages, when battery is very low, when it becomes half charged, and when it is about to get full charged. At all three stages, batteries need different voltages, to effectively contain more charge per single charging operation. Note down the voltages, for example, if the battery is of 100 amp, and only 50% is charged, check the voltage, if it has reading close to 50 amp hours, means that it needs 5 more hours of charging by 10 amp charger. You can directly divide the amp hours of battery with amp hours of charger to get estimate time, and check that by voltmeter regularly.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Premature Battery Failures?

50% of the total batteries bought, never make it to the age they’re made for. This happens due to lack of maintenance. Premature battery failures are common, and caused by following reasons :-

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  • Climate: this is the most common reason for premature failure. Some batteries can’t withstand the heat of the surroundings, thus work inefficiently in the hot areas. The water can get evaporated if properly not sealed. So it is suggested to buy battery that can bear some heat.


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  • Carelessness: Some people use tap water in electrolyte, commonly in bigger batteries, which can cause failure of electrolyte to carry charge. Use only distilled water, or proper battery acid.


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  • Overcharging: Don’t ever over charge the battery. It can adversely affect the electrolyte, and can deform it permanently. Overcharging can lead to water evaporation, further, excessive heat can damage the body and electrolyte.


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  • Undercharging: Heavy loads, and low charging can also cause battery to lose tendency to charge.



How Do I Jump Start A Battery?

First of all, you have to arrange another battery that’s charged. You can do that by another car’s battery, or by nearest mechanic. Identify the terminals, and with the help of the jumper cable, connect one end to the charged battery, and hold the second end. Now, attach the positive side to the dead battery, and negative, to any other metal piece, but not the negative terminal. Now start the working vehicle, and wait for the charge to kick in. wait for couple of minutes to start the dead car.

What Do I Look For When Buying A New Battery?

One word- everything. From body to the cells, from terminals to the acid. You should go for the battery having latest technology of charging, and discharging. Deep cycle is a must for a battery that’s going to work heavy duty. Go for the battery that has less time of charging, more time of duty, a good built, and long period of warranty.

How Do I Know If A Battery Is “Maintenance-Free”?

Practically, there is no battery that’s maintenance free. But there are some which would require less maintenance. These heavy duty batteries are mostly high amp rated batteries, with spring cell, or with lots of cells. They are built by keeping durability in mind. They’re leak proof and work in extreme conditions. Check out the Best Battery For Trolling Motor

How And Why Might A Battery Lose Water?

Main reason for battery to lose water is hot climate and overcharging. The first factor is not pretty much in our hand, but surely we can control the latter. Try not to overcharge your battery by keeping the record of charge by amp meter. Also, buy a good charger that cuts of voltage when full. Don’t charge for prolonged hours, it will only cause heating, thus, loss of water.

How Does A “Trickle” Charger Differ From A Regular Battery Charger?

Regular battery charger, charges the battery, even if it’s full, which can lead to overcharging and heating. Trickle charging means charging a fully charged battery under no-load at a rate equal. Trickle charger, charges battery, at the same rate, it is depleting its charge. So in a way, it helps in maintaining the full charge of the battery.

What Are The Charging Recommendations For Your 6volt GC2 Battery?

The ideal charging current, which would be applied to recharge your battery, is 10% of the 20 hour rated capacity of the battery. 3 stage charger is recommended for charging the battery. Don’t exceed the current amount more than 10%. It could damage the battery.

How Long Has Interstate Been Recycling Batteries?

They have been in business from 60 years. They’re very dedicated towards green planet, and have more than 200,000 dealers returning battery cores, nationwide.


Where Are Your Batteries Recycled?

They are recycled at various units set by reputed companies like interstate. They know there job well, and recycle lot of batteries very day.

Where Can I Recycle My Old Batteries?

You can recycle your batteries by giving them to various companies that do that job. Companies like interstate are reputable, and in the business from 6 decades. You can choose them or similar companies.

What Types Of Batteries Can Be Recycled?

All lead acid batteries used in cars, trucks, buses, lawn moves and backup batteries. Batteries used in industrial applications, like in forklift and other movers can also be recycled. Household dry cell batteries are also recycled.

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