Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews 2016

Installing the Best Trolling Motor Battery is the obvious need for anybody using the trolling motor on his/her boat. The ability to carry the charge in the form of batteries has made every device compatible and handy. We might not give these batteries the credit they deserve, but we surely can’t live without their existence. They’re used everywhere, from mobiles to automobiles. Automobile batteries help in engine ignition and power other electronic parts of the vehicle. Trolling motor battery is used in boats & jet skis and they’re quite different from usual car or truck batteries. They just need to give an instant source of power to engine to start, and other boat uses in emergency. They usually lose their charging potential over the time of usage, so deciding which trolling motor you buy is a hard task. Let’s have a look on some best trolling batteries currently available in the market.

Top Selling Trolling Motor Battery Comparison Chart

  • Optima Batteries 8016-103-FFP D34M Marine Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 750 Cold Cranking Amps
  • 2 Hour Reserve Capacity
  • UB121000 12V 100AH Solar Wind AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 100 Amp Hours
  • Spill Proof Construction
  • VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 100 Amp Hours
  • Maintenance Free
  • Exide XMC 31 AGM Marine Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 925 Cold Cranking Amps
  • 3 Hours 20 Minutes Reserve Capacity
  • DCM 0100 Interstate Marine Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 35 Amp Hours
  • Long Lasting Power

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews


Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M Blue Top Marine Battery

Optima Blue Top-Best Trolling Motor Battery

This optima blue top 34m battery is specifically designed for boat usage, but you can use it for cars and anything that requires a power source. The design of the optima d34m battery is modern, with cylindrical shaped cells for storing acid.


  • 12-Volt , 750 CCA Dual Purpose Battery
  • C20 Capacity: 55Ah
  • MCA: 870 amps
  • Weight: 43.5 pounds
  • Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes

  • Constant Power Deliverance
  • A Reliable Performer
  • Maintenance Free
  • Spring Cell Technology

  • Bit Expensive Than Traditional Batteries.


UB121000 12V 100AH Solar Wind AGM Deep Cycle Battery

This is a solid body battery manufactured by universal power group. This battery is mediocre performer, with very good deep cycle charging capabilities. This 100ah agm deep cycle battery can extensively be used of your solar and wind energy storage.

12V 100Ah Solar Wind VRLA Battery Review


  • 12 Volts , 100AH Battery
  • Dimensions: 12.9L x 6.8W x 9.3H
  • Deep Cycle Capabilities
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Solar & Wind Energy Storage

  • Genuine Universal Power Group Battery
  • Affordable
  • Solid Body

  • Maintenance


VMAX MR127 Maintenance Free Trolling Motor Battery

Best Battery For Trolling Motor

It doesn’t matter which kind of motor you have, this 100ah deep cycle marine battery is going to provide you maximum power at every moment of its operation. VMAX 12 volt deep cycle marine battery has known for its quality, and this battery is not any lesser. It is compatible with all leading brands.


  • 12 Volt, 100Ah Battery Belonging To Group 27
  • Weight: 69 Pounds
  • Electrolyte Suspension System
  • Heavy Duty Grids Of Tin Alloy

  • Solid body
  • Can be installed with power unit of minnkota
  • AGM technology
  • Tin alloy grid
  • Get charged in less time

  • Expensive


Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery

Exide is known for quality of the batteries. They make good batteries which are very durable. The body is very solid, which can absorb any shock. They’re spill proof and shock proof. It contains AGM technology, which make the battery good for deep cycle.


  • 925 CCA at 0° F, 1110 CCA at 32° F
  • Reserve Capacity: 200 Minutes
  • Dual Terminal Design
  • AGM technology
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Dimnesions: 13″ W x 6.5″ L x 8″ H
  • Weight: 74.6 Pounds

  • Solid body
  • AGM technology
  • Get charged in less time
  • Durable
  • Good brand
  • Deep cycle

  • Expensive


12V 100AH SLA2770/2735 DCM0100 Interstate Marine Battery

This is simple yet effective battery that provides 12 volts at 100 Ah constant power. This battery is ideal for storage, as well as marine usage. The batter has solid body, and simple construction, yet good performance. AGM Battery


  • 12 Volts,100AH Battery
  • Dimensions: 12.9L x 6.8W x 9.3H
  • Deep Cycle Capabilities
  • Weight: 60 pounds

  • Genuine universal power group battery
  • Constant power deliverance
  • Affordable
  • Solid body

  • Maintenance

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How does Trolling Battery Work?

There are many components present in the battery for trolling motor that together make a whole unit. Mainly, there are three components of the battery: anode, cathode and electrolyte. Battery works on the principle that negative ions want to attain positivity by going to positive ions. This happens by the transfer of charge. The charge present in the electrolyte basically travels from anode to cathode. When the charge becomes negligible, the battery needs charging. In trolling motor battery, there are many compartments that hold electrolyte. There could be more compartments, or one compartment, it all depends on the brand or type of the battery. Anode and cathode are aligned to each other, in grids. Grid size depends on the capacity and other specifications. Trolling motor battery generally has thick grid size in order to perform better and for deep cycle usage. The electrolyte causes chemical reactions between the anodes and cathodes. This leads to charge formation, which can be pulled out if we connect something to the battery. The network of the grids inside battery causes charge to travel and reach the terminals of the battery. The whole unit is contained inside a strong welded case, which makes it spill proof and durable.

Trolling battery works like normal battery, but it is just more contained, have some performance boosters, like AGM technology, bigger grids, bigger compartments, solid body and many more. All the compartments work simultaneously, with all the grids, making it a whole unit: The battery.

Tips on How to Choose a Trolling Motor Battery

When it comes to choosing trolling motor batteries, there are a few things you will need to consider: Battery type, battery amperage hour rating and budget.

Battery Type

Depending on the transmission medium, chemistry and electrolyte, there are four different batteries used for trolling motors i.e.

  1. Flooded Battery
  2. Gel Battery
  3. AGM Battery
  4. Lithium Ion Battery.

Choice of any of the these batteries depends upon one’s fishing condition, power requirements, charging cycles and so on. To have a deeper insight into the difference among the different types of batteries click here.

Amperage Hours:

Trolling batteries are rated by Amperage Hours, usually abbreviated Ah. While this may seem puzzling, it is actually just a measurement how long your battery will run your boat motor while it’s drawing a definite number of amps. It is typically best to go with the maximum rating you can manage and that will fit in your boat. If, for a case, you have a 12 volt motor, you will certainly want a battery with the uppermost amperage hour rating you can use. As you only have one battery, you want to be assured that you can run your electric motor as long as likely without draining the battery.

Battery Chargers:

Just as significant as the battery it is the charging system an angler uses. It is not unusual for an angler with a hefty boat to use a 36 Volt trolling motor. Though the Lithium-ion batteries do provide a 36 volt version, the usual angler will have an AGM or wet cell setup. This implies there will be three trolling motor batteries to charge. That can make it problematic to use a typical charger such as the one by which you can charge a car battery.

Similarly, if you are charging your batteries away from your home, you not only have to think of to bring your charger, but also you will have to do whatsoever you can to make sure it is not embezzled while sitting in a parking area behind a hotel or anywhere else.

Volt System of Trolling Motor:

Electric trolling motor comes in three distinct power systems:  12, 24 or 36 volts. To make it simpler to understand, a 12 volt motor is run off of one 12 volt deep cycle marine battery. In order for a 24-volt motor to work, it should be run off of two different batteries, and a 36-volt type needs three. If your boat is 16 feet or a smaller one, a high thrust 12 volt model will be acceptable for the conditions that you will encounter. If your boat is little long, moving up to a 24 or 36volt system is the only way to go for hassle free boating.

Vibration Resistance:

While the boat motor is running, the base of the boat is clearly vibrated, so the battery will also vibrate. Every battery is prepared of plates that are placed in specified manner, and the battery life depends upon the plates. When the battery is going on vibration and often vibrates, the plates inside the battery are moved and the battery starts slowly getting impaired. So, you should always choose a battery which is shock and vibration resistant.


For the wet acid batteries and flooded batteries, dripping and leaking of acids is a very usual problem. The acids may spill and drips and may cause an enduring damage to the boat or it may harm the wires that connect the motor.  So, you should purchase a battery that is totally sealed and spill proof.


Trolling or electronic motors, use battery power in command to propel a boat. The amount of strength or power required to move through the water is defined as “pounds of thrust.” This power rating is usual to all motors on the marketplace, and is one of the most vital aspects to consider when choosing the right unit to match your craft. With inadequate power behind you, working of your boat through wind, weedy conditions or high waves can be all but impossible.

Thrust of a trolling motor is very vital aspect to be considered for purchasing a battery. Thrust is comparable to the power. So, the requisite power from the battery depends on the trolling motor trust. The amp hour rating of the trolling battery should be more if more thrust is wanted.

Boat Size and Weight:

Boat size and weight is additional significant aspect to be considered while selecting and buying a good trolling motor battery. The additional size of the boat, the more thrust is needed, so the more power is required. But the more power doesn’t mean the battery supposed to be large and heavy.

 The area on the boat for the battery is an essential considerable point. If there is less space for battery you must buy a smaller size of a battery. You shouldn’t add an additional heavy weight to the boat, if the boat is already weighty, it also will slow down boat speed.

For a smaller size boats with less space, AGM batteries are not a decent option, as AGM batteries need long-lasting mounting on the boat. So, Normal deep cycle marine batteries are the preferable choice for the small size boats.

Fishing Conditions:

There are two situations of fishing, low water fishing and deep water fishing.  For shallow (Low) water fishing, the power necessity is less. But, fishing in deep water necessity is high amount of power. So, for instance of deep water fishing, it is optimum to choose a high amp hour rating battery of your motor.

Weather Conditions:

The weather conditions are another important aspect to be considered. The water and the weather can disturb the run time and the performance of the battery. A trolling motor could draw 40 amps in a windy and bad weather though it draws 30 amps at a usual speed in a good weather. So, if you plan to fish often on the bad weather circumstances, then you must compute this factor before ordering a trolling motor battery.


Some of the batteries like wet cell batteries need a lot of maintenance such as well-timed refilling of distilled water, monotonous inspection for acid spill or terminal rust check etc. On the other side some batteries like gel, AGM and lithium-ion batteries are free from maintenance.  The better you maintain the battery the longer life of the trolling motor battery you get.

Manufacturing & Warranty:

One of the most important aspects to be considered is the manufacturing date of the trolling battery. You should always choose the latest trolling batteries.

There are few warranty periods of all kind of batteries. Some battery offers full rated warranty and some offer pro-rated warranty. You should precisely review the warranty of the product.

Price of the Trolling Battery:

Pricing of the battery is one the essential element before purchasing a trolling motor battery. Nowadays, there are verities of batteries which are available in the marketplace at wide range of price. It is not always correct that, the low level pricing battery is good. The truth is that, cheap may be disastrous due to leaking of acids. In the other hand, it is not also always right that the costly batteries will last more. The truth is that the permanence of the battery is depends on the attention and maintenance of the battery. You should go for the finest battery that is in reach with your budget.

Here are a few other things to be considered before making your final decision:

  • Composite or stainless steel shaft will undergo shock and stand up to manipulation much better than fragile metals.
  • Make sure the prop is weed less, and the replacement blades are accessible for your exact model.
  • Ensure that the base is heavy duty and durable. The lesser amount of plastic parts it has, the better.
  • If you are planning on using the foot control pedal from somewhere in the boat, be assured that the cable is sufficient in length for the size of your craft.

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Benefits of Trolling Motor Battery

Trolling motor batteries have many benefits over daily life batteries, even on marine batteries. Trolling motor batteries are more reliable and credible. If you have the best trolling motor battery on board, then you can roam carefree almost everywhere, due to their heavy duty performance. They’re bit expensive as compared to other marine batteries but gives top performance, for which the other batteries are no match. There are oodles of benefits of having the best trolling motor battery, let’s have a look on them.

Marine and other car batteries are not durable when it comes to heavy duty. They may collapse and get damage due to type of use required in boat. The positions at which the batteries are installed are also different so they may get leak or spill. The most important is the ability of absorbing vibrations caused by the running of the motor. Common batteries are not made in a way to absorb them. But trolling motor batteries have electric welded cases, which are way better than ordinary batteries. Hence they’re great at rough handling and use.

Ordinary batteries fail to deliver charge on regular basis, there may be some fluctuation. Your motor requires instant charge to get started, which ordinary battery fails sometimes. You may have to rotate the key several times to get started. But if you have the best trolling motor battery, this problem is solved. They’re made for heavy duty, providing you charge in every situation. Discharging occurs at continuous rate and charging takes fewer hours, with low electricity cost.

The feature that distinguishes best trolling motor battery from ordinary ones is the ability to deliver a full cycle, without any problem, and then get full charge again. Most battery may get heat up, or blast off, due to the pressure generated inside. A battery having a good deep cycle performance will last longer, give more power for an instant and will be durable. This happens because deep cycle batteries have broader grid system within. This increases overall efficiency, performance and abilities of the battery. A deep cycle battery is a better bet at tougher situations.

Trolling batteries have better cases, which help them to be spill proof for longer time. The batteries are heavy due to these cases than ordinary batteries. That could lead to some handling problem but overall, they’re best for boats. If we consider cost, with other batteries, they’re expensive no doubt, but their performance, durability, credibility, charging time, everything is better. So you can invest in them hoping full time returns. If you buy a cheap battery, you need to replace the fluid at a period of time; it may get fully dull, after some use, which may lead to buying new one. So I would advise you to buy the best battery for trolling motor on the first only, as going for cheaper battery is only going to cost you money later.

Understanding The Differences Between Wet-Cell, AGM and Gel Trolling Motor Batteries

Wet-Cell Batteries

Wet-cell batteries are the traditional batteries that everyone knows and loves. They are also sometimes called flooded-cell batteries. This type of battery is filled with filled with lead plates and battery acid, or more specifically a liquid mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water.  These batteries have historically been the most popular choice of sporstmen because they are the cheapest. Besides being the least expensive, another thing that they have going for them is that a properly maintained wet-cell battery is capable of up to 1,000 discharge/recharge cycles. Depending on how much the battery gets used, that could be years of dependable service without having to replace your battery and at a much lower entry point price than a comparable AGM or gel battery.

They have their disadvantages as well. One of the main problems with wet-cell batteries is that they are usually vented to release hydrogen gas. This means the battery compartment must be well ventilated. The vents also introduce the possibility of spilling battery acid which is highly corrosive   It also means that wet-cells require a little more maintenance because the battery must be inspected and distilled water added when necessary. Another concern is that wet-cell batteries are more fragile in high vibration environments, like a boat.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Matting) Batteries

An AGM battery contains a filling of absorbent glass matting (hence the name) which is packed tightly between the battery’s lead plates. The matting contains an acid electrolyte which through a chemical process allows the battery to replenish its own water supply. One of the best things about an AGM battery is that there is no maintenance other than a little cleaning now and then. Unlike wet-cell batteries, an AGM battery is sealed so you don’t have to worry about spilling it, refilling it or storing it upright in a well-ventilated location. AGM batteries can be installed at any angle which may be something to take into consideration depending on the layout of your boat. They hold up well in high vibration environments and they are even submersible unlike a wet-cell battery. The problem with an AGM battery is that you are going to pay for all of those positives. They are more expensive than traditional wet-cell batteries. Other negative considerations include the fact that they are heavier than wet-cells and if you accidentally overcharge it, you have no way of replacing the water within the battery because it is sealed.

Gel Batteries

A gel battery is similar to an AGM battery in the fact that it uses a chemical reaction to replenish itself so it doesn’t require the maintenance of topping it off with water. Instead of absorbent glass matting, a gel battery is filled with liquid electrolyte, gelled with silicates. One of the best things about gel batteries is that they are resistant to over-discharging which can damage the other types of batteries. Gels are maintenance free, tolerant to low-temperatures and shock/vibration resistant. They also have a very low self-discharge rate so they can be stored for a long time without having to be recharged.  Gel batteries sound great, right? Again, you pay for the positives. Gel batteries often cost much more than other types of batteries with the same rating. You may run into another problem when it comes to charging a gel battery. Gel batteries usually require a charger that is made specifically for gel batteries or a charger that has a gel setting on it. By using a conventional charger on a gel battery, you run the risk of over-charging a gel battery.

These are the basic types of batteries you will need to consider while shopping for a trolling motor battery. Now what’s the right choice for you? There is no one right answer. The solution will be different for everyone depending on his or her needs. Some people will be turned off by the high price of gel batteries and will be perfectly content to monitor and maintain their wet-cell batteries. Other people have more money than time and don’t want to be bothered with the tedious maintenance of a wet-cell. Still for others, the guy with a small boat filled with kids and life jackets and fishing rods, there won’t be room for both a cranking battery and a deep-cycle battery so he may choose a dual-purpose battery. They still haven’t invented the perfect battery that does everything for everyone. But I’m sure they are working on it!

Best Trolling Motor Battery Brands

It is the most trusted brand when it comes to best trolling motor battery. Not only batteries, they make every unit of boats, and their parts just stand out apart. They have the best boat battery chargers, trolling motors, remote controllers, holding kits and many more. Their parts can make you go anytime and anywhere, giving Minnkota its slogan: Anytime. Anywhere making it the best trolling motor battery brand.

The company was found by Mr. O. G. Schmidt, in 1934, at Fargo, North Dakota. Due to the setup of the plant on the border of MINNesota – North DaKOTA. He decided to name the company The Minn Kota Manufacturing Company. Due to constant innovations, new technology and quality products, this company have risen up to be the best company in the segment.

MINNesota Battery for Trolling Motors last way longer than other competitors. The batteries consist of high performance electrolyte, with larger surface area of grids. The case is of course highest of quality, making it almost impossible to spill or leak.

If you’re considering of buying a trolling motor battery, then I would recommend this brand over any other, seven days of the week. The produce top rated trolling batteries. Be ready to witness what performance looks like if you buy their batteries.

The company is known for heavy duty batteries with very good performance. The batteries they manufacture are high performance, and could be used for various purposes other than for trolling motor. They make batteries for audio systems, solar systems, RV, marine and industrial applications.

The batteries they make are high performance due to AGM technology, and glass mat. They’re very concerned about the quality, hence, manufacturing batteries with latest technologies. The batteries they make usually have high power factor, for the same volt, ensuring long lasting discharging.

The company is known for its deep cycle capabilities, which is probably the best in the market. They’re specialized in manufacture batteries that could be used in very tough conditions for almost every purpose, from solar to industrial usage. They have strongly worked on this from the start and continuously making themselves better. The maintenance cost of the batteries is also very low. The welded cases they make are very durable and top of the line. The handling is easy as they’re spill proof.

The company is bound to deliver quality batteries and they make a tough competition. But if you want to have a battery that can be with you after very heavy usage, then go for this brand.

The company is serving for almost 40 years, with performance and quality. Their products are just perfect match of performance, durability and price. Their unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY has recolonized the batteries, with great performance and charging capabilities. The vibration resistance is really commendable. You can completely rely on their batteries, and cross any country.

The unique feature about these batteries is that they’re maintenance free. You will hardly spend any money on an optima battery. The outer covering of the batteries are very good. The manufacturing units are owned by themselves only.  They’re very much concern about each and every battery that leaves their unit.

Optima promise to deliver you best rated trolling batteries, which have deep cycle capabilities, high performance, durability and low maintenance cost. They also promise to make everything you do with the battery, more fun and enjoyable. They claim to have best selling trolling motor batteries in the segment. They have recently started giving their products to racing companies, which pretty much shows how high quality products they make. If you want to buy a battery that is an overall hero, go for optima batteries, because, you have no other choice.


  • What is Trolling Motor Used for?

The word ‘Trolling’ means fishing. A Trolling Motor is a self-reliant system that comprises an electric motor, propeller and controls which are joined to an angler’s boat either at the bow or stern. It is an engine which is used in the fishing boats. Sometimes, the trolling motors are used in boats which are used in adventure sports. It will allow moving the fishing boat through the water quietly without terrifying the fishes. If a trolling motor is mounted on the front and the back of a boat, then it will provide better boat controls. It comes in two different types, one in which the trolling motor is mounted to the front which controls the boatman allowing a lot of fishes to be caught. The second one has the motor attached to the back of the boat called stern is generally used in smaller boats.

  • What type of Battery do you need for Trolling Motor?

Trolling Motor needs special deep cycle batteries for best performance. These are heavy duty batteries which offer power back up and unbelievable performance. It is completely different from the short cycle batteries i.e. the car or truck batteries. A short cycle battery can damage the motor and the battery. The batteries of the trolling machines come in three major sizes, based on their sizes- 12 volts, 24 volts and 36 volts. Smaller boats can function perfectly with a 12- volt battery and bigger boats require one with 24 or 36 volts. The life of the trolling motor in the water will be for a longer duration if the voltage of the battery is higher. The battery should have a constant range of discharge, more lifespan, give the best performance using less power and which provides the high quality design for deep cycle.

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  • How much Trolling motor thrust do I need?

Thrust defines how powerful a motor is. It is measured in pounds. If the boat is larger and heavier, then a large amount of thrust will be needed for satisfactory results. The size and weight of the boat convert into your need for thrust. The basic rule of thumb which helps in determining the amount of thrust required is five pounds of thrust for every 200 pounds of weight. Here, the weight includes the weight of the boat’s content which is basically a fully loaded boat.

The boat length can also be used in determining the thrust if the approximate weight cannot be estimated.

  • How to charge Trolling Motor battery?

The rate of charging and how long to charge depends on the size of the battery. Portable chargers are fully mobile, they need to be connected and removed. Modern chargers are quite good and are safer to leave connected to the battery for a longer time. It can be charged with the On board chargers which are permanently installed, wired directly to the batteries and can be connected to an AC power source to charge. Alternator chargers boost the trolling batteries while on the water. It takes excess power from the outboard alternator and delivers it to the trolling battery. The fully automatic battery charger is another method to charge the batteries after using the trolling motor and they won’t overcharge the batteries.

  • How to connect the trolling motor to a battery?

The small and medium trolling motors use a single 12-Volt battery and larger trolling motors use 24 and 36-Volt systems.

To connect a 12-volt battery to the trolling machine, connect the red lead wires from the motor to positive battery terminal and black lead wires to the negative battery terminal. For 24 and 36 volt battery, we will require two and three 12 volt batteries. To connect a 24-volt battery, connect the black wire from the motor to the negative battery terminal of one battery and connect the red wire from the motor to the positive part of the other battery. Use a 40-amp circuit breaker on the connection. Connect a jumper wire to the positive part of the first battery and the negative part of the other battery.

  • What are the common reasons for trolling motor not working properly?
  • Sometimes, even with a right battery and abundant capacity, motor cannot supply enough power. Due to this problem, the trolling motor will be unable to apply required thrust.
  • In some cases, the motor fails to run. This may be due to a problem with the fuse or circuit breaker.
  • If enough water does not pass through the engine, then overheating occurs.
  • The motor can suddenly introduce excessive noise and vibrations. It can harm the on-board batteries.
  • Sometimes, the engine suddenly cuts off. The collapsed primary bulb may be a possible cause.
  • Why is my Trolling motor loud?

The excessive vibrations and noise in the motor can be caused by a variety of factors. The common reason is a damaged or loose propeller. The initial step to troubleshoot this problem is to check whether the trolling motor propeller is attached properly. If it is loose, then tighten the components and if it is found damaged, then replace it. It may be due to wear out bearings and bushings. Worn out parts can exasperate engine shaking. This problem can be fixed by removing the cover plates of the engine. A bent armature might also be a reason for the extreme noise.

  • How to replace trolling motor battery?

Firstly, turn off all the switches. The negative cable should be removed and secured from making electrical contact. Then, remove the positive cable. The old battery can be exchanged or can be sent to battery recycle center. 96% of the parts of the lead acid battery can be recycled.

  • What are the performance ratings of trolling motor?

Electric trolling machines are commonly rated by their propulsion force. The electric trolling motors operate at 12, 24 and 36 volts with maximum currents up to 55, 55 and 60 Amperes respectively.

Currents stronger than 60 Amperes are not used. The power source which is commonly used is a 12-volt marine deep cycle. For voltage higher than those batteries are connected in series.


So, we discussed in detail that which battery is good for your trolling motor. You can choose from above mentioned batteries according to your need. They all are very good batteries. The tips on choosing the top trolling motor battery should be quite useful if you tend to buy one in near future. You should go through detail of the specifications of the battery before consider it buying. In the end, I would say that selecting a perfect trolling motor battery is a tough job, but with this article, I have tried it to make it as easy as possible. Avoid buying cheap car batteries, as they can’t take place of a trolling motor battery. Marine batteries may be cheap, but can’t perform as well, as trolling motor batteries do. I have mentioned some brands also; you can look for batteries of these brands, which I can assure, would be of high quality.


Trolling motor batteries has recently changed the way of boating. Now we can take our boat to any place for fishing or any purpose. This is only possible through these heavy duty batteries, so take your decision while keeping important tips in your mind. There are many brands that manufacture batteries, but only some of them are quality producers. So you need to pay extra attention so that you buy the Best Trolling Motor Battery for You.


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